Marquise Engagement Rings: 10 Stunning Designs for 2023

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Marquise cut diamonds are beautifully unique, with a shape, unlike any other fancy diamond. Also known as a football-shaped cut, eye-shaped cut, or boat-shaped cut, marquise cut diamonds are not as commonly found in engagement rings as other diamond cuts, making them a good option if you are looking for something more special and individual.

Marquise cut diamonds have 58 facets, with pointed ends that form an elliptical shape. The cut has been around for many centuries and has always sat on the border between common and rare when used in jewelry.

Due to its slender, narrow shape, it looks wonderful set on the ring finger, elongating the finger to seem more elegant and petite.

When purchasing a marquise cut engagement ring, it is important to ensure that the tips of the diamond are protected. They are sharp and narrow, so they can chip or break easily. You can also compromise on color to suit your budget with a marquise diamond, as the vintage feel is accentuated more with a slight color tint.

Set in the right amount, a marquise diamond can create an incredibly elegant and vintage piece that will always be a timeless classic.

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Cathedral Milgrain Marquise Engagement Ring

marquise cathedral engagement ring

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

Sometimes it pays to go big, and there is no doubt that this unique engagement ring is the ultimate statement piece.

The shank is adorned with micropavé diamonds, giving the ring an incredible sparkle. Light glitters from every single angle on this ring.

The center marquise cut diamond is framed within the shank and floral scrolls, and it has enough space to show off its slender shape and magnificent facets. The ends of either side of the marquise cut diamond are protected by the prongs, ensuring there will be no chips or damage done to the diamond.

A bold, unique engagement ring that will look beautiful on a ring finger. Its unique design will never go out of style, making it the perfect testament to your love.

Dot Dash Split Shank Marquise Engagement Ring

marquise engagement ring split shank

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Sophisticated geometric patterns created by fancy shaped diamonds adorn the split shank, crafting the ultimate piece of elegance.

Fancy-shaped diamonds form a dot-dash pattern along the double split shank made from 14K white gold. The two bands come together to hold the marquise cut diamond perfectly in place. Two white gold caps protect the marquise diamond’s tips and add clean, straight edges which accentuate the ring’s overall design.

The bottom of the shank is a single, thick band, making it comfortable, and secure to wear on the ring finger. The ring is elegant and sophisticated, with a captivating array of fancy cut diamonds in a modern setting.

Simon G. Passion Diamond Engagement Ring

simon g rose gold engagement ring

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A marquise diamond is not the center stone found in this ring, but smaller marquise cut diamonds lead up along the shank towards the center stone.

The classically designed ring has a modern touch, with round cut and marquise cut diamonds alternating along the rose gold shank, framed by delicate milgrain detailing.

The center stone is lifted by four rose gold prongs, with access to exceptional light and reflection. It is a romantic ring and features whimsical styling and petite delicacy.

Nadia Diamond Engagement Ring

marquise engagement ring

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

A marquise cut diamond would look magnificent set in this Brilliant Earth Setting.

Two brilliant marquise cut diamonds sit on either side of the chosen center stone, creating the significant symbolism that three stone rings hold.

The yellow gold band is solid and sleek and gives a romantic flair to the dainty ring. Yellow gold prongs hold all three diamonds in place, elevating them and providing access to great light for optimal performance.

This ring is full of incredible craftsmanship and whimsical romance and will be the perfect accessory to the big “I do.”

Marquise Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

marquise antique engagement ring

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This engagement ring is a fresh take on the traditional marquise setting, with the marquise diamond set along the band, extending the diamond along the shank, elongating its look.

The basket is lifted above the shank, with beautiful leaf designs filled with micro diamonds encased in delicate milgrain detailing. Three floral-shaped designs frame the center marquise diamond, also set in a milgrain detail. This detailing and frame help to keep the marquise diamond safe from damage and chipping.

The white gold brings out the pure sparkle of the engagement ring, giving it a wonderful glittering appearance, with light reflecting from so many different angles.

Delicate and elegant, this is a wonderful choice for a softer, more detailed engagement ring.

Marquise Cut Halo Engagement Ring

marquise halo engagement ring

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This engagement ring is a real showstopper, with enough diamonds to last a lifetime. Round cut diamonds set the way for a beautiful marquise cut diamond.

Along the band, a single row of micro-pavé round brilliant diamonds leads up toward the centerpiece. In the middle of it all, a brilliant marquise cut diamond is surrounded by a marquise-shaped halo with more brilliant diamonds, creating the ultimate shine and sparkle.

The ring will always be a classic, with a timeless design and delicate craftsmanship. It keeps it simple, highlighting the best qualities of all the diamonds set in place. The white gold helps the diamonds glisten even more for a radiant, glittering engagement ring.

RitaniMicropavé Diamond Engagement Ring

classic pave engagement ring

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This engagement ring setting from Ritani would look incredible if set with a marquise cut diamond.

Four white gold prongs will hold a center marquise diamond in place, with a micropavé halo sitting just beneath the actual diamond.

The ring's shank also features micropavé diamonds, which give a wonderful shine to this modern piece. The ring is a strong, straight-edged piece, softened by the addition of the brilliant round cut diamonds, and will be elongated further with a slender marquise diamond.

It is a no-fuss ring with all the diamonds a woman could want.

Marquise Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

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The yellow gold solitaire setting brings out the beautiful vintage qualities of the marquise diamond, giving it the space and simplicity it needs to show off its incredible cut properly.

Hand-engraved detailing works around the band's shank, adding wonderful texture and artistic flair to the otherwise simple band. The vintage detailing sets the stage for the warm marquise diamond, which gets an additional golden glow from the golden band.

Four double prongs hold the marquise diamond in place on either side, with two caps protecting the delicate V point.

While the solitaire setting might be a simpler choice, the detailing and engraving give it a wonderful, timeless, and delicate individuality.

Versailles Diamond Engagement Ring

modern unique

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Delicate and whimsical, this petite rope engagement ring is a great choice.

The shank has been designed with a subtle rope pattern, adorned with a single row of pavé set round cut diamonds. These diamonds sparkle on the roped shank, making it incredibly romantic.

The marquise cut diamond is placed and elongated along the ring's shank. Four white gold prongs and two V-shaped caps hold the diamond in place, contrasting the white gold atop the rose gold shank.

The basket is elevated off the band to give the diamond enough height and access to free light for all 58 facets to reflect light exquisitely.

With a unique texture, radiant diamonds, and a contrast of gold, this ring is pure romance.

Channel Set Marquise Engagement Ring

marquise ring with channel round diamonds

Watch this ring in HD 360° here.

For a fresh take on a traditional engagement ring, this brown marquise cut diamond brings some flare and vintage styling, which is quite breathtaking.

A solid yellow gold band is broken with some pavé set diamonds near the top of the shank. These small diamonds, framed in by the yellow gold on either side, leading up to the center brown marquise cut diamond, which is elongated down either side of the shank.

Six yellow gold prongs hold the marquise cut stone in place, with the brown-colored diamond feeding off the warmth of the shank, using the smaller pavé diamonds as an additional light source for added radiance.

Vintage and timeless, this ring has everything it needs to showcase such a wonderful stone.

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