Ritani Reviews: Are they legit and trustworthy?

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Founded by a family of jewelers, Ritani started selling diamonds and fine jewelry in 2012. It was born from the Julius Klein Group but was bought out by Cantor Fitzgerald, still retaining Brian Watkins as CEO, giving the company a trustworthy standing in the market.

Since its inception, Ritani has attempted to grow with online retailing, adding unique features to the site to make the online jewelry shopping experience more accessible for customers. One area that Ritani has excelled in since it started is providing customers with superb customer service, which is a pillar of online shopping.

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      What Ritani Offer

      All diamonds shown on the Ritani site stem from a direct relationship with suppliers, meaning all these diamonds displayed are readily available. There is also a featured option on the site to have up to four diamonds reviewed by a gemologist, who will inspect the chosen diamonds and send the client a detailed review of each. This is incredibly helpful to those who might have difficulty choosing the right diamond and are looking for more information to help make the decision easier.

      Ritani’s best feature is its “clicks and bricks” policy. This allows clients to choose a selection of diamonds or jewelry and have it shipped to a local retailer for viewing. This offers clients the best of both worlds: being able to shop online with the option of holding and viewing the pieces in person.

      All diamonds featured on Ritani are graded by AGS or GIA, which is important to prove the properties and authenticity of the diamonds bought.

      What Makes Ritani Stand Out?

      Ritani Diamonds – Through direct suppliers, Ritani sells their diamonds as their own. All diamonds are ethically sourced and certified by AGS or GIA, assuring the quality of the diamonds.

      Ritani Reserve Diamonds – Ritani has a special selection of diamonds, only available in round or princess-cut, that are high-quality diamonds with precision cuts, allowing maximum sparkle and light performance.

      Own Designs – Ritani lets clients choose their diamond and ring settings to create engagement rings. A wide range of diamonds and many different settings allow for unique and personalized engagement rings to be made.

      Information Offered – There is much information for each product sold on the site. Ritani also adds other helpful information to assist customers, such as the latest diamond trends, which other sites lack.

      Ritani Pricing

      Ritani offers competitive prices on diamonds with added transparency. The engagement ring settings sold by Ritani carry a more premium price tag, but not so much to make it unaffordable.

      Expect a competitive price tag relative to the quality you are purchasing. Ritani offers diamonds with better precision and cuts than those in similar price ranges at other sites.

      Ritani Custom Orders

      Ritani offers customers the option to design their own rings by choosing their own settings and diamonds from the site. The custom design option is not as in-depth as some other online jewelry retailers, but it does allow customers to mix and match diamonds and settings until they have designed their engagement ring of choice.

      Ritani Website Ease of Use

      The Ritani website is an enjoyable one to use. The navigation is intuitive, highlighted by a clean and neat interface. Everything on the site is easy to find, with quick and easy navigation.

      Filtering options are available on diamonds and engagement rings settings, which help to narrow down a large choice to view only what the customer is interested in. All relevant information is displayed under each product, with the option to contact Ritani for more in-depth information.

      The checkout process is just as easy, and the biggest bonus is that no additional costs pop up at checkout; you only pay for the items you are buying, with no hidden add-ons.

      Ritani Customer Service

      Ritani shines regarding customer care, policies, and services offered. They do try to go the extra mile to accommodate customers from all over the world and are there to help every step of the way.

      Lifetime Warranty – All jewelry and diamonds have a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defaults. To make the return policy even more accessible, they allow customers to drop off the item at the nearest location, where Ritani will collect it for repair.

      Trade-Ins – Offering a lifetime upgrade, clients can receive a 100% credit towards a new purchase, as long as the new diamond costs over 50% more than the diamond being traded in. This option also allows clients to keep the original setting when purchasing a new diamond or the opportunity to trade it in.

      Free Shipping – Ritani offers free shipping to over 70 countries worldwide and free return shipping with a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

      Ritani Financing Options

      Ritani has financing plans to help clients purchase diamonds and jewelry, similar to other financing plans offered by other retailers. There is also the option of paying off your purchase in 6 months with 0% interest.

      Why You Should Choose Ritani

      • Only AGS and GIA certified diamonds on sale
      • Custom design your ring by choosing a diamond and a setting
      • Beautiful and unique engagement ring settings to choose from
      • Free shipping to over 70 countries worldwide
      • All diamonds are certified and conflict-free

      Ritani – For Beautiful Rings

      Ritani offers some of the most unique and stunning engagement ring settings. To complement this, a wide range of diamonds are on the site, each with a certification from GIA or AGS and the option to compare in-house diamonds through a gemologist.

      Ritani might have the engagement ring you have been searching for, and paired with one of the quality diamonds, you might not want to look elsewhere.