How to buy a diamond online guide

How to buy a diamond online guide

How to buy a diamond online guide

Posted by Sharif Khan on 18th Aug 2014

Our goal is to offer maximum value to our customers for their hard earned dollars. If you don't find your bridal set, diamond engagement ring or loose diamond at Petra Gems, then please consider our advice on this page for your 

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Diamond Information:

Use Petra Gems as your go to resource for reference while buying a loose diamond online

Th Gemological Institute of America is also a good resource. As a non-profit institution, GIA is a leading organization for diamond education and grading. You can learn almost everything about diamonds in the following links. You can also verify any GIA report on their website for free.

  • Trustworthy "Certificates" / Diamond Grading Reports:

We strongly advise to go for either GIA or AGS (American Gem Society) Reports. These are the most reliable labs in the world.

International Gemological Institute/Information (IGI) is also becoming very competitive in recent days. However, their grading is not as consistent as GIA or AGS. Our second option would be IGI if we’re unable to locate a GIA or AGS stone. If you were to go for an IGI stone, please buy a stone with SI1 or above in clarity and H or above in color. IGI’s SI2 will usually be rated as I1 by GIA. The price difference between SI2 and I1 is much higher than the price difference between SI1 and SI2.

Don’t go for the value on appraisals for insurance or authentication purposes. Appraisals are not a reliable source of information for determining the grade of a diamond. 

Rule of Thumb!

If you want your diamond to retain value, please buy diamonds with the following characteristics:

  • A diamond with a clarity of SI2 or above
  • A diamond with a color of I or above
  • A diamond with a cut grade of Good or above
  • Diamonds above .9 carat weight are often more valuable
  • No Fluorescence is best, but medium, faint and in most cases strong blue florescence are also not bad. Please check with your diamond dealer before buying a diamond if the presence of florescence has any negative effect on the diamond you are considering to buy.
  • Avoid SI2 diamonds clarity of which is based on clouds only
  • For diamonds above 1.2 carats in size, buy SI1 or above, H or above in color, and V. Good cut or above if you want top quality. If you have budget constraints, then please consult us and we will  try to find you a diamond that has lower grading, but still maintains still brilliance and sparkle.  

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