10 Engagement Ring Settings You Must Check Out

10 Engagement Ring Settings You Must Check Out

10 Engagement Ring Settings You Must Check Out

Posted by Sharif Khan on 5th Jul 2019

The Best Engagement Ring Settings/Mountings

An engagement ring setting is the perfect home for your chosen diamond or gemstone and will help create a romantic, elegant engagement ring that will be absolutely adored.

To save you some time, here are the ten best engagement ring settings from some of the best designers around.

Vintage Infinity Engagement Ring

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What better way to symbolize a lifetime promise than with an infinity ring. The infinity symbols tell of an eternity together, which is exactly what you will be looking for when popping the important question to your loved one.

The eternity style engagement ring is adorned with beading and milgrain detailing that will really compliment the diamond chosen to be set. It can accommodate for almost all diamond cuts in any size. The eternity style ring is classy and elegant, yet an affordable option.

The 14K white gold setting perfectly complements the intricate beading on the infinity bands on either side and come together with your chosen diamond to create an incredible ring that will be a beacon of a long, loving relationship.

Danhov Abbraccio Swril Engagement Ring

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This semi-mount engagement ring from James Allen is entirely crafted by using a pulled wire technique. This gives the ring a combination of beauty and strength. The ring can hold a diamond or gemstone between 0.75 to 1.25-carats. It can be custom made to fit any cut or shape stone.

For a fresh take on engagement ring settings, this twisted 14K yellow gold ring offers up a modern design on traditional mounts. The ring is still dainty and whimsical, but strong enough to be used for daily wear.

This is a great option if you are wanting a simple mounting to show off your chosen diamond, but still want a ring that has a character of its own.

Trio Princess Cut Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

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Blue Nile has this incredibly elegant engagement band made in 14K white gold. 10 round pavé set petite diamonds line the semi mount on either side of the centerpiece, encapsulated by a white gold frame.

There are two princess-cut side diamonds that flank the main center diamond and have a total carat weight of 1/3-carat. The main diamond would ideally be a Round cut diamond, to perfectly reflect light and exude brilliance, complimented by the additional diamonds on the ring, however other shapes would also work well in this mounting.

This is an engagement ring for the modern woman, who loves to add a little bit of sparkle and class wherever she goes.

 Vatche Three Stone Engagement Ring

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A three stone engagement ring has wonderful symbolism, it speaks of yesterday, today and days to come.

This classic styled engagement ring mount has beautiful lines which crisscross to create a stunning showcase for your three diamonds, all which are given the perfect exposure to brilliantly reflect light, but which are also kept securely in place with secure prongs.

Whiteflash allows you to purchase this ring designed by Vachte, either without the three diamonds or including two Round cut brilliant diamonds, leaving you to find the ideal center diamond to finish the ring off.

The crisscrossing lines of 18K white gold create the perfect platform for three incredible stones to shine, with a beautifully simplistic design that allows the three diamonds to be the centerpiece of the whole semi-mount. It is classic, elegant, and symbolizes everything an engagement ring should.

Petite Twist Style Pavé

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Brian Gavin Diamonds created this delicate and elegant half eternity ring with a twist style microwave which sees rose gold metal bands intertwined with a diamond pavé band, which features a total of 0.20-carats of diamonds.

The half infinity pavé interwoven with the rose gold is a symbol of eternity and is wonderfully fitting to be found in an engagement ring.

The setting is suited for diamonds up to 2 carats large, but accommodations can be made if a diamond is larger than this. The workings of the metal and diamond pavé help to create the perfect setting for an incredible center stone.

To make the mounting even more unique, you could choose a colored gemstone to sit in the center, creating an engagement ring that is true to an individual style, while still being romantic and wonderfully delicate.

Three Stone Pear Shaped Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

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This timeless engagement ring gives off a pop of elegant color with two perfectly matched pear-shaped sapphires. These sapphires will help to accentuate the center diamond, which can be any cut or even a fancy shape.

The 14K white gold setting is fairly simple and gives way for the sapphires and the diamond to steal the show. The stones are set within a wire basket which is rounded with an airline shank. This lifts the diamond above the setting, letting it take in all light and shine brilliantly.

It is an elegant and timeless ring created by James Allen, which allows you to proudly wear your chosen diamond, but with the added flair of unique color that helps the whole ring shine and sparkle in contrast.

Staburst Floral Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

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This is a truly exceptional ring, that is both beautiful and whimsical. Set in 14K rose gold, the semi-mount is warm and sophisticated. There are sixteen round diamonds that grow up to create a starburst bloom cathedral that will showcase your center diamond. The floral shaped diamond halo perfectly frames a brilliant Round cut diamond that will shine bright.

This ring is timeless, but unique and suited for someone who values individuality. Rose gold is a great choice these days, and it creates a warm engagement ring that is romantic and enchanting, much like the love you wish it convey.

The shine of all the diamonds together adds whimsy to the ring, but it is still sophisticated enough to be worn for many years to come.

Vatche Swan Solitaire Engagement Ring

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The solitaire engagement ring is the traditional standard of elegance and simplicity, perfectly and simply capturing the love shared between two people. It is still one of the most popular choices of engagement rings and is a sure-win mounting to choose.

This Vacthe designed solitaire ring in 18K yellow gold is beautifully traditional, with a unique open cathedral style shank, with four smaller surprise diamonds hidden underneath the gallery of the main diamond to add in some extra shine and sparkle.

The center diamond of your choice is allowed to shine brilliantly, raised off of the main mounting of the ring. The band is simple, giving way for the main diamond, and four smaller diamonds, to be the center of attention.

When you choose a really excellent, brilliant diamond, you don’t want to take attention away from it by having an overly ornate setting, which is why this is the perfect choice for an incredible diamond.

 Beaded Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

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Etruscan inspired, this engagement ring setting is breathtaking and is modeled on ancient times.

Bezel set stones adorn the ring, along with classical beads and side stones which are tapered into silhouettes down the mounting. This ring has been designed to be alluring and intriguing and might be the perfect option for the sophisticated woman in your life.

The setting can be paired with different diamonds, such as a Round, Princess, Emerald, Marquise, Oval, Pear or Cushion cut, allowing you to customize it further by choosing your favorite diamond cut of choice.

The 14K white gold setting really lets the intricate details and diamond shine, giving it that extra sparkle it needs to really stand out and pop with brilliance.

Three Row Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

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This mounting is truly exceptional, elegant and breathtaking. Deeply hued sapphire stones are flanked by shining pavé diamonds on either side, which work together to compliment a brilliant center stone you choose.

The 14K white gold ring sparkles brightly but is classical with the deep blue tones of the sapphires. The sapphires work in contrast with the flanking diamonds to create the perfect showcase for a big, brilliant diamond which finishes off the ring perfectly. Sapphires are a great addition to an engagement ring, especially if you are looking for some color and something a little different, without the colored stone stealing too much attention away from the center diamond.

It is elegance at its best, and a timeless ring that will always be in style. The thicker band is great on slender fingers but does not appear too bulky or obtrusive. Instead, it looks like a ring set for a queen.

Choosing A Setting For Your Engagement Ring

You might have chosen the diamond you want to use for your engagement ring, but you are not done there. Next, you need to choose the ideal setting for your perfect stone. This is something that needs equal consideration as to when buying your diamond or stone, and can often be the difference between making your diamond look ordinary or extraordinary.

There are certain factors and considerations to think about when choosing a mounting for your diamond, all of which should play a role in deciding which mounting is the best option for you and your special someone.

The Setting

The setting that can play a large role in determining how big your diamond will appear. Some settings cover a portion of the diamond, and this can cause the diamond to appear smaller than it actually is. Other settings use prongs to display more of the diamond, which can help it seem larger. However, mountings which have six or more prongs can make the diamonds less visible. If you are wanting to really show off the size of your diamond, four prongs is a great option.

If your diamond is not covered by too much mounting, it will be able to reflect light really well, as more light will be able to enter the diamond from different angles. Bezel mountings have metal strips encircling the diamond to hold it in place, and this could conceal areas of your diamond, letting less light in and making your diamond appear dimmer.

It is important to remember that while you want your diamond shown off with as much light reflecting through as possible, you still need to make sure that your diamond is securely in place. Settings which cover more of the stone also protect it from potential damage.

Consider Mounting Size

Once you have purchased your diamond, you will obviously be aware of its carat weighting. The size of your diamond should be a big consideration when choosing a setting. You need to be able to achieve a balanced look between the size of your diamond and the size of your mounting.

If you choose a larger setting which is too thick or wide, it could cause your diamond to look smaller than it actually is. A setting which is too large will overpower the diamond. Counter to this, if you choose a setting which is too small, the diamond might appear too large, which can actually be a bad thing. It could cause the ring to look disproportional, which could cause it to lose its appeal.

Matching Diamond Color

When it comes to diamonds, there is a color grading that goes from colorless to a diamond which has a slight yellow tint. Colorless diamonds demand a higher price and are considered a better quality diamond. Placing a colorless, or nearly colorless diamond in a yellow gold setting could take away from the colorless appearance. Rather place colorless diamonds in white gold or platinum to really bring out the brilliant white shine. Using a diamond with a slight tint in a white gold or platinum setting could bring out the yellow tint even more, so these are better suited for a yellow gold mounting. This creates a warm, comforting appearance to the ring.

The Shape of The Diamond

The mounting you choose should complement the shape of the diamond you have purchased. A Round cut diamond should be placed in a mounting that has curved and round lines. Square stones such as a Princess cuts should be set in a mountain with more angular lines. It is pretty much up to personal preference, but it is recommended to match your cut of stone with the same shape or cut of mounting.

Do Your Research

While you might have an ideal engagement ring set in mind, it is nearly impossible to know all the different designs out there. Take your time to browse through different engagement ring settings, imagine them with your diamond, and see if you think it fits.

You might think you know what you want, but you could come across something that is incredibly unique or different to what you want but still pulls you in. You can also go in and speak to a specialist, who can give you the right advice you might need to help match your diamond, your partners taste, and your budget, to the perfect setting for you.

The Perfect Mounting For An Engagement Ring

There are seemingly so many options to choose from, and hopefully, these ten exquisite engagement ring settings help you find the perfect mounting for your chosen diamond.

The right setting will not only help bring out the best in the diamond or gemstone you have chosen, but it will also be the personal touch that you have used to create a unique and individual diamond engagement ring to use when you pop the big question.