Tacori Engagement Rings Review

Tacori Engagement Rings Review

Tacori Engagement Rings Review

Posted by Sharif Khan on 21st Jul 2019

Tacori is an elegant jewelry company, starting with the design to manufacturing of some of the most desired rings in the world. Their half-moon arc signature design is well known and sought after, and the high-quality craftsmanship and delicately intricate engravings see them cementing their name in the engagement ring industry.

Tacori believes in moments that matter, and that each piece of jewelry speaks to your passions, connecting you to who you love the most, telling a story of love. There can be no better thought to go by when creating a promise in the form of an engagement ring.

All pieces of Tacori jewelry are manufactured by extraordinary artisans, based in California. Each piece is individual, and each piece holds the signature crescent moon that has come to be associated with this incredible brand.

To stay relevant in the engagement ring market, Tacori continues to reinvent themselves and evolve in order to cater to their growing customer base. Their pieces have an exquisite design, carefully combined with modern inspiration, expertly crafted to form a unique, timeless piece.

Tacori Foundations

On the Tacori online site, you are able to enjoy a well-thought-out, helpful process of choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Tacori has two distinguished foundation setting styles, both of which have their own special features and unique properties. Choosing between these two will be the first step in deciding on your special semi-mount for your engagement ring.

Tacori Cathedral Foundations – This mounting has an arching cathedral design that features a band which slops up to the outer edge of the center diamonds. Cathedral settings have a wonderful elegance to them, with the natural curve of the setting allowing the ring to seem more structured, and gives room for some extra details.

Tacori Classic 360° Foundations – This is a classic setting where prongs hold the center diamond in place, and attach to the band in a single point, giving the ring a floating, elegant look. This setting helps to put the emphasis on the center diamond or gemstone and can be created with a bloom to perfectly frame the centerpiece.

Tacori Metals

Tacori is known for using only the highest quality metals when it comes to creating their rings. Premium metals are used to create high-quality jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Their platinum is their pride and joy. It has a high purity level, which is 95% pure platinum. This is above the industry requirement and standard purity of 90%. All their metals used are nickel free, which makes them a perfect option for those who experience irritation when using nickel-based jewelry.

Tacori Collections

Tacori has six collections to boast, for clients to find their  unique engagement ring which is true to their individual style, but which still hold the Tacori identity.

Petite Crescent

The Petite Crescent is a refined collection inspired from the French-cut. It has less metal-work than the normal crescent collection, making it more delicate. The band is able to handle more detail in the gallery and in the setting. Baguette cut diamonds are used in the halo setting, which creates an octagon silhouette.

Simply Tacori

The Simply Tacori collection is close to the classic solitaire design. The pieces are less focused on the embellishments of the rings, and rather pay attention to highlighting the diamond cuts it adorns.


The Dantela Collections incorporate feminine, bridal elegance with diamond detailing, which help make center stones look up to 30% larger. The lacework crowns and bloom guide the eye delicately to the center stone, making it the main event.


The RoyalT Collection rings play on styles worn by royalty in the past and are created to accommodate large, opulent diamonds. The larger shanks give the rings more space to detail Tacori designs and this collection is considered to be the best work by Tacori craftsmen.

Sculpted Crescent

The Sculpted Crescent collection features rings which see the signature Tacori shape cut into the metal, not sculpted out of it. This leaves the band complete and gives the engagement rings a sleek and classic, subtle style.

Clean Crescent

This is the modern collection in the Tacori repertoire. The signature crescent shape is used to emphasize outer diamonds. It is a clean, simple collection, but still features the delicate beading that adds character to a ring.

Tacori Engagement Rings

Tacori is there to help customers find and create the perfect engagement ring for the special moment. All rings are carefully handcrafted and made with great precision, while still being incredibly elegant and unique. The Tacori site offers clients the perfect starting point to find the custom ring.

Combining artistry and science, Tacori engagement rings are made with a passion for excellence, and the extraordinary craftsmanship of Tacori can be seen in each one of their bespoke, timeless rings.

18K White Gold Tacori Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

18K White Gold Tacori Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

The Dantela Collection features unique settings that are the perfect mix of modern and traditional styles. Classic and unconventional designs come together to create an effortlessly timeless ring.

The center diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds, which lead on to pavé set Round Brilliant Diamonds which curve along down the side of the band. The setting features signature Tacori details along the band, which are for the sophisticated, strong woman.

There are four options available for this ring, to suit a 0.75ct stone, a 1ct stone, a 1.5ct stone, and a 2ct stone. The melee of diamonds for each of the different size setting does change, with the larger carat rings have a higher carat weight of the pavé diamonds.

For a timeless, yet modern and elegant ring, this really ticks all the boxes. It has an incredible sparkle which is only highlighted by the intricate details found all along the ring.

18K White Gold Tacori Petite Crescent Scalloped Millgrain Diamond Engagement Ring

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

While this might seem like a simple engagement ring at first, it is far from it. This incredible ring sparkles from every possible angle. It features clean and delicate lines which allow the brilliant white diamonds to shine beautifully.

The center diamond is elevated to really show off its shine and sparkle, while the rest of the ring has a wonderful brightness and detail to it. It is delicate, enchanting, and the most wonderful showcase for an engagement.

18K Rose Gold Tacori Ribbon Diamond Engagement Ring

18K Rose Gold Tacori Ribbon Diamond Engagement Ring

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

This ring is made for the woman who wants to express her unique style. The engagement ring has undulating tendrils set with diamonds that weave in open spaces, housing in more diamonds. It has a sparkle in every space. The center diamond would be best suited to be a  brilliant Round cut diamond, which is given the height and space to show off its incredible sparkle.

18K rose gold is the perfect metal for this engagement ring, giving it a warm, romantic look that can be cherished forever.

18K Yellow Gold Tacori RoyalT Diamond Engagement Ring

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

The RoyalT collection from Tacori features some beautifully classic rings that have been created using timeless designs, as well as modern inspirations.

The ring is set with a string of pavé set diamonds, which lead up to a classic four prong setting to home a brilliant diamond. To add even more sparkle to the ring, each of the four prongs is set with their own pavé diamonds, giving the piece incredible shine from every angle.

This classic piece will suit someone looking for a timeless engagement ring, one with incredible detail, design, and sparkle, mixing both a classic and trendy design. As the name suggests, this ring is really suited for royalty, and will be so even in white gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Platinum Tacori Sculpted Crescent Harmony Solitaire Engagement Ring

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

For a true Tacori style, this engagement ring is incredible. An aerial perspective of this piece shows its spectacular design and the pure beauty of the engagement ring.

A high-polished band sets the mood for the incredible diamond on top to absolutely shine. Spotlight diamonds set around the centerpiece help to make the center diamond sparkle brightly, with light reflecting from all angles.

The inner face of the ring is intricately detailed with Tacori’s detailed crescent design, adding a wonderful elegance to an already enchanting ring.

Two size settings are available in this piece, it can either be for a 0.50ct center, or for a 1ct center diamond.

Tacori Engagement Rings, A Class Above The Rest

Describing themselves as a “heritage brand, powered by innovation” Tacori stay true to their ethos of providing old world jewelry with a much needed modern touch.

The different bands available in the Tacori collection, such as waved or knife-edge, give the rings a different look across various collections, but still hold true to the Tacori identity.

Tacori seeks and accomplishes their task of creating individual, high-quality rings that match their client's unique preferences and style. Their symbolic crescent design shows off the Tacori style in each one of their delicately created rings, making each ring a unique Tacori design.