James Allen Review - Are they Trustworthy?

James Allen Review - Are they Trustworthy?

James Allen Review - Are they Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 15th Aug 2019

James Allen Review

James Allen stands out as a leader in the online engagement ring industry, being one of the biggest suppliers of high-quality diamonds, engagement rings, and other jewelry.

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Always striving to put the customer first, James Allen has built up the perfect online jewelry store, which is an absolute pleasure to use. Adding to this, James Allen has some of the best quality diamonds around, with GIA certificates to prove authenticity.

Our Rating: 4.92 

Product Quality 4.9 out of 5
Product Diversity  4.9 out of 5
Customer Service  5 out of 5
Sustainability  4.8 out of 5
Price 4.9 out of 5
Website Use 5 out of 5
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James Allen

There are so many reasons that James Allen is considered the leader in the online market, with James Allen ensuring their customers are left satisfied an in love with their investment.

A Brief History

James Allen Schultz founded in 1998, along with his wife Michelle. They were one of the first jewelers to take engagement ring shopping online. The site was inspired by James Allen’s struggle to find an engagement ring at traditional jewelers, and a look into the future told him that online was the way forward.

Since then, James Allen has grown rapidly, cementing itself as one of the premier online jewelry stores.

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What James Allen Offer

James Allen is known for their wide range of engagement rings, but they have also grown their non-engagement ring jewelry inventory to exceptional standards.

From tennis bracelets to diamond pendants, James Allen offers the same standard and excellent quality of non-engagement ring jewelry as they do for their engagement rings. Their wide range of jewelry offers something for everyone, and they have also expanded their wedding ring range as well.

You are able to complete all your jewelry shopping, from A-Z, using James Allen alone. You can rest assured you will be receiving only the best quality jewelry, designed and made with expert craftsmanship.

What Makes James Allen Stand Out?

James Allen is continuously revolutionizing the way they approach  online diamond engagement ring shopping. With the growing demand, James Allen has adapted throughout the years to create an almost perfect site for customers to use, with some of the best features around.

Diamond Display – Viewing a diamond online can be difficult, but James Allen has tackled this problem by offering a 360° degree high definition image gallery of their diamonds. This upgrade helps customers feel confident that the diamond they are buying is of exceptional quality.

GIA – James Allen stands fast to providing diamonds that have  GIA certification, with the larger percentage of their diamonds coming with GIA certification. This provides the confidence that customers need to be sure their diamonds are of the best quality and having certification which shows the quality and value of a diamond is so important.

Large inventory – James Allen has over 300,000 diamonds on offer for potential buyers. This ensures that there is a diamond suited for every need and budget. Thanks to the streamlined business model, James Allen is able to offer these diamonds at an incredibly affordable price. Every diamond listed on James Allen is certified as Conflict Free.

James Allen Pricing

Compared to their competition, James Allen has an excellent pricing structure, with affordable diamonds and settings which allow customers to make the most of their budget.

When shopping online with James Allen, there is no pressure into buying a diamond, and a client is able to shop at their own pace without any exterior pressure. Shopping online also allows you to compare prices with other online retailers, to really ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

With such a large inventory, there is also no pressure to sell a specific diamond. This goes towards customers finding their perfect diamond, without any interference from the interests of the jeweler.

Custom Orders

James Allen offers clients the opportunity to custom design their own ring. Customers are able to choose their own diamonds, gemstones, metals and settings to create the perfect ring.

Designers at James Allen use state-of-the-art technology to bring ring designs to life, with the clients own specifications and preferences. The process starts by choosing a center stone, once this is done, a representative from James Allen will contact the customer to narrow down the design requirements, after which a quote will be sent through from the Design Team.

Creating a  custom engagement ring has never been easier, and James Allen offers up the perfect opportunity for you to make the perfect ring, from the comfort of your own home, with the help of their incredible customer representatives.

Website Ease of Use

The James Allen website is incredibly easy to use. From an easy interface, navigating effortlessly through the different diamonds and settings, to the seamless ordering process, it is a breeze to shop online at James Allen.

At any time, a customer can click on the chat button to receive instant help, whether it be with the selection process or assistance with the site, someone is always there to help.

The checkout process is just as hassle-free, and clients can expect a speedy delivery of their precious jewelry.

Customer Service

Purchasing an engagement ring online is a big step, and many people consider it to be a risk as well. James Allen offers one of the most comprehensive and helpful customer services for potential buyers, from the beginning of the engagement ring search to after-sales help. James Allen has matched its customer service perfectly to the outstanding quality of the jewelry they offer.

Fulltime Customer Support

James Allen has 24/7 customer support online. The individuals working within the customer support team have great technical knowledge, and are always eager and striving to help resolve any issues or to provide information.

Free Shipping

For such precious cargo, James Allen offers free shipping to the US and worldwide, and ensures every shipment to ensure you as a customer are covered if anything goes wrong.

30 Day Returns

Buying online can be daunting, and James Allen helps to calm your nerves by offering a 100% refund for all purchases within a timeframe of 30 days. To go that one step further, they will pay for the return shopping for US customers.

James Allen Financing Options

James Allen has a few different financing options, the best of which being 6 months of deferred interest. Once again, you can choose the financing option that suits your financial situation best, with the help of one of the customer service representatives.

Why You Should Choose James Allen

  • Large range of engagement ring settings with excellent craftsmanship
  • Incredible range of high-quality diamonds
  • Flawless customer service
  • High tech imagery allows you to view settings and diamonds from all angles
  • Customization features allow you to build your perfect ring
  • Lifetime warranty with a 30-day return policy

James Allen – The Perfect Choice

Impeccable craftsmanship, high-quality diamonds and flawless customer service all come together to make James Allen one of the best online jewelry stores for purchasing engagement rings.

From custom engagement rings to their wide range of designed settings and exceptional diamonds, customers are sure to find the perfect engagement ring, enjoying a hassle-free purchasing process and the best in customer service from any online jewelry retailer.

You cannot go wrong when purchasing an engagement ring from James Allen. Your precious jewelry will be of the highest quality, and is sure to win over the love of your life.