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Building a custom engagement ring or other jewelry involves a step-by-step process that begins with the initial consultation. In order to bring a client's jewelry idea to life, a designer aids the client with the design process. Jewelers often highlight as many details as possible upfront to ensure that all the different elements of a particular design are considered before proceeding to production work.

The steps involved in this process are outlined below.

For a complete custom experience, we are happy to work with you. Please visit our contact us page, where you will also see our past custom designs gallery.

Step One – CAD

After the design is agreed upon and a diamond or other gemstone is selected, the designer sketches the design. In our case, we create a CAD rendering design using CAD software (examples shown above). This three-dimensional view of the proposed ring or jewelry is presented to the client. While it may not look exactly like the final jewelry (the actual product is always more exquisite), it effectively provides the client with a visual representation of how the jewelry will look. Moreover, it offers an opportunity for the client to make any desired changes to the design if needed.

Custom Design Engagement Ring

Step Two – Wax

Once the CAD is approved, the designer or goldsmith creates the wax model. This wax model serves as an exact replica of the jewelry, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness in the production process. Since wax is inexpensive, it allows us the freedom to refine the piece if necessary, and it may take 2-3 attempts to achieve the perfect wax model for the mold.

The wax model plays a crucial role as it helps identify and address any potential structural issues before moving on to the final production stage. It allows us to smooth the surface, reducing the need for excessive polishing at the end of the process, thereby ensuring a more precise and refined final product. In this way, wax becomes a valuable tool in creating exquisite and flawless custom jewelry.

Step Three – Making the Mold

The third step is to encase the wax in a plaster-based investment mold material to create a hollow version of the jewelry. This step involves several tasks, including properly securing the mold, thoroughly mixing the investment material, using a vacuum chamber to remove any air bubbles from the investment mold, pouring the investment mold mixture into a flask, and allowing it to set. The flask is then placed in a kiln set at 1300 degrees. Afterward, the mold is carefully checked for any obstructions, and the mask is removed.

Step Four – Casting the Jewelry

In this step, the metal of choice is melted and carefully poured into the mold. After the metal has cooled off and solidified, it is slowly removed from the mold with the aid of cold water.

Step Five – Finishing the Jewelry

In this step, a grinder is used to remove any unwanted metal from the jewelry, ensuring it matches the desired design. An acid bath is also utilized to thoroughly remove any remaining plaster from the jewelry. Once the initial cleanup is complete, a metal buffing tool and jewelry polishing tool are employed to achieve the final finishing touches on the jewelry piece.

Additionally, if the design requires the incorporation of stones or prongs for diamonds and other gemstones, this will be meticulously executed during this stage. The complexity of this process will depend on the specific design of the jewelry or ring.

For white gold jewelry, radium plating will be applied to attain the desired color and appearance.

Overall, this comprehensive process ensures the creation of a beautifully crafted and polished custom piece of jewelry that meets a client's specifications and expectations.

Our Approach

At Petra Gems, after finishing the jewelry, we often send pictures to the client for review before shipment. Additionally, we provide a beautiful jewelry box with each design to enhance the presentation.

If desired, we can also provide an appraisal for the jewelry, detailing the description and value of the item, as well as specifying the type of metal used in the production process and the grading of the diamonds or other gemstones.

Client satisfaction is our top priority, and we encourage our clients to reach out and ask questions before making a final decision. We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge about the process and the elements of creating their custom pieces.

Moreover, we aim to provide comprehensive information on gemstones and diamonds so that your purchase is not just a luxury item but also an investment.

At Petra Gems, we take pride in our decade-long service to clients, consistently receiving five-star ratings on Google, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, Wedding Wire, and Etsy. This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. Few companies can boast such an exceptional rating.

While our primary focus is on publishing content related to diamonds and fine jewelry, we are happy to work on a case-by-case basis with clients who want 100% custom-designed jewelry.

Custom Orders Examples

Here are some quick examples of our past custom orders. Please explore more options we have worked on in the contact us gallery. Rest assured that our quality is the best in the industry. We will also strive to find you excellent deals on gemstones and diamonds. Please email us your ideas, pictures, and sketches to get started. You may even send us pictures of different settings to merge into one custom-made piece of jewelry. If you can imagine it, we can make it.

Sample Custom Engagement Rings Orders

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

"I am so happy and so over the moon with my settings that I bought from you. Your quality in gold and diamonds is wonderful! Your workmanship is beautiful! Your customer service is unbelievable! I am a satisfied customer!" Mary from Summerville, SC. Read More Reviews Here