How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

How to Clean a Diamond Ring at Home

Posted by Sharif Khan on 2nd Sep 2018

Diamonds can be dirty and dirty with every use, even if you are careful when using jewelry. Natural skin oils, soaps, lotions and other materials can be a film that will develop into a diamond. As the film develops, the jewels will not automatically grow and become somewhat boring. Diamonds even collect dust when you do not use them, so you cannot clean your gem. In addition, the jewelry configuration must be periodically cleaned because the tape, dirt and other substances in and around the stone can be collected. Diamond jewelsremain an asset, so take maintenance when their periods to brand your diamond ring shine.

To preserve the natural shine and brilliance of a beautifully engraved diamond, you need it at least twice a year. Many people are happy with a professional cleaning. Some configurations require this type of metal and what kind of annoyance has come. For example, if your stone is placed in silver, it can be a professional cleaner with a special silver cleaner.

But for many people, it is not necessary to resort to professional services. One of the methods is to use a soft brush with water and a mild soap to clean your pieces. Make sure you do not rust heavily, because you do not want to release the configuration accidentally. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning and dry with a lint-free cloth or with a dry cloth.

Another way to clean is to submerge the diamond for 30 minutes in a solution of half of the ammonia and half of the water. After soaking, lightly brush the setting with a soft brush. Dry carefully with a soft cloth,if you do not want to mix your own solutions, there are many jewelry cleaning garments in many department stores that offer you maximum and safe cleaning capacity. All the materials you need to clean jewelry are included in the set.

Then there is, of course, a simple way to clean diamonds and  settings. Buy something from Windex and just sprinkle a ring or other piece of jewelry. Use a soft and diamond fit. In fact, this is the method that professionals trust.

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One of the precautions is to clean the configuration of your diamond and ensure that there are no nails or loose joints. It is advisable for a goldsmith to periodically view your expensive parts if you want to protect your  investment in diamonds.


Dirt that builds up between the tooth can be removed after wetting with detergent and cleaning. If so, you can use a toothpick to remove stubborn grief, but always be extremely careful.

In general, we discourage chemical bleaching and other harsh chemicals in your precious stones. It can be a diamond ring and a shiny ring.

Be careful when placing an earmold in extremely hot water if you have melted jewelry. Some gems with compounds in fragile places may break when they experience a sudden drop in temperature. In addition, diamonds that have improved clarity may require special cleaning procedures to maintain their integrity.

If it still does not shine as new, we recommend that you consider professional cleaning services. They have special equipment such as steam cleaners and special machines that can remove stubborn dirt in an instant. Moreover, these cleaning services are generally free and can be carried out simultaneously.

You will find special machines such as ultrasonic cleaning agents that you can buy for home use. When the device is switched on,  ultrasonic vibrations will wipe dirt and dirt away from the diamond surface. These cleaning products usually have a metal glass and you can use different battens for different types of tilting.

Jewelry, in particular diamonds, is some of the most expensive and most appreciated functions in the house. They tend to survive almost all other things. If you want to enjoy a beautiful and shiny jewel, you should always clean it. Moreover, a good gem starts with the manufacturer. The best diamonds are built and made in one way or another so they can shine and shine in their lives. It is plausible that simply washing them looks as brilliant as never before.


Here are some of the most popular cleaning methods that you can use regularly to clean your diamonds. It also contains a number of things that you should and should not consider.

  • The basic method for cleaning the ring
    Use baking soda and water to clean the ring. Mix a portion of the baking soda with a portion of the water in the small bowl. Cut the engagement ring with a soft toothbrush into the solution of baking soda. Be careful not to scratch the metal. Work on cracks and cracks in the ring. Rinse the ring with cold water (close the sink) and dry with a lint-free cloth.
  • Laundry detergent
    Make a soap solution with a mild detergent and hot water. Leave your ring in this solution for a few minutes. Then use a soft diamond toothbrush, such as tips and other metal strip parts, where dust can accumulate. Rinse the diamond jewelry in warm water. Finally, dry it with a cloth without a belt. Polishing cloth can also be used to lighten your diamond jewelry. Wood sticks can also be removed from hard to reach places.
  • Ammonia purification
    The ratio of ammonia and water in the house of 1: 1 can also be used to clean diamonds. Mix ammonia and water in equal parts and soak for about 20 minutes in diamond jewelry. Use a soft brush to remove dirt and rinse it in solution. Allow the diamond to air dry and leave it on absorbent tissue paper. However, diamonds filled with fractions should not be cleaned with this method. If you have other gems, contact a specialist before using  ammonia.
  • Clean ultrasonic
    Ultrasonic cleaners are also useful for cleaning diamonds. Here, in the first step, the robot uses high-frequency waves that generate many microscopic bubbles for cleaning. These bubbles avoid dirt and cracks in the ring, including the teeth. In the second step, a high-pressure evaporator destroys particles. However, if you do not like diamond jewelry, you should also have  emeralds and rubies, ultrasonic cleaning. Moreover, GIA does not recommend the use of ultrasonic cleaning agents or cleaning agents based on steam diamond.

Many of us have diamonds or other jewelry that may need to be cleaned. Our daily activities make these items dirty and require some care. Cream, soap,and oil can make a film on your jewelry. It can accumulate dust in the warehouse. Here are some things that you can do.

If you do not want to try to clean it up. You can buy jewelry cleaners that use a high frequency of cleaning your jewelry. All you have to do is put your jewelry in the bag. Again, you must be sure that you are safe in the machine.


Diamonds are sustainable, but that does not mean that we can bring them to life with an old cleaner weather. Coatings and other materials can be removed by aggressive chemicals or by strong purification. In addition, precious metals in the diamond environment can be soft, prone to damage, especially when exposed to harsh chemicals, scrubbing or cleaning agents.

The method you use to  clean jewelry must protect the weakest item. In other words, all jewelry cannot be cleaned in the same way, because some things are fragile than others. If your ring contains other jewels, clean them in a way that is suitable for less durable components. Try some DIY jewelry at home and find one that works for your specific piece of jewelry.

The best advice when thinking about cleaning the diamond ring is to work regularly. Not only will the engagement ring be brilliant, but it will also shorten the lengthy cleaning process. Each engagement ring is unique with many different metals and configurations. It is important to know what your ring requires before you start the cleaning process. But regardless of the method, the diamond ring is very clean and patient during the cleaning process. Serious brushing or rough knives can lighten or damage diamonds and jewelry.

All these home cleaning methods work in any configuration, do not use aggressive items to remove particles or trash in the configuration if you cannot leave the diamond or scratches on the metal.

However, if your ring has been struck, can you clean it and let it dry earlier? The following are some good ways:

    Apply a warm water reservoir and add some neutral cleaning liquid. Then immerse the ring in the water and brush with your toothbrush. Then rinse by tapping. Finally, use a soft cloth to dry it.
    Take a little clean water with a bowl and mix it with homemade ammonia. Then immerse the ring for 30 minutes. Then brush the ring with a toothbrush and rinse it under the tap. Finally, dry it with a piece of fabric or a handkerchief.
    Bring the solution of chlorine and place it in a clean water tank. You must mix them in a ratio of 1: 6, immerse the ring and wash.
    You can purchase a jewelry cleaning kit, such as a non-toxic odorless cleaner, cleaning cloth or cleaning foam according to the instructions.

If the diamond is painted with a lubricant that cannot be removed, I recommend taking it. Once this has happened, there is another important step in involving and involving spirit.

Put the ring for 15 seconds in a small container with some methylated alcohols and then shake it in solution to create a movement. The diamond ring is dried again with a kitchen cloth or cloth.

The methylated spirit will revive the brightness of the metal and dampen and remove the "mist" effect of the liquid detergent, giving the diamond the extra spark it deserves.

Never use a hard object in the ring holes or anything more difficult than the toothbrush brush; otherwise, there is a risk of further cracking of the metal ring.

Finally, after cleaning the diamond ring, you must put it in a goldsmith, but you cannot put it in the box. If you have a goldsmith, you can pack and store it.

Usually, the main culprit of dirty fine stones is thin and the rest of the body oil of the finger or the epidermis. As the mud collects at the top, it can be greatly improved. This is also underlined by the fact that a good film or olive oil can turn into breaking light, which causes shine and shine. With regard to  pure and clear gems, there are different ways to clean precious stones at home.


Powder 1/2 cup 1/2 cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking powder in a shallow bowl; mix the solution so that sodium bicarbonate completely dissolves. Dip a diamond ring in a solution for two hours. Then rinse the ring with cold water and dry it completely with a soft cloth.


If you have a growling diamond ring, ketchup can be your solution for annealing. Spray the tape in a small bowl or ketchup for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to prepare the ketchup in cracks, then rinse the ring with warm water and dry it. Do not leave ketchup in your belt for more than a few minutes.


Windex and a solution of hydrogen peroxide: take a small container and make a 50/50 solution of Windex and hydrogen peroxide. Immerse the diamond ring for about 10-15 minutes. Windex removes the daily accumulation of dirt and hydrogen peroxide kills all bacteria in the ring. After you have chosen the solution, gently rub the ring with a soft toothbrush to remove any residue. Rinse with warm water and dry.