Top 10 Sapphire Engagement Rings

Top 10 Sapphire Engagement Rings

Top 10 Sapphire Engagement Rings

Posted by Sharif Khan on 6th Jul 2019

Sapphire Diamond Engagement Rings

Sapphires have been considered untraditional engagement rings, but they are so fast growing in popularity that you might notice them more than any other gemstone engagement ring.

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Sapphires are considered the color of royalty, and this is easy to believe seeing their deep blue tones and complexity of hues. Sapphires are believed to be a symbol of virtue, wisdom and good fortune. Used in an engagement ring, sapphires symbolize sincerity and faithfulness, the perfect virtues to have when making a promise of a lifetime. However, sapphires can come in a few different colors. You can choose between the classical blue sapphire, a pink sapphire, or yellow sapphire.

If you aren’t a fan of all  unique diamond engagement rings or are looking for something more unique, a sapphire engagement ring is a perfect choice. A sapphire engagement ring is elegant, classic and portrays a feminine strength.

With the number of sapphire engagement rings growing, it can be overwhelming trying to find what you want. To make it a little easier for you, the below list is compromised of the more unique and spectacular sapphire engagement rings around.

18K White Gold Oval Halo Sapphire and Diamond Ring

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There is nothing more classical looking than an oval halo  setting, and this engagement ring is taken to the next level thanks to the stunning centerpiece of the blue sapphire.

The diamond-lined shank adds the extra glistening appeal to the already radiant ring, perfectly leading up to the pavé set diamond  halo.

The four prongs give the ring a timeless look, and it is a piece that will always showcase elegance and class.

The blue sapphire gives this classic ring a more modern feel, keeping up with the times in the most effortless of ways.

Pear-Shaped Sapphire and Diamond Halo Chevron Ring

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This ring is really one of a kind, with a wonderfully unique design that will speak vividly to the perfect wearer's individuality.

The dynamic beauty of the ring makes it a modern piece with a classic feel. A large, striking  pear shaped blue sapphire is encapsulated by a halo of pavé set diamonds, which converge as the pear shaped sapphire dives towards the ring. This creates a chevron shape curve, further set with pavé diamonds which run down the shank.

This is a luxurious piece that is as unique as they come, but still classic, elegant and a piece full of sparkle, wonder, and delicacy.

18K White Gold Oval Halo Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring

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Most people think of a striking blue gem when they hear sapphire. This engagement ring shows that there are different types of sapphires to create beautiful engagement rings.

This classic style ring features a dainty pink oval sapphire, which is surrounded by an oval halo of glittering white diamonds.

The prong setting of the diamond has an antique inspiration, giving the ring a timeless look that can be worn with any style.

The 18K white gold band is left plain, giving all the attention to the delicate and elegant centerpiece, the perfect blend of dainty pink and dazzling white diamonds.

Emerald Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring

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Emerald cut stones have strong edges and clean lines, and this is shown so beautifully with this emerald cut blue sapphire.

This engagement ring is elegantly refined, featuring two emerald cut diamonds on either side of the emerald cut sapphire.

It is a wonderfully modern ring, brought together by the stunning platinum which adds the additional clean edge the ring needs to bring out the straight lines and strong color contrast. It is a ring for a modern woman, who has a definitive style and high expectations. They will definitely be met with this incredible ring.

Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

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Three stones represent yesterday, today and tomorrow, the perfect trio in an engagement ring. For a bit of a classic twist, this three stone engagement ring is set with three 3.5mm round blue sapphires.

14K white gold frames around these diamonds perfectly, in a delicately simple way. It is elegant and minimalistic, perfect for someone who doesn’t want extreme flash in a ring.

The bezel set sapphires are viewed fully from above, a wonderful pop of deep color, an incredible trio for a promise of love.

Round Blue Sapphire

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Brian Gavin Diamonds are known for their exceptional quality of jewelry, with perfect finishes and delicate detailing.

This round blue sapphire ring speaks to the craftsmanship they offer and is such a pretty piece of jewelry. The ring is kept wonderfully whimsical with the floral halo, adorned with white diamonds, surrounding a checkerboard round blue sapphire, approximately 0.26ct in weight.

The shank is set with pavé diamonds which decrease in size from the center of the ring downwards, with the larger diamonds flanking the center blue sapphire and floral halo.

14K white gold is the perfect base for such delicacy, helping to show off the incredible quality of the diamonds, sapphire, and workmanship involved in creating such a spectacular, dainty engagement ring.

Radiant-Cut Pink Sapphire Ring

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This is an exceptionally extraordinary piece of jewelry that deserves all the attention it can get.

An incredibly vibrant radiant-cut pink sapphire sits surrounded by a delicate halo of pavé set diamonds, which then lead way to a further halo of brilliant pear shaped diamonds. The four prongs holding the stone in place also have their own pavé set diamonds. Not to mention the beautifully placed pavé set diamonds that adorn the shank of the ring.

This is craftsmanship at its best, with delicate detailing and dramatic shine coming together to create a truly breathtaking engagement ring, which is very much fit for royalty.

Oval Sapphire Sleek Line Solitaire Engagement Ring

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Sometimes simple is better. This sleek line solitaire engagement ring plays home to a striking 1.00ct oval blue sapphire. The four prong setting is a Whiteflash Signature Design, with sleek, smooth lines showing off sophistication and simplicity.

The four prong setting allows for larger areas of the sapphire to be visible, giving it all opportunities to capture the maximum light, sparkling from every angle. The band width tapers from 2.5mm at the bottom to 1.5mm at the top, creating a comfortable fit.

The pure openness of the sapphire shows off its incredible cut and quality.

18K Rose Gold Pink Sapphire and Diamond Fancy Cluster Ring

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A truly breathtaking piece, this engagement ring is lifted to the next level of individuality with a beautiful pink sapphire center.

The center stone is adorned with fancy cluster diamonds, two smaller diamonds between a larger pear shaped diamond in a brilliant oval halo. These diamonds alone give off enough enchanting light, but with the center pink sapphire, they create an incredible timeless piece.

The band is set with pavé diamonds, giving the ring even more shine. The 18K rose gold only adds to the warmth and vintage of the ring, perfectly suited to the pink sapphire center.

If you are looking for a showstopper ring which is still classy and delicate, this is definitely the ring for you.

Platinum Cushion Shaped Sapphire And Diamond Pavé Ring

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It would be difficult to find a ring more elegant and classy as this.

A brilliantly blue  cushion cut sapphire is placed in the middle of a dazzling border of pavé set brilliant cut diamonds. These crowning brilliant cut diamonds help to maximize the play of light all over the ring and bring an added shine and sparkle to the blue sapphire center.

The band is also adorned with pavé set diamonds, giving the ring an extra flair of the dramatic, while still encapsulating the virtue that a blue sapphire ring holds.

For a modern play on a cushion cut engagement ring, this blue sapphire piece is a winner. It is subtle and dramatic at the same time, blending in the perfect balance of color and shine.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphires are wonderfully versatile stones, coming in a variety of vastly different colors. Spoiled for choice, you can choose between different hues of blue sapphires, the warm, delicate tones of pink sapphires, and the classic, vintage yellow sapphires.

All pair well with platinum and white gold, which really helps the colors to pop, while the pink and yellow sapphires also pair well with a rose gold setting, giving the engagement ring a vintage, antique feel.

The perfect sapphire ring is waiting for you, waiting to showcase your style, individuality, and love for all things exquisite.