Brian Gavin Diamonds - Review

Brian Gavin Diamonds - Review

Brian Gavin Diamonds - Review

Posted by Rebecca B. on 16th Aug 2019

Brian Gavin Diamonds – A Review

Brian Gavin Diamonds is one of few elite online diamond and engagement ring retailers who can place themselves on the top tier when it comes to diamond brilliance and quality.

Our Rating 4.75 out of 5. 

Check Out Brian Gavin's Signature Heart and Arrows Diamonds  Here. 

Compare Brian Gavin's Prices with James Allen.

Created by Brian Gavin himself, a renowned expert in diamond cuts, the diamonds featured on Brian Gavin Diamonds, as well as the impeccably crafted engagement ring settings, are the cream of the crop and have some of the best fire and brilliance to be found in diamonds everywhere.

It is difficult to match the quality offered up by this site, as everything is centered around highlighting the incredible beauty of the diamonds they hold.

James Allen

A Brief History

Brian Gavin Diamonds was founded by the master of diamond cuts, Brian Gavin himself. Fairly new to the industry, only being launched in 2009, the site gained its popularity off of the back of Brian Gavin’s history of  round brilliant-cut diamonds.

The site itself is created from Brian Gavin’s many years and experience in the industry and offers clients a chance to view and purchase these fiery diamonds, as well as incredible  engagement ring settings, online.

What Brian Gavin Diamonds Offer

Brian Gavin Diamonds is the sole retailer of the Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows round diamonds. These spectacular diamonds were Brian Gavin’s manifestation in his search for the perfect cut, round brilliant diamond.

Available on the Brian Gavin Diamonds website are different ranges suited to different tastes and budgets. These ranges have all been created by Brian Gavin himself, and feature different cut and size diamonds, with the most premium range being the Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows.

Building trust that the customer is comfortable and confident with their choice of diamonds, the site offers all information on every stone, as well as pictures under fluorescent lighting, as well as intense lighting conditions. This allows clients to see their diamond in different conditions, with all information on hand, to make a properly informed decision.

What Makes Brian Gavin Diamonds Stand Out?

Customer Service – The customer service experienced by Brian Gavin Diamonds is superb. There is someone to help customers every step of the way, with all necessary information needed to decide on a diamond and setting, as well as help throughout the checkout process and beyond.

Exclusive Cuts – One of the biggest stand out points of Brian Gavin diamonds is that it is the only online retailer who offers the Hearts & Arrows Brian Gavin Signature Cut. These super-ideal stones with  ideal proportions are of the best quality, and this pinpoints Brian Gavin as one of the exclusive online retailers around.

Range Options – Brian Gavin Diamonds feature diamond ranges such as the Brian Gavin Signature  Emerald Cut, Black by Brian Gavin and Brian Gavin Blue. These ranges feature different cuts and sizes, as well as vary in price.

Imagery & Information – All diamonds shown on the Brian Gavin Diamonds website have a detailed description of all their properties, as well as imagery of the diamonds under different lighting, allowing clients to really comprehend the quality of the diamond they are purchasing.

Designer Settings – Apart from having access to Brian Gavin signature diamonds and engagement ring settings, the site also features engagement rings crafted by other renowned designers such as Parade, Sholdt, Chris Ploof, Steven Kretchmer, Jeff Cooper and Furrer Jacot.

AGS Certification – Diamonds purchased from the site come with an AGS certificate, certifying their authenticity, properties, and quality. All Diamonds are also conflict-free, as Brian Gavin adheres to the Kimberley Process.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Pricing

Diamonds bought from Brian Gavin Diamonds do carry a heftier price tag than those from other retailers such as James Allen. This is due to the years of mastery put into perfect the cuts of these brilliant diamonds, as well as their ideal properties.

This price tag is suitable for those who look to buy the highest quality diamonds, but for some, having a diamond which is eye clean and still brilliant, with a pricing option such as those offered from James Allen, is more suited to their budget.

Budget is different between each person, but if you are looking for an exceptional diamond with the best possible properties, then Brian Gavin Diamonds will have what you are looking for.

Custom Orders

Brian Gavin Diamonds offer a custom design service for clients, where their dream rings are bought to life. Not only will Brian Gavin Diamonds create a custom setting, but they will custom cut a diamond to your specifications as well.

The results are fantastic, with a fully personalized engagement ring or piece of jewelry, created by expert craftsmen and designers, offering help with every step of the process.

Website Ease of Use

An eye-clean website makes the browsing and shopping experience extremely pleasant. All data is presented on each diamond and engagement ring setting, laid out in a simple to read, accessible way.

Easy navigation allows users to find exactly what they are searching for, and filter options help clients browse for diamonds and rings easily.

The diamond listings are interactive, allowing different viewings and images of the diamonds to be toggled between for comparison, giving clients the opportunity to scrutinize each detail of the diamond.

Holding to the quality of the diamonds and engagement ring settings on offer, the site is high-class, minimalistic and the perfect representation of the products offered.

Customer Service

To match the quality of their products, Brian Gavin Diamonds has developed exceptional customer care, offering clients help and advice every step of the way.

Accessible Customer Support – Brian Gavin Diamonds have a live chat and phone line available Mon-Thurs from 8am-8pm, Fri from 8am-5pm and Sun from 9am-1pm. Alternatively, they are contactable 24/7 through email.

Return Policy – There is a 15-day full-refund from the day a package is received by the client.

Resizing – One free ring resizing is available on all rings, except eternity settings.

Shipping – Worldwide insured shipping is available through FedEx.

Warranty – Brian Gavin Diamonds offer a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Financing Options

Utilizing Affirm, Brian Gavin Diamond purchases can be paid off using payment options of 3, 12 and 18 months, dependent on the clients budget. The interest rate received can vary from 10% to 30%, which is based on credit history.

Why You Should Choose Brian Gavin Diamonds

  • Large inventory of exclusive, premium Brian Gavin diamonds
  • Designer engagement ring settings available
  • 100% lifetime upgrade policy available
  • Insured shipping worldwide
  • Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows exclusive to the site

Brian Gavin Diamonds – The Premium Retailer

If you are looking for only the best quality diamonds and engagement ring settings, irrespective of the price, then Brian Gavin Diamonds will have exactly what you are looking for.

It is the premium destination for diamonds holding the perfect brilliance and ultimate fire, with an impeccable shopping experience and many years of expertise and mastery in the field to back up their position in the market.