Best Place to Buy Engagement Rings Online in 2019

Best Place to Buy Engagement Rings Online in 2019

Best Place to Buy Engagement Rings Online in 2019

Posted by Sharif Khan on 30th Jun 2019

The Best Place To Buy Engagement Rings

In a Nutshell, the following our top four jewelers for engagement rings and loose diamonds. While James Allen has claimed the number one spot, the other three are equally reputable and exceptional. Please read a detailed review on each of these companies below.

  1. James Allen (top for GIA Ideal cut diamonds - exceptional diamond video technology)
  2. Whiteflash (amazing ideal cut AGS graded diamonds)
  3. Blue Nile (large and best fine jewelry company)
  4. Brian Gavin Diamonds (great AGS graded diamonds) 
  5. Best Place to Buy Diamond or Engagement Ring


Buying an engagement ring is a profoundly important milestone in your life. Whether you have chosen your desired diamond and setting, or are starting on a clean slate, it is important to purchase the engagement ring from a reputable, reliable and professional jeweler.

Choosing the right jeweler is the first step in your quest to purchase the perfect engagement ring. Different jewelers will offer different styles, different diamond prices, and even different services, all of which should be seriously considered when making a choice.

There are many risks when buying an engagement ring. You need assurance that the setting and stone are good quality, along with the proper certificates to certify their value and authenticity. Additional services such as polishing, plating, appraisal, and inspections are important when choosing a jeweler, so be sure to investigate these as well.

While there are many jewelers to choose from, only a few offer the best service and customer care, along with a range of the most stunning and enchanting rings that not only will be loved but cherished for many years to come.

The below four jewelers are masters in the game of engagement rings, either custom designed or offering quality designer rings. They have established themselves throughout years of dedication and exquisite craftsmanship in the industry, and are the best bet to trust when looking to buy a special engagement ring.

James Allen

Founded in 2006, James Allen offers the most prized GIA certified diamonds with the best selection, using only the newest technology in engagement ring creation. James Allen has taken a step towards the future, featuring a strong online presence that allows clients to create and design their engagement rings from the comfort of their own home.

The four creative minded founders have over 60 years of combined experience in the jewelry business and work hard to ensure that each individual client is given their perfect “I do”. James Allen has grown to overpass others in the field and holds its place as the largest privately owned online diamond retailer store, including bridal jewelry.

James Allen’s mission is simple, offering clients an online experience where they have access to a large selection of the highest quality diamonds at the most competitive price.

The James Allen Guarantee

The James Allen collection has over 200,000 certified diamonds, conflict-free, which are all photographed in stunning 360° HD, giving customers a perfect view of the diamond they desire.

There are diamond experts available online 24/7 for any queries, as well as the option of a Real-Time Diamond Inspection if needed. James Allen offers a lifetime warranty on their jewelry and diamonds.

They offer free shipping worldwide, which is a major bonus for many, as well as hassle-free returns with a 100% money back guarantee.

You are able to fully customize your desired ring, by choosing your setting and diamonds, creating a unique and timeless piece that is as individual as its wearer.

James Allen really is a vision into the future of purchasing an engagement ring, with their flawless online site giving clients everything they need to choose and purchase their dream ring, which will see many happy memories made.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is an online jewelry store dedicated to helping their clients build a special piece of jewelry, helping customize each piece to envisage a unique love store.

Clients are able to build their own piece of diamond jewelry by combining beautifully crafted settings and brilliant diamonds to create an engagement ring or other stunning pieces. Blue Nile offers clients a modern approach to the special celebration of engagement, with a diamond and setting combined to be perfect for that special someone. It is the jewelry experience reimagined, promising modern purchasing for modern times.

When purchasing online from Blue Nile, clients are offered expert advice and guidance when paring loose stones and jewelry together, to ensure that only the most exquisite of engagement rings and pieces of jewelry are sent out to expecting clients. Blue Nile prides itself on its combination of extraordinary value and exceptional quality, which is what any prospective engagement ring buyer is in search for.

Conflict Free and Verified Authentic

When shopping at Blue Nile, you can be assured that any diamond or stone purchased has been graded by the GIA, is natural in origin, is verified authentic and ethically sourced.

All diamonds sold at Blue Nile sit at the highest of standards, as by the grading system set out from the GIA. The GIA is known for its consistency and stringent diamond grading systems, so clients can be assured of the exceptional quality of Blue Nile diamonds. Diamonds held at Blue Nile start at cut Fair, clarity SI2 and color J, all excellent options for an engagement ring, with the option to choose higher quality diamonds from there.

Expert guidance, diamond best price guarantee, 24/7 access and free, insured delivery, clients could not ask for much more from a reputable jewelry store such as Blue Nile. Skilled craftsmanship defines the quality of the engagement rings and jewelry created by Blue Nile, with strict standards held from the initial design to last step of final workmanship. The Diamond Price Guarantee sees diamonds sold on Blue Nile being 20%-40% lower than competitors, so customers will not have to compromise the quality of the diamond bought to fit into their personal budget. Blue Nile also offers a Blue Nile Credit Card, which is a special financing plan allowing clients to purchase the ring of their dreams.

Blue Nile has created an easy online shopping experience, being transparent in all aspects of its jewelry sales. The diamonds are all of the highest quality and are at the best price around. Giving you ideal value for your money, while still offering up a timeless stone and setting which will have your loved one swept off their feet.


Whiteflash has been hailed as the Lord of the Online Rings, and the company fits the title well. Whiteflash specializes in solitaire, halo and diamond rings with the world’s leading designer brands. They have a wide range of AGS & GIA diamonds, all which can be viewed in HD video, fully vetted for quality for added customer assurance.

As an ultra-modern diamond and bridal jewelry seller, Whiteflash specializes in Ideal and Super Ideal diamonds, and only offer the finest designer engagement rings. Driven by excellence, Whiteflash looks to provide a brilliant experience to all customers, offering top quality diamonds and service of the highest standards.

Being a part of the American Gem Society, Whiteflash commits themselves to education, integrity and putting clients first with consumer protection plans.

A Cut Above

Whiteflash is home to A Cut Above, Super Ideal Round Heart diamonds as well as Arrows and Princess diamonds, which are all internationally recognized and acclaimed as being the elite diamonds. These diamonds are cut with extreme precision and perform at the top of the scale when it comes to light performance and reflection.

To match the perfect engagement ring, Whiteflash is also an authorized distributor of some of the leading jewelry designer brands such as Verragio, Tacori, Simon G, Ritani, Danhov, and others. These serve as the perfect complement to an already perfect engagement ring purchased from Whiteflash.

Whiteflash offers clients a wide range of engagement rings, from the classic solitaire diamond ring to more modern takes on timeless engagement rings. The most important factor which goes into creating these incredible pieces is a flawless diamond which has extraordinary light performance. With fine cut craftsmanship, ethical sourcing and certified ideal cut diamonds, Whiteflash offer only the best quality diamonds for clients.

Browse through designer engagement rings online with Whiteflash, and you might find the perfect engagement ring that captures the true essence of your unique love story.

Brian Gavin Diamonds

Brian Gavin stems from South Africa, which is considered the leading center for ideal cut diamonds. Brian Gavin is regarded as an authority figure when it comes to the highest quality crafting of Hearts and Arrow diamonds, and Brian Gavin Diamonds hold true to this standard.

Brian Gavin Diamonds were one of the first jewelry retailers to take diamonds online. The company, with input from the founder, has conducted extensive research in the field of light and cut performance, ensuring that only the highest quality diamonds are held.

With five generations of diamond cutting experience behind him, Brian Gavin has refined the cut to create the signature Heart and Arrow diamonds, which are widely considered as super ideal cuts.

The retail site offers clients a chance to browse through unique creations by Brian Gavin himself, as well as other designers such as Parade, Sholdt, and Chris Ploof. Clients also have the option to choose to have custom jewelry made, adding a unique factor to an engagement ring. A custom engagement ring from Brian Gavin will be made perfect and timeless with one of his signature supercut Heart and Arrow brilliant diamonds.

An engagement ring from Brian Gavin Diamonds is not only a promise to the one you love, but it is an investment that will stand the test of time. If you are looking for the highest quality engagement ring with a diamond that supersedes the cuts of all others, then Brian Gavin Diamonds is the jeweler you need to look to, finding your enchanting masterpiece.

Finding The Perfect Jeweler...

The above list of jewelers are some of the best in the world, offering clients an easy, accessible and enjoyable experience when choosing to purchase a diamond engagement ring. They have cemented their name in the engagement ring industry by offering only high quality certified diamonds, exquisite workmanship, and reliable relationships with clients after the ring has been purchased. Not all jewelers hold up to these standards, so you will need to do your research before making a purchase elsewhere.

While referrals play a big part in choosing the perfect jeweler to create your once in a lifetime engagement ring, there are a few other questions you should ask before settling on a retailer.

Is the jeweler interested in your opinion?...

When purchasing an engagement ring, most people know what they want. While it is always helpful to have an expert opinion on purchasing an item as valuable as an engagement ring, a jeweler should not push their agenda on you or try to focus on one factor such as price. They should allow you to view an array of rings, and guide you to choose one without overwhelming you with their own opinions on what might be best.

Is the retailer certified and established?...

All of the jewelers featured on this list are established and credentialed. When purchasing a diamond, you need to make sure it is from a reputable company which has all the certifications needed for authentication.

Be sure to pick a jeweler with whom you can create a lasting relationship. It is also a good idea to look up reviews on the establishment. An established retailer will be around to maintain your ring in the years to come.

Is there a wide array of services?...

All the jewelers on the above list care for their clients and look to offer a wide array of services, even after the big “I do”. Services to look for including an in-house gemologist who can guide you to find the right stone to fit your budget, a jeweler who can help resize or repair your jewelry, and even the option of having custom pieces designed.

Is there a wide selection?...

If you aren’t completely set on the engagement ring you want, make sure to look for a jeweler who offers a wide selection of diamonds, settings or ready-made engagement rings to choose from. With some guidance, this should be the right step in finding the perfect engagement ring.

Does the jeweler offer diamond education?

Everyone buying a diamond or engagement ring should be aware of the 4 C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat. A good jeweler should explain these factors to you, and help you understand how to compromise on any if needed to get the diamond to fit into your budget.

A decent jeweler should offer clients the opportunity to see the cut of the diamond using a gemological microscope, view the color grading of the diamond under a full-spectrum light and have a set of diamonds to compare colors. This lets you get involved in the decision process, and properly view and understand the quality of the diamond you are investing in.

What are the return policies and warranties?...

All of the above jewelers have a good reputation with warranties and return policies. This should play a big role in deciding which jeweler to choose, as you will be spending a large amount of money on an engagement ring. Make sure to properly understand the warranty and return policies of the jeweler you are considering.

A Lifetime Investment From A Reliable Jeweler...

An engagement ring is a promise for a lifetime. Finding a jeweler who can offer such a timeless, exquisite piece should not be difficult. James Allen, Blue Nile, Whiteflash and Brian Gavin Diamonds are some of the bests options around if you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, as well as a lasting, reliable relationship with a jeweler who has your best interests in mind.