Should You Trust Whiteflash? A Comprehensives Review

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Whiteflash began its online journey in 2000, retailing beautiful engagement rings and other fine jewelry. The company based its business and reputation on word of mouth instead of investing in large marketing budgets used by other similar retailers.

After 15 years in the industry, Whiteflash was awarded the highest honor bestowed by the Better Business Bureau, having been awarded the BBB Pinnacle Award multiple times.

Whiteflash holds a unique position in online jewelry sales, priding itself on providing the best quality diamonds and relying on their quality to speak for itself.

Key Highlights About Whiteflash

  • Whiteflash offers some of the most exquisite diamonds and fine jewelry online.
  • The company is also one of few online engagement ring retailers authorized to sell designer engagement ring mountings from exceptional designers such as Tacori, Simon G, Ritani, Verragio, and Danhov.
  • Shopping on Whiteflash gives you the ultimate experience with an elegant website, an incredible selection of ideal diamonds, and stunning engagement ring settings to suit different budgets.

Check out Whiteflash's "A Cut Above" Diamonds for their Exceptional Cut and Brilliance.

  • 4.9 out of 5
    Product Quality
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Product Diversity
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Customer Service
  • 4.3 out of 5
  • 4.7 out of 5
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Website Use

      What Whiteflash Offer

      eflmesWhiteflash is an elegant online jewelry store offering clients only the highest quality diamonds and jewelry. They have a large in-house inventory full of vetted and ideal diamonds, all of which can be viewed on their website.

      Being a member of the American Gem Society (AGS), Whiteflash prides itself on the authenticity and quality of their diamonds and provides certification to prove the properties of each diamond on their site.

      Not only do their diamonds come certified by AGS, but the website packs detailed information on all the diamonds on sale and HD video viewing options on both the diamonds and engagement ring settings. This gives customers peace of mind, properly viewing the diamond, and all the information necessary, before making a purchase online.

      Video of Whiteflash Diamond Ring Package Unpacking.

      What Makes Whiteflash Stand Out?

      In-House Inventory – Unlike many other retailers, Whiteflash owns and stores all the diamonds, engagement rings, and other jewelry shown on the site. This allows them to be hands-on from start to end, with consultants being on hand to answer any questions that may arise on the way expertly.

      In-House Experts – Whiteflash has in-house experts who are GIA-trained, AGS-certified gemologists, diamond graduates, or graduate gemologists. This expanse of expertise only helps to better the experience of customers on the site and speaks to the quality of the diamonds and the service you will receive.

      Exclusive Cuts – A Cut Above is a super ideal diamond exclusive to Whiteflash and gives the company credibility to its international recognition for ‘hearts and arrows’ diamonds. The diamonds in this range feature a three-dimensional alignment of facets and a perfect hearts and arrows design. After this, the stone must earn an AGS ideal certification and pass additional image testing to prove its light performance. Having this diamond cut available on their site speaks to the superiority of their diamonds and stones.

      Designer options – Whiteflash is one of the few online retailers that offer exquisite designer engagement ring settings from phenomenal designers such as Simon G, Tacori, Danhov, Ritani, and Verragio.

      Imagery – When it comes to imagery, Whiteflash believes that such beautiful jewelry deserves to be portrayed in equally exceptional ways. The images of the diamonds and jewelry on the site are taken from several different angles, perfectly capturing the beauty of each piece.

      Whiteflash Pricing

      Whiteflash is centered on providing the best quality diamonds and stunning engagement ring settings, some from well-known designers to their clients. High quality comes with a price tag, but there are different ranges of diamonds and jewelry for those who want to try and stick to a budget.

      Clients can be assured they will receive the highest quality, brilliant diamonds, and exquisite jewelry for the money spent at Whiteflash.

      Whiteflash Custom Orders

      Other than a wide selection of exquisite designer jewelry, Whiteflash has a custom jewelry design service that allows clients to bring their jewelry designs to life. The company seeks to put their customers first, and if they do not have the specific diamond a client is looking for, it will source it itself.

      The design is assisted by expert customer service from start to finish, and the process does set Whiteflash apart from competitors.

      Whiteflash Website Ease of Use

      Elegant, clear, and uncluttered, the Whiteflash website is a pleasure. There are no unnecessary tabs, and everything needed on the site can be easily seen and accessed.

      The presentation of the diamonds and jewelry is seamless, and all the information is neatly packed into a page. There are five tabs to choose from to start the shopping experience, and you are able to narrow down your choices from there.

      Whiteflash has expertly created their site to exude excellence and elegance but has made it incredibly easy to use and navigate through, from the first click to checkout.

      Whiteflash Customer Service

      As a company, Whiteflash gives a lot of care to its customers and has built its business around this idea. Whiteflash receives a yearly A+ rating with BBB for customer service standards, making them a clear leader.

      Fulltime Customer Support – An expert customer care agent is always ready to answer any queries or guide clients through the online site and checkout processing.

      Return Policy – Risk-free purchasing means that Whiteflash offers the option of a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

      Service Plan – All purchases are fully covered for one year with regard to repairs, repolishing, resizing, and cleaning.

      Free Shipping – All shipping is free and fully insured in US and international destinations.

      One-Year Buy Back – Whiteflash will buy back your diamond ring within the first year for 70% of the purchase price for all in-house diamonds.

      Whiteflash Financing Options

      Whiteflash offers a convenient alternative to credit card purchases with Affirm, which allows clients to spread out payments over 3, 6, or 12 months, with interest rates as low as 10%.

      There is also the Flex Plan, which is a down payment of 20% put down on a purchase over a total of $1500; three equal payments are made at 30-day intervals. If payment is not met, Whiteflash will recover the diamonds and issue a store credit to the value of the money paid thus far.

      Why You Should Choose Whiteflash

      • Largest inventory of AGS Ideal Diamonds
      • An exquisite selection of designer engagement rings
      • Year Buy Back Guarantee on purchases
      • Free, insured international shipping
      • A Cut Above diamonds exclusively sold on Whiteflash

      Whiteflash – The Elegant Choice

      Whiteflash is the go-to online jewelry and diamond retailer if you are looking for the highest quality, AGS certified diamonds. Along with ideal diamonds, they offer a refined selection of designer engagement ring settings and fine jewelry suited to every taste.

      Both class and elegance are defined through Whiteflash, with outstanding customer care and only the most stunningly crafted pieces on show.