15 Special Halo Engagement Ring Designs in 2024

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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A halo engagement ring stands as one of the most spectacular styles available. It features a stunning diamond or gemstone encircled by a collection of pavé, micro-pavé diamonds, or colored gemstones. This setting not only gives the illusion of a larger stone but also creates an enchanting engagement ring cherished for years to come.

Since the inception of halo engagement rings, various variations of this style have emerged, resulting in the creation of the most incredible and unique designs.

Watch the latest halo engagement designs in HD videos.

Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

unique halo sapphire engagement ring

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If you are seeking a ring that stands out, this sapphire-circled diamond engagement ring from James Allen is precisely what you've been searching for.

The brilliant 0.70-carat excellent cut round diamond is designed to captivate with an outer circle of small sapphires. These petite blue stones encircle the diamond, enhancing its brilliance and giving it a wonderful sparkle.

The blue sapphires defy tradition, rendering this halo engagement ring truly unique. The clear diamonds cascading along the band further accentuate the striking blue sapphires, particularly when set against white gold.

Crafted to stand out, this halo engagement ring will undoubtedly be a uniquely special piece chosen for the momentous "I do."

Pink and White Diamond Halo Ring

oval pink diamond halo engagement ring

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The Thalo design showcases circles of round-cut pink and white diamonds meticulously set in 18K rose gold and platinum.

While it may appear simplistic, this design offers a delicate twist on traditional halo engagement rings, featuring a center oval cut diamond. The combination of colors produces a delicate, vintage-modern halo engagement ring.

The ring was crafted to highlight the circular design without any distractions. The understated platinum band allows the focal point to radiate; indeed, it sparkles brilliantly!

Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

pear halo diamond engagement ring

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This vintage-inspired pear-shaped halo ring from James Allen offers a fresh take on the traditional halo engagement ring. The Pear Cut diamond, known for its exceptional quality, adds a delightful twist to this engagement ring, elegantly set amidst smaller diamonds extending down the band.

The stunning 14K yellow gold metal, less commonly seen in halo engagement rings, imbues the piece with a warm and enchanting aura, particularly complementing the pear cut diamond. While embracing a modern flair, the yellow gold and pear cut diamond combination seamlessly creates a timeless engagement ring with a wonderfully vintage feel. It's ideal for those seeking a piece that exudes timeless elegance.

Mila Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

double halo engagement ring

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This exquisite ring from Blue Nile is an absolute showstopper, epitomizing over-the-top opulence and drama while maintaining a classy, elegant allure. Featuring a triple halo design, the ring boasts three layers of pavé diamonds encircling the stunning center Cushion cut diamond.

With over 100 hand-set diamonds in a pavé setting and four baguettes, it creates a unique, timeless piece with the highest glamour. The band gracefully splits beneath the diamond and reunites along the lower band, with both sides of the band adorned with smaller diamonds.

This ring, radiating with ultimate sparkle and shine, is bound to captivate attention in any light and symbolize the promise of an incredible life together.

Verragio 2T Couture Halo Engagement Ring

verragio halo ring

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From the Couture Collection at Whiteflash, this engagement ring is a truly spectacular piece.

Featuring a two-tone rose gold profile and round brilliant cut diamond Melee, it creates an enchanting setting for the diamond of your choice.

The rose gold feature nestled beneath the top diamond piece is adorned with smaller diamonds, adding a wonderful dimension to the ring and infusing it with an air of mystery and elegance. The expertly crafted band boasts diamonds paved along the sides, ascending like growing branches, with the inner band adorned with white gold accents.

This ring continually captivates, revealing new details with every glance. The setting is meticulously designed to accommodate a center diamond ranging between 1.75 and 2.50 carats, making it truly fitting for that special someone in your life.

Cushion Modified Cut Halo Engagement Ring

cushion halo engagement ring

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At first, when people think of a halo engagement ring, they typically envision a white diamond set in platinum or white gold. However, this James Allen custom engagement ring elevates the halo style to a new level by featuring a central yellow Cushion cut diamond.

Surrounded by white diamonds, the yellow 1.21 carat diamond appears significantly larger than its already impressive size, and its yellow hue adds a unique touch to the ring. Cushion cut diamonds are increasingly popular among modern brides, making this ring perfect for a woman who embraces her own style.

Dazzling, enchanting, and exquisitely adorned with additional small diamonds along the band, this ring epitomizes extravagance in all the best ways while retaining a unique appeal that perfectly suits that special someone.

Bella Vaughan Cushion Halo Hand Engraved Engagement Ring

halo cushion antique ring

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Designed by Bella Vaughan for Blue Nile, this engagement ring is fit for royalty. Handcrafted in platinum, this ring has incredible detailing that extends throughout the entire ring.

Four diamonds grace each corner post of the square halo, while smaller diamonds line the rest of the setting. Along the band, small diamonds extend downward, framed by breathtaking handcrafted detailing.

The entire ring is crafted to accentuate the center stone of your choice: a Princess, Radiant, Round, or Oval cut diamond – whichever suits you best. The center diamond shines prominently within this halo design, harmonizing with all the other elements of the ring to create a timeless masterpiece fit for a queen.

A. Jaffe Seasons of Love Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

halo engagement ring emerald cut

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An emerald cut diamond would fit perfectly in this halo-style engagement ring, which hails from the Whiteflash Seasons of Love collection and showcases some truly spectacular rings.

This innovative take on the traditional halo style features a diamond pavé band culminating in an almost cathedral-like arch, lifting the emerald cut diamond to capture light and shine brilliantly. The diamonds in the ring's halo enhance the appearance of the center emerald cut diamond, making it appear larger than it is.

The inside of the ring is quilted, providing a luxurious fit that ensures comfort for day-to-day wear.

Expertly crafted, this ring exudes elegance and romance, with the unique emerald cut diamond stealing the show and shining brightly at its center.

Cadenza Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

halo flower engagement ring

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Brilliant Earth has crafted this beautiful halo engagement ring with a slight departure from the traditional style.

The split shank halo setting showcases the melee micro pavé, meticulously hand set into different sides of the unique setting.

The center stone is allowed to shine and sparkle brilliantly with the surrounding halo diamonds, creating the illusion of a larger stone. The gold metal imbues the ring with a warmer feel, making it both enchanting and timeless.

A split band gives the ring a fuller appearance while maintaining a dainty and elegant look when worn on the finger, avoiding any sense of bulkiness.

Brilliant Earth Diamonds engagement rings are crafted and designed by the finest craftsmen, ensuring each piece is a lifelong treasure.

Heart Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

halo round halo engagement ring

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What better promise of love to give to someone special than this unique heart-shaped halo engagement ring? The heart shaped diamond symbolizes absolute love and adoration; this ring is unique.

The pavé set diamonds perfectly frame the 0.70 carat heart cut diamond with incredible brilliance and unique sparkle, thanks to its shape and cut. The diamond appears much larger than its actual carat weight, holding its perfect heart shape.

The platinum setting only adds to the pure innocence of the ring and helps create the feel of the perfect promise of love. James Allen has captured the essence of love in this ring, a unique version of the traditional halo engagement ring.

Ritani Vintage Halo Micropavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

bezel halo diamond engagement ring

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From the Endless Love Collection by Ritani, this ring encompasses a vintage look and timeless elegance.

A circular halo, set with round cut diamonds, circles around a center stone that plays off all the small diamonds to be radiant with a brilliant shine. The diamond melee perfectly frames a gorgeous center stone.

The ring's band is also set with pavé diamonds, which only adds to the ring's sparkle. Diamonds upon diamonds adorn the ring, creating a breathtakingly elegant ring that will steal the show wherever it goes.

Danhov Per Lei Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

petit halo engagement ring

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A wonderfully crafted halo of a diamond melee surrounds a center diamond, and the whole ring just shines as brilliantly as possible.

The understructure of the ring gives an open profile view of the center diamond, with the under gallery bands adorned with more brilliant round cut diamonds; there is sparkle at every angle with the ring.

The ring's shank is lined with pavé set diamonds, which lead up and lift towards the center halo, elevating the ring to stand up high above the ring finger, showcasing the sparkle and radiance that the diamonds have to offer.

It is a truly exceptional piece with exquisite beauty and light.

MilgrainNavette Halo Engagement Ring

unique stylish halo round engagement ring

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This timeless piece is beautifully intricate, with twists, curves, and diamonds to catch the eye at every angle.

The band is set with small round cut diamonds, a navette design, and milgrain detailing to give a very delicate yet detailed design, leading up to a brilliant halo of round cut diamonds that perfectly frame a center stone.

Every view of the ring gives you a stunning shine, with small details to find all over. The under gallery of the ring is also set with small leaf designs with a round cut diamond in the middle, patterned with milgrain detailing. This under gallery lifts the center halo and diamond up for the best view from above.

Elegant and delicate, this ring shines radiantly and offers the most intricate details.

Enchanted Filigree Halo Engagement Ring

filigree halo engagement ring

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The ring band features a petite filigree engraving studded with small diamond accents, bringing extra sparkle to the special detailing. The diamonds' detailing and the ring's engraving have a very organic feel, leading up ever so softly to the center stone.

An oval-shaped halo, set with round cut diamonds, frames the center stone so wonderfully, creating a mirror effect with light reflecting off every diamond and angle.

Expert craftsmanship is shown so well with the design and execution of the ring, with a striking design that portrays a delicate pattern of diamonds and white gold.

Joy Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

halo cushion ring

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Rose gold can often take an engagement ring to the next level, adding a bit of romance that creates such a special feel.

This customized Half Eternity Setting is studded with diamond melee, set in a square halo around a center diamond. The ring's band features more of the Brilliant Earth diamonds set in a pavé setting, running down the length of the ring.

Together, the rose gold, the squared-off diamond halo, and the pavé set diamonds down the shank create a strong piece, yet romantic enough to be the perfect engagement ring.

Selecting a Halo Engagement Ring

When it comes to engagement rings, most women already have an idea of what they want; they've likely been envisioning it for a long time. However, for the person buying the ring, knowing the right style to choose can be challenging. The array of options often puts people outside their comfort zone.

Choosing a symbol of love requires a blend of romanticism and practicality. While you want your partner to adore the ring, it's also essential to ensure it offers good value for money.

Consider Her Lifestyle

Ideally, the engagement ring you choose will grace your partner's hand for a lifetime. Therefore, it's crucial to consider her lifestyle and daily activities. For athletic women, a smaller, minimalist ring may be preferable to minimize damage during sports or workouts. If your partner has a hands-on profession like nursing, culinary arts, or landscaping, consider a ring without an elevated setting and large diamonds that could interfere with her work. For women who enjoy gardening or creating art, a simpler ring is easier to maintain.

Understand Her Style

Personal style greatly influences the choice of an engagement ring. Observe what she wears to express herself—whether she leans toward elegant or simplistic styles. If she prefers uniqueness, explore gemstone rings or diamonds cut in unusual shapes. Combining different metals can also create a more individualized ring.

Know Her Ring Size

Although challenging, try to determine your partner's ring size before purchasing the engagement ring. Some rings are difficult to resize once set, and proposing with the wrong size can dampen the moment. Ensure the ring fits properly to avoid the hassle of resizing after the proposal.

Determine Your Budget

Engagement rings are significant investments. While they symbolize love and commitment, they can also serve as valuable investments. Engagement rings are available in various price ranges, so establish a budget and stick to it. Remember, there's also a wedding to budget for.

Protect Your Investment

Purchase an engagement ring with a warranty or insurance. It's a substantial investment, and lacking insurance can be financially detrimental in case of loss, theft, or damage. Include the cost of insurance or warranty in your budget to safeguard your investment against unforeseen circumstances.

History of Halo Engagement Rings

Over the past few years, halo engagement rings have seen a significant surge in popularity, with everyone from celebrities to royalty embracing the style wholeheartedly. The halo engagement ring features several smaller diamonds surrounding a center gemstone, although some variations incorporate a distinctive metal halo. Deliberately designed to enhance and highlight the beauty of the center stone, halo engagement rings elevate features like cut, clarity, and size, lending them an enhanced visual appeal.

Beyond their distinctive beauty, halo engagement rings offer a connection to a rich historical lineage. The style traces its origins back to the Gregorian Era, where slightly smaller round diamonds or pearls typically encircled the center gemstone. In the Victorian Era, modifications were made, with various gemstones gaining popularity for the central setting, including blue sapphires, rubies, turquoise, and chrysoberyls. Gemstones in this era tended to be larger than those of the Gregorian period.

The Aesthetic period followed, characterized by a return to the simplicity of the Gregorian Era with added decorative effects, often of a symbolic nature. The Art Nouveau Movement overlapped with this era and witnessed a shift towards colored semi-precious stones as centerpieces, sometimes set in ornate metal settings instead of diamonds.

During the Edwardian Era, there was a decline in the popularity of colored stones, with platinum and diamonds becoming the norm. Complete metal surrounds continued, with small diamonds becoming more prevalent. Pearls fell out of fashion, and north-to-south styles gained popularity, featuring rows of three large stones surrounded by smaller stones in elaborate designs.

The subsequent Art Deco Era saw the emergence of what is now known as the classic halo engagement ring, characterized by geometric patterns and symmetry that complemented the concentric circles of a halo setting.

The austerity of the Great Depression temporarily halted the opulence of the Art Deco Era until the Hollywood Glamour of the 1930s and 1940s revived the use of large colored stones in halo engagement rings, blending elements from previous eras.

In the 1950s, square shaped mounts gained popularity, and East-to-west settings replaced north-to-south arrangements. The 1960s and 1970s witnessed a surge in the usage of halo engagement rings, with the popular style resembling a round stone surrounded by smaller round stones, akin to a daisy flower.

Today, the classic halo engagement ring style has made a full comeback, incorporating new variations such as a square cut stone surrounded by pave diamonds and the increasingly popular double-halo style.

In essence, whichever style of halo engagement ring you choose, it places you at the heart of a vibrant, distinctive history, much like the center stone itself.

Halo Engagement Ring, the Perfect Choice

Halo engagement rings are truly exquisite creations. With so many variations available, there's a perfect match for each person's unique style and individuality. When creating or selecting a halo engagement ring, there are numerous factors to consider: the choice of metals, the shape of the diamond, and the number of bands of surrounding pavé-set diamonds. Halo engagement rings offer the opportunity to customize the ring to perfection for your loved one.

Something distinctive and thoughtful always resonates more deeply than something generic, so investing time in searching for the ideal halo engagement ring is worthwhile. Take the time to understand your partner's style and lifestyle to ensure your choice is perfect!

Furthermore, you always have the option of replacing the center diamond with a colored gemstone to add even more uniqueness to the ring. The possibilities are endless!