Unique Engagement Rings: 19 Best Designs in 2024

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Buying an engagement ring is incredibly exciting. It starts a beautiful love story and should be a memorable journey and process.

At first, deciding on an engagement ring or even just a style or cut of the diamond might feel slightly overwhelming. Knowing what you or your partner wants will help cut down many options, allowing you to choose the perfect engagement ring.

Below are the best twenty engagement rings made and supplied by reputable and trusted names in the jewelry and engagement ring industry. They are exquisite pieces and perfect representations of love, all with a unique style and timeless appearance.

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Round Cut Halo Engagement Ring

unique halo cushion engagement ring

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This engagement ring from leading jeweler James Allen will be the perfect promise to your loved one. The excellent cut Round Halo diamond has incredible brilliance and will sparkle as brightly as your love.

The rose gold setting is perfect for a princess soon to be a queen, and the additional studded diamonds on the band add extra flair and elegance to the ring. The 14k rose gold metal is modern yet subtly traditional, giving a ring a vintage look in fashion.

The  Round Cut diamond is excellent, so it has the best light performance and will hold its value over time. The halo diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds, which only help the ring to sparkle brighter.

This is for you if you want a dramatic, shiny ring with a vintage feel. It is elegant and whimsy, all designed into an engagement ring that will be adored.

Milgrain Marquise Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring

round sapphire engagement ring

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This exquisite ring from Blue Nile is for the woman who wants to mix traditional and modern styles in an engagement ring.

This vintage-inspired ring is dotted with petite diamonds and blue sapphires, delicately set in a dot and marquise pattern, complete with milgrain edges. These accents perfectly frame the Round Cut diamond, the center of attention.

The combination of dark blue sapphires, petite diamonds, and 14K white gold helps frame the center diamond perfectly, which is given every opportunity to shine brilliantly and loudly. The small details of the ring give it its wonderful vintage feel but still allow it to be modern and elegant.

Detailed craftsmanship makes this ring the perfect engagement ring for someone who wants something a little different from the usual.

Danhov Per Lei Halo Three Stone Engagement Ring

three stone halo engagement ring

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Three-stone engagement rings are highly symbolic, representing “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,” each stone playing a special role in your unique love story.

This Danhov Per Lei Halo Engagement Ring has a stunning visual, with all three diamonds creating an exquisite and breathtaking play on light. The ring is a real wonder piece, framed by smaller diamonds surrounded by each large and working down the band.

The three larger diamonds are raised off of the main band, helping to center them better and showcase their beauty and brilliance.

Danhov is an exceptional engagement ring designer, and this ring is a testament to that. It is a true reflection of what an engagement should be and will be the perfect sentiment to your loved one for days that have been, for the present, and for the days to come.

Jolie Baguette and Round Diamond Engagement Ring

round engagement ring

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Brilliant Earth is known for its beautiful engagement ring settings, which can be seen with this exquisitely cut diamond set in a fishtail pavé.

The setting features the signature melee with a beautiful round cut diamond. The beautifully set band creates the feel of a breathtaking diamond to complete the piece, exquisitely working together to create an engagement ring crafted to perfection.

It is the perfect showcase for a flawless diamond, giving it everything it needs to reflect and shine, creating a masterpiece visual in one ring. Brilliant Earth diamonds are sought after by many, and this engagement ring will be a piece to keep and remember for a lifetime.

It is both elegant and timeless but made for the modern bride.

Pave Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

unique pave cushion halo engagement ring

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This engagement ring from James Allen is a real showstopper for ultimate shine and elegance. It has everything an enchanting engagement ring needs: a Cushion Cut diamond that reflects light incredibly, surrounded by smaller diamonds, keeping the shine in. The diamond's brilliant cut captures and reflects all light around it.

The platinum band is set with smaller diamonds on either side, further adding to the dramatic flair of the ring. It is a classic, timeless ring that is an incredibly breathtaking piece. The platinum metal is striking and only adds to the sparkle and shine of the diamond.

It is a ring made to be noticed and will shine brightly when worn by the one you love.

Morganite and Diamond Halo Cushion Ring

cushion unique morganite engagement ring

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Morganite is quickly becoming all the rage with modern engagement rings, and this morganite ring from Blue Nile is incredibly exquisite.

A gemstone, this morganite stone still shines brightly, homed in a halo of pavé-set surrounding diamonds, perfectly set in 14K rose gold.

The rose gold ring has a vintage feel, which is fast becoming the ring to be seen. It is perfect for someone who loves to have something different from tradition but still wants a ring that is fit for a princess.

The overall tone and color of the ring are warm and loving, exactly what you want to portray in an engagement ring for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Tacori Flat-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring

unique tacori engagement ring

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Whiteflash has showcased this Tacori ring, a chic solitaire style many will adore.

The tapered, flat-edge band is high-polished, adding to the overall sparkle and glow of the magnificent ring.

The hand engraving surprises the flat-edged white gold band, adding a spark of mystery and flare to the already magnificent ring. The center diamond is allowed to be the show's star and sparkles brilliantly, reflecting any light it can absorb.

This diamond engagement ring perfectly balances tradition and modern style, combining the two to create a stunning visual reflecting love.

Princess Cut Channel Set Engagement Ring

unique princess cut diamond engagement ring

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This James Allen ring was made for a woman who knows what she wants and wants to express her love in style.

The princess cut diamond is a perfect center to a beautifully crafted ring, with hand engravings framing smaller set diamonds along the band. The diamond itself is a Very Good Cut, meaning it will have a wonderful light performance, which allows it to sparkle brilliantly.

While the whole ring is collectively breathtaking with the additional diamonds and engraving, the princess cut diamond stands out as the centerpiece of this classically timeless ring.

This showstopper ring will be a part of your relationship for the rest of your journey and a sparkling beacon of your love.

Blue Nile Studio Cambridge Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

halo pave split shank engagement ring

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This Blue Nile Studio ring exudes elegance and class and is the ultimate engagement ring if you are looking to spoil your loved one beyond measure.

The platinum engagement ring is elegantly defined, with round diamonds in a French pavé setting, which can be seen from the side and the top of the ring. These pavé-set stones elegantly frame the center Round Cut diamond, which feeds off the smaller diamonds to shine brilliantly, reflecting light from all angles.

Blue Nile Studio produces fine jewelry with a classic, quality style that stands the test of time and fashion.

Everyone will notice this showstopper ring; it is a true testament and a showpiece of the love you want to convey.

Simon G. Dutchess Three Stone Engagement Ring

Simon G unique engagement ring

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Simple and incredibly elegant, this Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring from the Simon G. Dutchess Collection is truly one-of-a-kind.

Three stones in an engagement ring speak of the ultimate promise, spending days past, days current, and days to come together as one. The ring encompasses this with two delicate pear-shaped diamonds set in a milgrain bezel, perfectly framing the center brilliant stone.

The 18K white gold arching band delicately leads up to the pear-shaped diamonds, which appear as buds on either side of the center stone, which is elevated and held up high by four white gold prongs.

Beautifully minimalistic, this engagement ring achieves exactly what it was designed to: elegant and graceful romance, representing a lifetime together.

Pavé Bypass Diamond Engagement Ring

pave round engagement ring

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A modern take on a vintage design, this bypass engagement ring is handcrafted with incredible detail, bringing out the best diamonds.

A graduated pavé contour band features small round cut brilliant diamonds that twist and curve near the top to frame the center diamond. The pavé diamonds offer incredible sparkle, but this adds to the center stone's brilliance. Held up high by four basic white gold prongs, the center stone is given all the elevation and space to reflect light perfectly.

The ring is the most stunning blend of vintage and modern design, with just enough pavé set diamonds to ensure maximum sparkle and shine.

Bezel Set Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

round bezel engagement ring

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It is often difficult to find a bezel-set ring that is still beautifully delicate, but this bezel-set pavé engagement ring offers exactly that.

Sleek lines give a ring a wonderfully modern look, while the curves and radiance of the pavé set diamonds give it a timeless feel. The bezel frame is handcrafted to hold the center diamond securely in place while still giving it the utmost attention it deserves.

The white gold engagement ring helps perfectly display and show off the radiant pavé set diamonds, helping them sparkle and shine as much as possible with a simple elegance that is hard to match.

Refined, elegant, and timeless, this engagement ring cannot be missed.

Ritani Surprise Diamond Beaded Solitaire Engagement Ring

Ritani Unique Beaded Ring

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The beaded white gold metal band creates a play of light and shine that frames the way perfectly for the center diamond to give off the most stunning play of light possible.

From above, the center diamond steals the show completely, but for an added surprise, the view from the side shows off two hidden round diamonds sitting in the basket of the engagement ring. These add a little bit of sparkle and mystery to the ring.

The basket lifts the center stone high up off the beaded band, allowing it access to as much light as possible and the perfect environment to play wonderfully off of accessible light.

Fun, surprising and elegant, this ring has a personality and will suit that special someone who loves the brighter side of life.

Three Stone Diamond Infinity Engagement Ring

modern threes tone engagement ring

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To tie in the three-stone symbolism and the representation of infinity together in a ring does make way for a true promise of a lifetime, and to have it done in such a breathtaking ring is absolute perfection!

The under gallery of the ring has an open-wire design, held in place with a diamond pavé infinity crossover design of the shank on either side. The under gallery and the infinity shank create the perfect framing for the center diamond, which feeds off the two adjacent diamonds for the best play of light.

The beautifully crafted shank and three stones are breathtaking, with an incredible light reflection and gorgeous details in the ring.

Rosita Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Halo Rosita Engagement Ring

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This phenomenal engagement ring shows off the Signature Lyria Bridal Design from Parade. Four fancy marquise diamonds are wrapped tightly in rose gold, giving way to twisting bands of white diamonds, creating the most stunning band imaginable.

The center stone still captures the attention, holding and reflecting light from the intricate band full of diamonds and the contrast of metals.

Full of delicate details and with the ultimate sparkle, this is an engagement ring fit for a queen and is as timeless and elegant as a ring.

White Gold Abbraccio Engagement Ring

round swirl engagement ring

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Danhovis is known to create innovative designs repeatedly with engagement rings, which is shown so well with this Abbraccio Engagement Ring.

The engagement ring is handcrafted using a pulled wire technique that perfectly ties in strength and beauty. Two solid white gold bands create a base shank, where two curved pavé set diamond bands come up and around the center diamond to frame it from top to bottom. The center stone is held securely in place, giving a vast amount of space to reflect light from all angles, glittering off from the pavé set bands.

The ring is simplistic but features some stunning designs and details that make it elegant.

Engraved Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring

channel set engagement ring

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Finding a ring with more intricate hand-engraving will be more difficult than this Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring.

This is a perfect choice for a woman with an eye for detail. Ten round cut diamonds sit in a tapered channel leading up to the center stone. The smaller round cut diamonds are framed in gorgeous white gold and are homed in by beautiful hand-engraved detailing.

The center stone is lifted slightly above the shank, held in place with four white gold prongs to give it enough open space to be radiant and shine incredibly.

Timeless and elegant, this stunning piece will be the ultimate testament to your love.

Ritani Vintage Tulip Diamond Engagement Ring

round tulip unique engagement ring

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Hailing from the Ritani Modern Collection, this diamond engagement ring fits its name. Modern and completely elegant, you could not ask for a more suited ring.

A four-pronged arch head holds a center diamond firmly in place, helping it shine brilliantly and retaining its position as the queen of the show. The shank of the rink features 10 round cut diamonds framed in by the white gold band, working upwards to create two individual prongs on the center diamond.

The under gallery of the ring is beautifully simple but forms a stunning design that adds a pop of surprise to the already gorgeous ring.

Modern yet classic, this ring exudes brilliance and the perfect shine and sparkle.

Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

emerald cut engagement ring

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Sometimes simple is best, and James Allen has portrayed this in this incredibly elegant emerald cut solitaire engagement ring.

The emerald cut diamond is the perfect shape to accentuate a simple ring, giving it personality and a unique take on traditional engagement rings while still being flawlessly elegant. The 18K gold setting gives a ring a warm feel and highlights the soft glow of the emerald cut diamond.

It may be minimalistic, but nothing will portray a timeless love more than this simple promise. The diamond is the show's star and deserves to be worn with pride and adoration.

Factors to Consider When Buying An Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring isn’t just about picking out the one that looks most appealing. While appearance and personal preference play a big role in deciding on an engagement ring, other factors must be considered.

All of these factors play a role in ensuring that the ring you buy is authentic, of great quality, and will stand the test of time.

Best Metals For An Engagement Ring

Many people don’t realize that choosing the right metal for an engagement ring is almost as important as choosing the right diamond or gemstone. There are different grades of metal, different metals altogether, and a wide range of considerations to be aware of.

Platinum – Platinum is a metal with a natural white color and a cool luster that really does well to showcase the brilliance of a diamond. It is known as the most precious of the jewelry metals.

Platinum is five times rarer and purer than gold when used in jewelry. It is durable, which makes it a wonderful option for those who live an active lifestyle. It creates a secure setting for diamonds and is naturally hypoallergenic, which works well with sensitive skin.

The sheen of platinum will not fade over time, and its strength will keep your ring safe for a lifetime.

Gold – Gold is the most popular choice of metal for jewelry. It is incredibly versatile as a metal for jewelry and is measured in karats. Pure gold is 24 karats, so 24 parts in 24 are gold. In its pure form, gold is too soft to be used for jewelry, so it needs to be combined with other metals such as silver, copper, zinc, or nickel to give it extra strength and durability. You will commonly find 18K or 14K gold bands for engagement rings.

Gold jewelry comes in different colors, with the option to choose from yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

Yellow gold gives the engagement ring a warm feel. While it fell out of fashion a while ago, it is gaining popularity again.

White gold is contemporary and considered more modern than yellow gold. White gold is plated with rhodium and is resistant to scratches and tarnishing. However, this may wear off over time, and you must re-plate your ring.

Rose gold is an incredibly romantic color, it is warm with a pink hue that creates a more vintage look to an engagement ring.

Choosing Between Diamonds and Gemstones

While diamond engagement rings will always be considered the more traditional engagement rings, using gemstones as centerpieces in engagement rings is quickly picking up in popularity.

Having to decide between using a diamond or a birthstone in your engagement ring should take some thought; both have advantages and disadvantages that are worthwhile to consider.


Diamonds are classic. They are rare, beautiful, and have incredible sparkle. Diamonds add magnificent brilliance to a ring. Diamonds are very strong and durable; they endure a lifetime longer, making them a great choice for a ring that will be worn forever. Due to their colorless appearance, they are versatile and can be worn with any skin tone and style.

However, diamonds are largely more expensive than other gemstones. The larger the diamond and the better the quality, the more expensive the diamond will be. More modern brides also feel that diamonds are too traditional or conventional and would prefer to wear something a little more uncommon and true to their personal style.


Gemstones are available in a wide range of incredible colors, and each stone has an individual character. Natural gemstones help a ring stand out from the crowd. Moreover, gemstones are less conventional than diamonds but are growing in popularity when used in engagement rings. Some gemstones are brittle and soft, but some, such as sapphires and rubies (birhststone of July), are incredibly durable, making them perfect for engagement rings worn every day.

Certain gemstones such as opals, pearls, garnets, turquoise, and amber are not ideal for engagement rings; they are soft and might be damaged in water. Emeralds, tanzanite, quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, and aquamarines are not perfect either, but if looked after properly, they should serve well in an engagement ring. Sticking to rubies, sapphires, and topaz is best if you want a durable stone for your ring.

Caring For Your Engagement Ring

Properly caring for your engagement ring is the best way to ensure its durability and longevity. Engagement rings, in all shapes and forms, need some extra care periodically to be kept sparkling and beautiful.

Cleaning- You should have your engagement ring cleaned four times a year. You can also choose to do this at home by yourself. Dirt, residue, and oil can lodge inside your setting and diamond, and this could cause the ring to appear dull. Even the smallest dirt can affect how the light reflects off the diamond.

Checks – Wearing your engagement often or daily can cause the prongs to become loose or bend. To ensure that no stones fall out, you should take your ring to be checked by your jeweler twice a year. Most jewelers sometimes provide this service for free, even if you did not purchase the ring.

Refreshing the metal – Depending on the type of metal your ring is made from, you should follow certain care instructions to keep the metal shiny and durable. Platinum and yellow gold rings must be polished every few years to keep their shine and smooth appearance. White gold must be dipped every few years to replace the rhodium plating found on the ring, which enables the metal to keep its luster and color.

Hands-on – Avoid wearing your ring when performing hands-on activities like gardening or exercising. This reduces damage to your ring, which becomes lost if you swim.

A Lifetime Promise

Choosing an engagement ring should be a happy part of your journey. Take out the stress of it all by looking at this top ten list of the best engagement rings, and hopefully, you will find the right ring to match your happily ever after.