15 Top Trending Rose Gold Engagement Rings in 2023

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Rose gold is fast becoming more popular with engagement rings. It is considered a romantic metal thanks to its pink color, which is both whimsical and delicate. Set with either gemstones or diamonds, rose gold engagement rings are truly breathtaking.

There are many benefits outside of the wonderful color that rose gold engagement rings have. Rose gold is often more affordable than some other metals. This is because more copper is used to create rose gold, with copper being cheaper than other metals. Rose gold rings are also considerably durable, thanks to copper. It is a tougher metal and more durable than white or yellow gold.

As a daily piece, rose gold suits all skin tones and adds a romantic flair to an engagement ring.

When it comes to the meaning behind rose gold, it is a perfect choice. Yellow gold represents fidelity, white gold represents friendship, but rose gold represents love; what better sentiment to have for an engagement ring?

Rose gold engagement rings are both timeless and modern and add a unique, romantic flair to a ring that many other metals lack.

If you want a little different engagement ring representing romance and love, a rose gold ring is your best option.

Explore unique rose gold engagement rings here.  

Top 14 Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Lisa Engagement Ring by Jeff Cooper

oval cut diamond guide 

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A swirling halo sits around a gorgeous oval cut diamond, illuminating its beauty and reflections most wonderfully.

Representing an everlasting and intertwining love, the twist shank is adorned with small diamonds, sitting between rose gold twists. The shank of the ring has a stunning delicate style, with just enough sparkle to add to the romantic ring overall.

The center stone is framed perfectly with the swirling diamond and rose gold halo, and for an extra addition of texture, four rose gold prongs secure the oval diamond in place.

While the ring is full of intricacy and delicate detail, it has been designed to show off the center diamond, giving it the perfect opportunity to show off its radiant cut and shape.

Romantic and timeless, this engagement ring, along with the swirling, glittering halo, is a real representation of timeless love and endless romance.

Asymmetrical Diamond Infinity Halo Engagement Ring

 pear rose gold ring

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There is no doubt that morganite and rose gold is a match made in heaven, and together they create the most romantic engagement rings.

A pear morganite is surrounded fully by pavé set diamonds, sitting just under the top of the gemstone. The diamonds are in a rose gold band, highlighting the center morganite. On either side of the halo are two split scrolls adorned with diamonds, which meet further down the ring.

The mix of diamonds rose gold, and morganite gives a ring a warm, sophisticated look. The details are delicate, and the center morganite stone is bold, the perfect balance to create such a stunning ring.

This ring was made to be worn on special occasions to display your love and adoration with the breathtaking piece perfectly. However, it is not ideal to wear daily as there is a risk of damage to the center stone.

Rose Gold Verragio Braided 3 Stone Engagement Ring

 rose gold verragio engagement ring

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A round brilliant cut diamond melee surrounds a center diamond, giving off the perfect sparkle and shine.

On either side of the center stone and halo are two more round cut diamonds, creating symbolism within three stone engagement rings. Leading down the ring’s shank is intertwining bands of pavé set rose gold, with the diamonds harmonizing so effortlessly with the warmth of the metal.

Underneath the center, basket is more scrolls of pavé set diamonds, with an additional round cut diamond popping through on either side. These delicate diamond scrolls lead to milgrain detailing within the band on either side, adding texture to an already largely detailed ring.

This ring has the most exquisite detailing, with enough diamonds to satiate any need. It is a true masterpiece, and you will notice something new every time you look.

The rose gold metal, along with the milgrain detailing and many diamonds ranging in size, create an enchanting and romantic ring that will always stand as a timeless classic, the three stones representing yesterday, today, and tomorrow, a never-ending love story.

Luxe Viviana Diamond Engagement Ring

rose gold oval ring 

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This incredibly modern ring has everything it needs to captivate the one you love.

This signature collection gives a modern twist to the traditional solitaire setting with eye-pleasing geometry, sharp edges, and delicate design. Held in with four rose gold prongs, an exceptional oval diamond lingers between the two scrolls on either side, sitting on top of a gallery of four surfaces, designed with four ornamental sides adorned with four melee diamonds on each side.

Viewed from above, one will notice the Art Deco-inspired, symmetrical curves which rise to meet in an arrow style at the center of the diamond. These two curves are also set with round diamonds, giving the ring an incredible shine.

This is a wonderfully designed piece, with so many details to be found and more diamonds than anyone could ask for.

Rose Gold Pear Shape Bezel Set Diamond Tiara Engagement Ring

pear antique engagement ring 

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This ring has been carefully designed to incorporate the best of classic and modern design, with elements speaking to both.

All attention is put on the bezel set pear cut center diamond, with the addition of the gleaming tiara of radiant diamonds sitting along the top. Each of the diamonds forming the tiara is held in place with three rose gold prongs, giving it a more royal appearance.

The ring’s shank has been left plain, which helps divert all the attention to the centerpiece. The pear-shaped diamond is a unique cut and adds a more modern feel to the ring, while the tiara diamond band gives the ring a vintage style.

The rose gold shank, settings, and prongs perfectly tie in these two stylings to create a dainty and petite engagement ring that is both simple and wonderfully intriguing.

Petite Micropavé and Hidden Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


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This engagement ring is the definition of whimsical, with a stunning floral design showing off some incredibly brilliant diamonds set in a romantic rose gold shank.

The warm and sophisticated rose gold setting has pavé set diamonds along either side, which lead up to the center floral halo bloom. The starburst bloom in the center sees a brilliant round diamond surrounded by more round cut diamonds set in a floral halo. These smaller diamonds are held in place by delicate rose gold prongs, and the center diamond also features four rose gold prongs.

The ring is perfectly balanced with the opulent number of diamonds, with the delicate rose gold and peeks of rose gold showing below the radiant diamonds.

Rose Gold Danhov Per Lei Diamond Engagement Ring


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This engagement ring from Danhov encapsulates modern simplicity and elegance at its best, with a delicate design featuring a strong center stone that shines beautifully.

The split shank is set with a diamond pavé down on either side, where they meet to be a rose gold band at the bottom.

The center diamond is held in place with four rose gold prongs leading down to a basket adorned with small diamonds on the front and back.

The diamonds and the rose gold steal the show with elegant minimalism that allows the stones to shine, giving the center diamond all the attention it deserves and showing off its radiant cut perfectly.

Gala Diamond Engagement Ring

 rose gold oval ring

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A fresh take on the traditional halo setting, this engagement ring is bold, sophisticated, and the perfect accessory to a lasting romance.

The head of the halo has a beautiful shine, glowing enough to help the center diamond reflect even more light. Three set diamonds on either corner of the rose gold halo, create a more rounded look to the square cut.

A line of round cut diamonds wraps around the halo’s edge, hiding a splendid orange sapphire below the head.

This ring is something new and shows off a modern design and style. It is softened with the curve of the shank under the head and given a pop of hidden color with the orange sapphire tucked away.

Rose Gold Beaded Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring


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Etruscan-inspired, this ring transports one back to ancient times. It is a ring for a woman who loves antique styling and wants a ring as a statement piece for her personality.

The bezel set stones are framed with classical beads and tapered down the side of the shank, leading to the sleek rose gold band. The tapered silhouette on each side of the centerpiece works up the dramatic effect of the center stone, providing it with the perfect amount of shine and detail.

The center stone is set within a halo of three rows of classical beads in a bezel style. The thick frame around the diamond homes it perfectly, protecting it from damage but giving it enough space to show off its brilliant shine.

This is the perfect ring for something different, classical, and vintage. It portrays a certain style but is softened with rose gold.

Starburst Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


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This is a great option for something different for an engagement ring. It is a vintage-inspired ring that will slide easily into modern fashion.

A center gives a ring a wonderful and bold splash. The stunning diamond is surrounded by round cut diamonds.

The different hues of the white diamond give such a wonderful contrast atop the rose gold setting. The ring is dainty, petite, and full of bold hues that give it a deep romantic feel.

Rose Gold DanhovAbbraccio Diamond Engagement Ring


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A spiraling diamond paved band leads elegantly to a breathtaking center diamond.

A stunning visual is created with the fluid shank, set so radiantly with round cut diamonds, twisting up in a spiral towards the center stone. The round cut diamond in the middle of it all shines brilliantly, with enough space around it to reflect light from all angles.

The ring's shank was created so that the spiraling diamonds draw the eye directly to the center stone. The rose gold metal plays so well with the design, giving it a romantic, warm feeling that encompasses what the ring intends to portray.

It is something different, sophisticated, and delicate, with its thin lines and incredible shine from the many diamonds it holds.

Three Stone Emerald and Pavé Set Diamond Engagement Ring


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Three stone rings are the ultimate portrayal of a lifetime commitment, one stone representing the past, one representing the present, and the last representing the future.

Two emerald-shaped diamonds sit on either side of the center, larger emerald cut diamond, which sits centerstage, is lifted off the shank. The straight lines and step-cut of the diamonds create a wonderful symmetry in the ring, which is then softened by the pavé set diamonds leading down either side of the band.

Each emerald cut diamond is held in place with four rose gold prongs, allowing the diamonds access to a large amount of light to reflect from all angles and show off their hall-of-mirrors effect.

Breathtaking and striking with the large diamonds and diamond-studded shank, this ring will be a winning piece for the woman who loves all things sparkly, with a romantic flair thanks to the delicate rose gold setting.

Monique Lhuillier Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

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Created by Monique Lhuillier, this engagement ring is the best representation of a dramatically beautiful ring, with a startling number of diamonds and an incredible glistening effect.

A halo of round cut diamonds sits framed by two marquise cut diamonds on either side. Three rows of pavé set diamonds in the rose gold frame are along the shank. The center diamond is given all the light and reflection it needs to show off its incredible radiance and light performance, which is only enhanced by the countless other diamonds set along the ring.

The different-shaped diamonds add wonderful detail to the ring, giving it something new to look at from every angle.

Rose Gold Oval Halo Morganite And Diamond Ring

morganite rose gold engagement ring  

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One of the best things about rose gold is that it looks incredible set with almost any color gemstone. This engagement ring shows that the morganite and diamonds blend perfectly with the rose gold setting.

The morganite center stone is stunning; it is elongated between two halo ends, leaving some free space between the stone and the halo on either side. The halo is made from alternating bezel set diamonds and rose gold buds. This gives the ring great texture and contrast of colors between the white diamonds and rose gold setting and details.

The blush pink tones of the morganite stonework go so well with the pink tones of the rose gold, enhancing each other in the most romantic of ways.

Diamond Pavé and Milgrain Profile Solitaire Engagement Ring

 pave solitaire swirl engagement ring

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Sometimes, simple is best, and this solitaire engagement ring keeps it simple most stunningly.

An intricate milgrain detailing and pavé set diamonds can be found upon the shoulder and gallery of the ring, peeking out from under the top band. The top of the shank is left simple, with a sleek and lustrous rose gold surface. The center is a brilliant round cut diamond held in place with four simple rose gold prongs, elevating it up to captivate and reflect light exquisitely.

While the ring might appear plain from the top, the surprise of milgrain detailing and small round diamonds make for wonderful viewing, giving the ring some added beauty but not stealing attention away from the radiant round cut diamond perched on top.

This modern ring will remain a classic for a lifetime, in all its beautiful simplicity.

Final Thoughts

There is something spectacular about a rose gold engagement ring, whether it is their modern popularity or the complete warmth and romance they portray. Set with diamonds or gemstones, they work to show off the beauty they hold, bringing out the stunning shine that a stone might have.

Rose gold engagement rings are affordable and timeless, making them the perfect investment for your loved one.