Buying Diamonds Locally: Jewelers Tricks to Watch For

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Buying a diamond or engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people. The consumer aims to buy a sparkly diamond or engagement ring at the best price. Selecting a perfect diamond/jewelry is not easy, though, especially when local vendors are not trustworthy or use every trick to stop you from accessing information that might help you obtain a high-quality diamond at the right price.

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Common Experiences at Local Stores

Here are some of the common negatives experiences our clients have had with local stores:

  • If the customer buys the diamond or engagement ring online and takes it to a local jeweler for verification/appraisal, the local store will often find every possible reason to convince the consumer that what they have bought is bad, fractured, or broken. Unfortunately, their trick works… Because the consumer would have spent thousands of dollars online to buy the diamond/ring and would be psychologically extremely vulnerable, s/he takes the word of the local jeweler much more seriously than an online retailer and sometimes even over a GIA or AGS graded report… Unfortunately, local jewelers have mastered the art of how to exploit this vulnerability of uninformed customers.
  • The staff of most local jewelers has limited knowledge about diamonds. Suppose a client is curious to learn more. In that case, they avoid providing information that could prevent them from closing a sale, especially for a low-graded diamond or a diamond graded by non-trustworthy labs such as EGL.
  • Local stores have a limited number of styles/designs and diamond collections and would pretend like that is all one can find in the market.

Experiences at Local Outlets

Consumers who have tried to buy diamonds at glittering outlets have also had negative experiences. The most common among them are:

  • Buying a diamond in a mall has cost them twice as much as buying it in a privately owned store or online. A diamond ring purchased in the mall for $6,000.00 can easily be obtained for under $3,000.00 online. These outlets pay huge rents and salaries and spend enormously to decorate their stores. These costs are then transferred to you as a consumer.
  • Jewelers at the mall reserve the best products for elite customers. A consumer often has to make a special request to see good quality diamonds – the prices are also often two-three times higher than what you would find online.

How to Avoid Getting Riffed Off

Patience is a virtue when it comes to diamond hunting. Take your time to search for diamonds online and offline. Please follow our instructions here for how to buy online. Here are some other words of wisdom we can share about this process:

  • Since it is a large investment, take your time to learn about the process of buying diamonds and engagement rings… be sure to check out our top unique engagement rings as well.
  • Buy GIA or AGS graded diamonds only as they have precise information and are consistent and trustworthy labs.
  • If you can find the diamond and ring together, you might get a good deal on them instead of buying them separately.
  • Make sure the jeweler has a good return policy.
  • The so-called life warranties are worthless – don’t fall for them.
  • Read online reviews about jewelers – they don’t lie!
  • Speak with someone at the store (offline or online) with sufficient information about diamonds and engagement rings, not just the salesperson.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to diamond purchasing, value learning the basics of diamonds and education over the gossip of family members, friends, or neighbors – these gossip/tips are important but not as critical as knowing precisely how to approach the process.

Diamonds have no fixed price range – their prices are set based on several factors. As long as you’re close to a particular range, you should be fine – you can determine this range by comparing the prices of 3-4 large online retailers. Always remember that the most important factor in a diamond is its sparkle, and its cut and clarity often determine it.

Most consumers wonder whether purchasing loose diamonds and setting them separately is better than buying finished diamond jewelry. While purchasing loose diamonds can be a decent option, we recommend going for finished jewelry as you might get a good deal. However, if the main diamond in the jewelry is not of high quality or close to what you want, don’t go for it.

Diamonds last forever as there is no lifecycle or expiry date for them. Once purchased, a diamond becomes an important asset and a symbol of your love. It is only fit to spare enough time and money to purchase them. Going that extra mile to accumulate knowledge about diamonds and implementing it while shopping for the perfect diamond is the best way to get the best diamond deal. 

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