Michaels Jewelers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Michaels Jewelers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Michaels Jewelers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 30th Apr 2021

Michaels Jewelers Review

Michaels Jewelers – A Review

Our Rating 3.6 out of 5.

Compare Michaels Jewelers with James Allen.

Michaels Jewelers have a long-standing history in the jewelry industry, having stores in decent locations, which does add to the experience overall.

The jewelry offered by Michaels Jewelers is nice, and the diamonds are often hit or miss. To ensure that you are getting the most value for your money, you will need to know a bit about diamonds to know whether you are purchasing one of good quality at Michaels Jewelers.

The selection is not always as wide and vast as one would hope, though the prices are not as high as other physical jewelry stores'. But irrespective of this, you will be getting a wider variety to choose from and better value for your money when purchasing from James Allen or Blue Nile online.

James Allen

A Brief History

Situated in the Northeast, Michaels Jewelers have a history spanning back over 130 years. Abraham Michaels opened up a wholesale jewelry business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1885. His son, Irving Sr., moved over to New York to stay in the jewelry industry with another jewelry wholesale business.

In 1911, Irving Sr. transitioned to the retail side of jewelry, and soon after, the business expanded to Connecticut and has since grown to have ten stores within the state.

What Michaels Jewelers Offer

Michaels Jewelers continued to be a family-run business up until 2019. The fifth-generation company was bought out by another family dedicated to leading on as one of the most trusted jewelers in the state.

The company prides itself on connecting with customers and helping to make the experience such that it offers comfort and assistance, making it a memorable experience from start to finish.

To differentiate themselves from other jewelers, Michaels Jewelers are a member of the American Gem Society, proving their quality and standard through their certified diamonds.

The jewelry on offer at Michaels Jewelers can be somewhat limited in-store. Still, there is quite a substantial range to choose from online, ranging from engagement rings to earrings and nearly everything in between.

What Makes Michaels Jewelers Stand Out?

Quality of settings: While the range might be slightly limited, the qualities of the settings offered in the stores and online are impressive, and there are some beautiful settings to be chosen.

Estate buying: Michaels Jewelers offer a trusted estate buying service and have become the country's prominent estate jeweler due to their honesty and fairness. The company ensures that customers get the best price possible, which is why many people choose Michaels Jewelers for estate buying due to their trusted reputation.

Lab-grown diamonds: For those who want to take a more environmentally friendly approach to diamond buying or are looking to cut back on their budget, Michaels Jewelers offers some stunning lab-grown diamonds. Online, the company explains step by step how these diamonds are created for additional education for the customer.


Michaels Jewelers Pricing

Michaels Jewelers do not compete well with online jewelers with great pricing, such as James Allen and Blue Nile. With overheads, staff, and inventory costs, their prices are higher than online stores'.

However, Michaels Jewelers manage to keep their prices slightly more affordable than other physical retailers, thereby giving themselves some advantage. There are varying price hikes to find in store, with some diamonds costing 25% more than the online equivalent and others costing up to 50% more. If you are shopping at Michaels Jewelers, it would be worth making an online comparison to be sure of the price difference and make an informed decision.

Custom Orders

Michaels Jewelers offer customers the chance to design their dream piece of jewelry from scratch, be it a pendant, earrings, necklace, or engagement ring. Customers can bring in an idea, sketch, or picture in-store, where an associate and design team will work to create the piece to fit into their budget.

The designers will have a 3D model of your piece within a few days for you to approve. Afterward, the piece will be brought to life in only a few weeks.

Website Ease of Use

The website for Michaels Jewelers is helpful, although quite cluttered at times. The easy navigation does make up for this, and you can click through to the page you want and filter down options with ease.

All the information you might need on purchases, locations, and services is easy to find on the site, simplifying researching the company beforehand.

When viewing an engagement ring on the site, there are not enough angled pictures to view and no video of a diamond either, making the site fall short of other online retailers. The brief description available for every ring does not capture one's attention.

Overall, the website is simple to navigate, although it lacks some of the more modern technology when it comes to viewing products, limiting the customer.

Customer Service

Michaels Jewelers do quite well with their customer service and use their lasting reputation to put the customer first to market themselves. In-store, the sales assistants are helpful, while online, you can read about diamond and ring education and seek out customer care through their portal.

Return Policy: Michaels Jewelers have a 60-day return policy on jewelry for an exchange or credit in-store and a 30-day return policy for a full refund on jewelry if returned in original condition.

Repairs: Jewelry will be repaired for manufacturing defaults within a year after purchase. But if the item is not repairable, the store will offer a piece of equal value as a replacement.

Gemstone Enhancement: Most gemstones are enhanced for color and clarity, but these enhancements may fade over time. Michaels Jewelers will re-enhance your gemstones for you, returning them to the best quality possible.

Michaels Jewelers Financing Options

Michaels Jewelers offer special financing through the American Gem Society credit card, facilitated by Wells Fargo Financial Bank. The financing scheme is designed to have fast and convenient approval and features various payment options. With the American Gem Society credit card, you can expect exclusive coupons, convenient monthly payments suited to a budget, online account management, and revolving credit usable over again.

Why You Should Choose Michaels Jewelers

  • Well-crafted engagement ring settings
  • Affiliated with the American Gem Society
  • Special financing offered to customers
  • Estate buying service

Michaels Jewelers – Great Service, Limited Selection

Michaels Jewelers have established good customer service through their long history in the jewelry industry, making them the go-to jeweler for many locals. Expanding online has helped the company build its selection and services; however, they cannot compete in selection and affordability with James Allen and Blue Nile.

The stores are worth a visit if you are in the area, though you must remember to keep your options open and make comparisons online to make sure that you are making the most of your budget.

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