White Gold Engagement Rings: 15 Unique Designs for the Special Day

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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White gold engagement rings possess a sleek luster and an incredible shine. Though they carry a slightly warmer tone compared to platinum, due to the amalgamation of gold with silver and nickel, these rings exhibit an outstanding sparkle, enhancing the brilliance of diamonds or gemstones.

Rhodium is employed to amplify the silver sheen of white gold. Frequently, engagement rings crafted from this metal require reapplication of rhodium after a few years to restore their shine. Nevertheless, this maintenance is worthwhile if platinum falls beyond your budget.

While not as steeped in tradition as yellow gold, white gold is deemed more conventional than most other metals and holds a timeless appeal. The foundation of the silver sheen serves as a backdrop that allows gemstones or diamonds to showcase their finest qualities and colors. Additionally, white gold preserves intricate detailing adeptly. These engagement rings often feature elaborate designs, as the white base ensures that intricate details stand out, avoiding any obscurity within the metal's hue.

Simplicity, timelessness, and beauty converge in white gold engagement rings, securing their enduring prominence. Your task is to determine which resonates best with your love and preferences.

To facilitate your decision-making process, we've curated a selection of the most captivating white gold engagement rings, adorned with brilliant diamonds and exquisite gemstones. These treasures are sourced from top-tier online jewelry retailers.

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Unique White Gold Engagement Rings

oval engagement ring

White Gold Lisa Engagement Ring by Jeff Cooper

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The Lisa Oval Engagement Ring, a creation by Jeff Cooper, radiates with the utmost elegance.

Hailing from the Lumiere Collection, this engagement ring showcases a graceful swirling halo adorned with petite, shimmering diamonds encircling a breathtaking oval-cut diamond. The shank boasts a captivating swirling motif, designed to enhance the ring's brilliance from every perspective, complemented by delicate diamond accents.

The white gold composition serves to amplify the diamonds' ultimate brilliance, bestowing an additional sparkle from every angle. The intricately crafted ring band assumes the form of a mesmerizing swirl pattern, punctuated by diamond accents scattered along its curves. Complementing this design is a matching swirling halo, yet the focal point remains the resplendent oval center diamond, perched atop the ring, brilliantly reflecting and refracting light.

Hidden Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

 asscher cut engagement ring

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This engagement ring is exceptional, with hidden gemstones set along the shank for a hidden pop of color in deep blue sapphire gemstones.

White loose diamonds cascade along the white gold band and are flanked on either side by deeply hued blue sapphire stones. The white diamonds on the shank are brilliant, but the blue sapphires’ surprise takes the ring to a new level.

The white metal band creates a zig-zag effect with the blue sapphires, creating a beautifully interesting profile that leads towards a sparkling center diamond, which is lifted above the ring with four white gold prongs to shine brilliantly.

This modern ring shows off its expert craftsmanship, and the surprise of the blue sapphires gives it a new dimension suited for a woman with refined taste. Even though it is more modern, this ring will always be timeless, with enough diamonds to keep its wearer enthralled for ages.

White Gold Danhov Per Lei Diamond Engagement Ring

 white gold engagement ring split shank

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This modern ring is elegant and sophisticated, with a fresh design that captures the beauty of white gold set with sparkling diamonds.

A split shank leads up in gentle arches towards the center gallery, meeting again to form a single band at the bottom of the ring. Both rounds of the split shank are set with pavé set diamonds, giving them incredible sparkle and shine.

An under structure sits below the center diamonds, set with pavé diamonds, creating an incredible viewing from the side of the ring. A four-prong basket securely holds the center diamond in place, allowing it to have an open profile and excellent light access to shine and reflect brilliantly.

The split band creates a great design, with the diamonds both on the shank and in the basket, adding to the complete glistening, and accentuating the radiance of the center diamond.

Aria Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

oval cut diamond engagement ring 

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This solitaire-style ring features a unique design, playing with modern styling to create a bold, minimalistic engagement ring that will surely be loved.

An oval brilliant cut diamond from Brilliant Earth sits at the engagement ring’s center, set with white gold. Two brilliant pear-cut diamonds are between the yellow gold band, offering a glittering break between the solid shank.

Although a distance from the center stone, these two round-cut diamonds help the center diamond shine brilliantly, showing off its exceptional cut and radiance.

This is a ring for the modern woman who likes to show off her style with bold, striking pieces. The diamond in the center deserves all the attention it can get, and the simple two-stone, thick shank allows it to have this focus.

White Gold Octagon Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

topaz white gold engagement ring 

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This white gold gemstone ring perfectly shows off the faceted cut of the topaz, along with its breathtaking color.

The faceted blue topaz is an octagon cut and is given a vast space to show off its blue hues and sparkling shine. Surrounding the blue topaz is an octagon halo of small, brilliant round cut diamonds that help the gemstone have an incredible reflection.

Along the ring’s shank are smaller round cut diamonds in a pavé setting. The white gold and sparkling diamonds help to bring out the different blue tones of the topaz, helping appreciate its breathtaking color.

While it is not a traditional diamond engagement ring, it is the perfect choice for someone unique and loves a pop of color in their jewelry.

Petite Diamond Engagement Ring

 petit white gold engagement ring

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Often, choosing something simple pays off, and it shows with this petite diamond engagement ring in sleek white gold.

A lustrous white gold band leads up to hold pavé set diamonds near the top of the ring, descending in size until they reach the center stone, drawing attention to the larger diamond. Held up by four white gold prongs, the center diamond can show off its cut in the most beautiful way, and thanks to the simple design of the ring, it features as the center of attention.

Both with inspiration from pavé and solitaire design, this ring is petite and delicate while still showing off a showstopper diamond, which draws in all the focus. The white gold helps to complement the simple design, adding a particular shine to the ring as well.

White Gold Verragio Venetian Lace Engagement Ring

 Verragio engagement rings

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Part of the Verragio Venetian Collection, this exquisitely designed ring has detail everywhere, with an added pop of rose gold to tie it all together perfectly.

The Venetian lace shank has intricate scrolls underneath the band's top, which sit upon a circle of milgrain detailing on either side of the shank. A round center-cut diamond sits upon a melee of brilliant round diamonds set in a contrasting rose gold halo color. Lifted above the melee by four white gold prongs, the center diamond is radiant with ideal light performance.

The top of the shank is lined with smaller pavé set diamonds, only adding to the detailing and delicate appearance of the ring, with the shank coming together at the bottom in a light scroll design. The ring is a comfortable fit thanks to the innermost band, lined with milgrain details.

A small round cut diamond is set on either side of the basket, giving a glistening surprise when viewed from the side.

Full of details and elegant styling, this timeless ring will be adored.

Petite Twisted Vine Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

three stone round engagement ring 

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These three stone rings symbolize days gone, the present, and days to come, the perfect representation of a lifetime promise to your loved one.

Melee diamonds sit on either side of the brilliant center stone, the perfect lead-up to such an exceptional centerpiece. The shank is formed with soft, sweeping lines, with the top adorned with a beaded pattern, leading up ever so elegantly to the three center stones.

The basket of the ring has delicate scrolls intertwining with each other to create the perfect, prettiest base for the diamonds to sit upon. The contrast of the beaded shank and lustrous under the gallery makes this ring unique, with uncontested beauty and truly significant symbolism.

Brilliant Earth is known for its exceptional diamonds, so you know you cannot go wrong when purchasing one of these uniquely designed rings.

White Gold Beaded Open Span Diamond Engagement Ring

swirl round engagement ring 

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Intricately detailed, this engagement ring has something new to notice with every glance and is both classic and beautifully delicate.

An open-span bead under the gallery sets the tone for the rest of the detailing found along the ring. Above the beaded under gallery is a shank with pavé set diamonds featuring floral touches and diamond accents. Small diamonds sit along the shank, homed in a halo of white gold and milgrain detailing, forming part of the flourishing pattern found throughout the ring.

The center diamond is held in place by four white gold prongs extending just over the diamond, not covering up the stone too much, allowing it access to light from all angles.

The white gold helps the small and delicate details pop in the ring, highlighting each bit of craftsmanship so well and giving the diamonds the perfect stage to glisten and shine wonderfully.

Three-Stone Cushion Cut Ruby and Half Moon Diamond Halo Ring

 ruby diamond engagement ring

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Unique, striking, and full of diamonds, this engagement ring is a step above the rest.

A cushion cut ruby sits at the center of this engagement ring, flanked by two stunning half-moon cut brilliant diamonds. These three stones, the ruby, and two diamonds, are then encased by a halo full of pavé set diamonds. There is a magnificent amount of diamonds just in the centerpiece alone.

Adorning the ring’s shank are more pavé set diamonds, giving the band its flair. All of this is set in white gold, which helps the ruby give a spectacular pop of color, and the other diamonds shine radiantly.

To add more color and dimension to the ring, the center cushion cut ruby is held in place by four yellow-gold prongs, giving a ring a little warmth to complete the overall look and individual beauty of this ring

White Gold Carina Solitaire Engagement Ring

unique classic white gold ring 

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Carina is the French word for beloved, and this Carina engagement ring will perfectly represent your love.

Four elegant prongs spiral upwards, securely holding the center diamond in place. The gentle swirl of the shank is a wonderful twist on traditional solitaire engagement rings and gives the usually bold solitaire design a delicate and elegant flair.

The center diamond is open to reflecting light from all angles but is held securely, withstanding damage and preventing the ring from falling loose.

The white gold metal and brilliant center diamond work so well together to create this stunning piece, which is so elegantly simple but breathtaking at the same time.

White Gold Baguette Ballerina Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

This vintage-inspired engagement ring has everything it needs to be an absolute showstopper, stealing attention away with its incredible brilliance and radiant light.

A ballerina halo features alternating baguettes and round diamonds in two-prong settings, circling the center round diamond. All of the diamonds in the halo, along with the center radiant round cut diamond, play off each other, reflecting light from all angles and embodying a sunburst.

Set in white gold, the diamonds can draw from their sleek luster, enhancing their flawless cut and color. The ring's shank is left plain to give all the attention to the center halo and diamond, which deserve to steal the show.

This vintage-inspired ring is elegant and romantic for someone with a unique and bright personality.

Asscher Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

 halo square asscher cut engagement ring

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A halo engagement ring is always a good choice; classic and striking will capture the true romance of your unique love.

A squared-off Asscher cut diamond sits atop this ring, surrounded by a delicate diamond halo set in 14k white gold. The halo is decorated with pavé set round cut diamonds, all sparkly. The edges of the halo are rounded off, giving it a softer feel, which complements the unique cut of the Asscher diamond.

More pavé set diamonds sit along the ring's shank, adding to the sparkle and glittering of the ring, which is accented more by the white gold setting.

Vintage-inspired, this halo engagement ring takes a step into modern styling, being the best of both worlds, timeless and classic but so perfectly fitting for a modern-day romance.

White Gold Insignia Engagement Ring By Verragio

white gold three stone princess cut engagement ring 

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

Hailing from the Insignia Collection from Verragio, this white gold engagement ring features a modern design and the simple beauty of brilliant diamonds.

Two princess-cut diamonds sit on either side of a larger princess cut diamond, perfectly framing it and providing it with light to reflect radiantly.

Along the ring's shank are swirling scrolls, intertwining with each other, adorned with round cut diamonds and small detailing. Underneath these intertwining scrolls is an under gallery of milgrain patterning on either side of the band. This gives the ring different layers of detail and texture, creating a magnificent piece that will captivate interest forever.

The ring is modern and bold, softened by the diamond-adorned scrolls and delicate milgrain pattern.

Final Thoughts

While white gold engagement rings may require occasional upkeep over the years, involving the reapplication of rhodium, the blend of cost-effectiveness and the inviting luster they offer is nearly unparalleled.

Beyond their economical appeal, another significant advantage of opting for white gold lies in its remarkable compatibility with a wide array of gemstones, diamond cuts, and diverse color gemstones. The neutral white base seamlessly complements a variety of choices.

White gold rings enable you to achieve the same aesthetic as a platinum ring while also granting the flexibility to allocate a larger portion of your budget toward a higher-quality gemstone or diamond.

Infused with romance, elegance, and captivating brilliance, the decision to select a white gold engagement ring serves as a profound commitment to your loved one that is sure to stand the test of time.