Verragio Engagement Rings Review

Verragio Engagement Rings Review

Verragio Engagement Rings Review

Posted by Sharif Khan on 6th Jul 2019

Verragio Engagement Rings


Verragio is one of the exquisite jewelry retailers that cannot be missed. Their enterprise spans back over 20 years, and their experience in the field can be seen in the delicate and elegant artistry and craftsmanship found in their engagement rings.

Barry Verragio started the company to show off his artistic flair and artistry, that is so lovingly transformed to create some of the most beautiful rings around. The rings have a wonderfully fluid styling with intricate embellishments that are present in each one of the Verragio engagement rings.

Each ring from Verragio is hand-crafted, and meticulous attention to detail is followed when creating the pieces, each finished with the designer's name inscribed on the inside of the ring.

Verragio has a few collections from clients to choose from, with the rings being crafted from 18K white gold, 18K rose gold, 18K yellow gold, and platinum. There is one collection named The Parisian Collection, which is available in 14K gold as well, providing clients with a more affordable ring if needed.

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Verragio Diamonds...

Verragio places high importance on using only high-quality diamonds in their  unique engagement rings, with the diamonds being between F-G color and VS to VSS clarity. These beautiful diamonds perfectly compliment the delicate, elegant settings that they so wonderfully shine in.

Not only do Verragio choose the best diamonds for their engagement rings, but seek to create settings that highlight and bring out the best parts of these incredible diamonds. From this desire to help the center diamond shine, the Lumino setting was created by Barry Verragio himself. This setting helps to expose each and every facet of the diamond, enabling it to reflect light at every angle. This really helps to make the center diamond shine, and live up to its incredible quality. The Lumino setting has proven so popular that 95% of all Verragio engagement rings feature this setting.

The Verragio Collections...

Verragio has an offering of five wonderful collections, each unique in their own right with rings that have special features and intricate styles that speak to different individuals. The collections have all been crafted and designed to be unique, but all still hold true to the traditional Verragio style.

Parisian Collection...

The Parisian Collection is considered to be the more affordable of all the Verragio collections. The rings can be made in 14K gold, as opposed to the other collections which only feature rings in 18K gold. The Parisian Collection features rings which have customizable shoulders, adapting to the different diamonds used.

Venetian Collection...

The Venetian Collection features five different shank options to choose from, each with its own individual design. What makes this collection so special is that the design allows you to choose your own look for the bottom portion of the engagement ring, allowing it to be customizable to your preferences.

Couture Collection...

All rings in the Couture Collection are made with a distinctive crown shaped bezel which sits underneath the sparkling center stone. These rings are combined with the Lumino  setting, creating a piece which is truly magnificent.

Insignia Collection...

Simple scrolling designs are delicately included below the center diamond, with mixtures of diamond over metal creating the perfect frame for the center diamonds. The rings in the Insignia collection are all dramatic, but still, have the whimsical flair of delicacy that is so important in a timeless engagement ring.

Paradiso Collection...

Rings in the Paradiso Collection were designed to be comfortable to wear. Each ring has detailed scrolling patterns found inside the ring, with the inside of the ring hugging the contours of the finger for a comfortable fit. Verragio has expertly achieved both comfort and beauty in this collection.

Verragio Rings...

For a better idea of the beauty of Verragio rings, here are some of the best engagement rings currently featured in their collections.

14K Yellow Gold Verragio Parisian Solitaire Engagement Ring

Verragio Engagement Ring Solitaire

Watch this ring in HD 360° Here.

It is hard to find a ring more stunning than this. The whole engagement ring is adorned with embellishments and detailing, but all of this so wonderfully comes together to lift up the center diamond, giving it the best possible opportunity to show off its incredible shine.

The 14K yellow gold is the more affordable option, but it performs incredibly, showing off the intricate detailing of the rings, with the millgrain embellishments to the double band halfway down the ring. The floral patterns underneath the crown provide a wonderful surprise and delicacy to an already stunning ring.

14K White Gold Verragio Renaissance Diamond Engagement Ring

Verragio Renaissance Engagement Ring

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Hailing from the Renaissance collection, this exquisite engagement ring is a sight to behold.

The center diamond is housed in by  round brilliant cut diamonds in a melee, giving the main diamond the ultimate light and sparkle it needs to shine. The band is adorned with pavé set diamonds till halfway down, and a fine detailing can be found along the edge of the 14K white gold band.

The halo crown has so many different details, but is still so elegant and striking. The different elements all come together to create a piece that really does look like something produced by a master out of the Renaissance.

20K Rose Gold Verragio Prong Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

Classic Verragio Engagement Ring

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Set in whimsical 20K rose gold, this engagement ring from the Insignia collection is truly breathtaking.

The Solitaire Engagement ring offers up the perfect setting for a center diamond with a brilliant cut to shine. Underneath the center diamond is a melee of round brilliant cut diamonds, which are beautiful when viewed from the side.

The inside of the band is contoured to perfectly fit and be worn comfortably on the finger, stopping the ring from spinning.

The rose gold really brings out the delicacy of the ring and gives it the extra warmth it needs to stand out from the crowd.

18K White Gold Verragio Venetian Lido Diamond Engagement Ring

Verragio Engagement Ring Review

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

This exquisite engagement ring features the Venetian Lido shank, but it can be customized to suit your preferences.

There is so much delicate detailing found in this ring. It is a real masterpiece. Round cut diamonds melee up, intertwining to reach the center diamond and framing it ever so slightly, enough to give it the extra sparkle, but not too much so that the center diamond is able to reflect light at all angles.

The band is embellished with a millgrain pattern which leads up to hand-crafted scrolling designs underneath the crown. The ring was made to be a showstopper and achieves this wonderfully with its intricate design and mass of detail.

18K White Gold Verragio 2T Couture Solitaire Engagement Ring

Unique Verragio Engagement Rings

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

From the Couture Collection, this two-toned ring is a really wonderful piece.

The engagement ring features a classic four-prong solitaire style, which is focused on enhancing the brilliant shine of the center diamond. It might seem like a fairly simple ring at first, but it is delicately enhanced with the inner band being made from rose gold.

This inner band has a whimsical millgrain pattern along the edges, which adds some texture and modern-style to the ring.

This is the perfect example of a classic ring which has been created with a modern twist, and it is suited for the woman who values her unique style.

Why Verragio Engagement Rings???

Verrgaio is undeniably one of the best-known brands in the jewelry industry around the world. They feature exquisitely designed pieces that have been created to speak to an individual style while having classic settings mixed in with modern styles.

Timeless beauty and contemporary designs are featured in each engagement ring in the collections presented by Verragio, but each has its own special design feature, whether it be inspired by a vintage feel or a more minimalistic approach.

A reason to choose Verragio for your engagement ring and wedding band is that they also have a collection of special wedding rings for men, all designed within Verragio. This way, both as an engaged couple and husband and wife, you will have the perfect pair of matching rings to represent your love and future together.

Verragio is a brand that can be trusted. They use high-quality diamonds and the best quality metals when creating their engagement rings. Along with expert craftsmanship and incredible design, Verragio rings last a lifetime, with their classic designs never going out of style.

There is a Verragio ring for everyone, with each collection speaking to a different style and concept. Verragio does not sell their rings directly to the public, so you will need to go through a trusted retailer to make a purchase. Make sure that the Verragio ring you buy has the Verragio name inscribed within the band, cementing its authenticity. Take a look at their collections and extensive range of rings today on Whiteflash, to find the perfect engagement ring for you and your someone special.