Top 8 Round Shaped Engagement Rings Designs in 2023

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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When looking for an engagement ring, you want something that will shine brightly, an ultimate declaration of your love. Round cut diamond engagement rings do exactly that. Round cut diamonds are the most popular shape stone used in an engagement ring, and this is due to them having incredible fire and brilliance.

So many settings are suited for round cut diamonds, making them a very versatile cut choice. With so many different mountings and settings for round cut diamonds, it can become overwhelming to look for the right one for you.

Here are some of the most exquisite round cut diamond engagement rings, each with a unique design and dazzling personality

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Round Three Stone Sunburst Ring

round engagement ring

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As the name suggests, this ring is bursting with light.

Three incredibly fiery round brilliant diamonds are delicately framed by pavé set diamonds in a halo, which allows light to sparkle and dance around the ring even more.

The yellow gold adds a sunny appearance to the ring, giving it a wonderful shine and sparkle that can be seen from afar.

To add to the ring's symbolism, the three brilliant round cut diamonds represent a wonderful sentiment. Each one of the stones represents yesterday, today, and tomorrow in a love story that will never end.

Classic Round Sapphire Engagement Ring

sapphire diamond pear round ring

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Simple rings sometimes speak the loudest, which is what this engagement ring from the Blue Nile has achieved so wonderfully.

Two velvety dark-blue pear-shaped sapphires, each set with three platinum prongs, sit on either side of a brilliant round cut center diamond. While the pear-shaped sapphire stones add a deep pop of color to the ring, they perfectly set the stage for the center diamond to be the show’s star.

The ring's platinum brings out the sparkle in all three stones, giving them the perfect base to shine brightly.

Although appearing minimalistic, these three stone rings symbolize the promise of a lifetime and will be loved by someone who wants a ring to show off a little bit of personality.

Abbraccio Round Engagement Ring

swirl round engagement ring

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This engagement ring has such an elegant styling, with curved lines and dazzling diamonds; it is a one-of-a-kind piece that will always be in style.

A spiraling diamond pavé twists up towards the center, a brilliant round cut diamond sitting high and reflecting light from all angles.

The spiral shape of the shank creates the perfect stunning visual, which draws the eye up and towards the featured center diamond.

This piece is incredibly elegant, timeless, and so uniquely and sophisticatedly designed, full of gentle curves and wonderful brilliance that will capture the eye at any angle.

Nova Halo Round Engagement Ring

unique round halo engagement ring

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Brilliant Earth is known for their exquisitely custom round engagement rings, with exceptional diamonds. 

This halo ring is simply stunning. Two surprise diamonds are set in the ring's gallery, and channel set diamonds venture halfway down the band. There are ten diamonds on either side of the ring, and brilliant round diamonds feature in the halo of the centerpiece.

The diamond halo forms the perfect frame for the brilliant round cut diamond, which is incredibly exquisite.

The rose gold of the ring, and the rose gold milgrain which delicately sits between the halo and the center diamond, gives a feminine feel to the ring, still being a strong, striking piece.

This ring exudes romance and loyalty, promising virtue, strength, and a timeless romance.

Pavé Halo Round Engagement Ring

split halo engagement ring

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The brilliant round diamond is the center of the piece, kept in place with four prongs, one resembling a compass point for extra individuality.

The center of the ring is flanked by pavé set shoulders that work down the shank, leading to more pavé set diamonds which increase the ring’s glistening.

This is a unique design, which is classy and modern. It is a fresh take on the usual settings of round cut diamonds and pulls off its elegance flawlessly.

Monique Lhuillier Round Engagement Ring

round antique engagement ring

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This ring is a sight to behold and will be a showstopper whenever it is out to be viewed.

Monique Lhuillier’s jewelry shows off the sophistication and innovation she pours into her jewelry, showcased in this exquisite ring.

The platinum engagement ring features a split shank with sparkling pavé set diamonds. These lead to a spectacular halo crown of baguette and pavé set diamonds, creating the perfect frame for the perfect round brilliant diamond to shine.

There are so many wonderful details on the ring, like the ever-so-slight milgrain detailing along the ring’s shank and the placement of the round cut diamonds between the longer, elegant baguette diamonds.

There is sparkle at every angle, and this timeless piece will always be loved.

Riviera Micropavé Round Engagement Ring

sapphire diamond engagement ring

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This is a striking engagement ring with the perfect balance of white diamonds and deeply-hued blue sapphires.

Alternating micropavé round diamonds and sapphires line the ring's shank, setting the stage for the brilliant round cut center diamond, which is given everything it needs to shine and sparkle.

This ring is the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance, with the perfect pop of subtle color, in deep-toned sapphires, which are the perfect addition to an already stunning ring.

Couture Round Engagement Ring

round verragio engagement ring

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Made by designer Verragio, this ring is part of the Couture Collection.

The rose gold profile peeks out from underneath the shank, with a white gold upper shank adorned with pavé set round diamonds, which work in a split band, coming together to form a delicate halo around a fiery round cut diamond.

The contrast of the rose gold and white gold gives a ring a complex yet classic appearance, harnessing both modern and vintage styles, and the milgrain pattern along the sides of the rose gold shank help to showcase this delicate balance.