Top 10 Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Top 10 Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Top 10 Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Posted by Sharif Khan on 23rd Jul 2019

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval cut diamonds and gemstones have many benefits. They look much larger than their actual carat weight due to their elongated shape, allowing them to cover more surface than that of a  traditional round cut diamond.

James Allen

An oval cut diamond will also cost less than other diamonds, so it will fit in more easily into your budget than other traditional diamonds. So not only are you able to spend less on your ring, but you do not have to compromise on the carat weight like you would with other stones.

Oval diamonds are also in less demand than round cut diamonds, making them rarer than other diamond engagement rings. This is perfect if you are wanting a unique ring, different from the engagement rings that everyone else seems to be wearing.

The best part is that  oval cut diamonds offer up the same brilliance as round cut diamonds, lighting up a room with fire and sparkle. So they are cost-effective, rare and brilliant, what more could you want from an engagement ring stone?

There are some great settings that could be paired with an oval diamond, here are some of our favorites:

14K Rose Gold Cathedral Pavé Crown Diamond Engagement Ring

Unique Oval Cut Engagement Ring

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This is a stunning eye-catching piece which gives the center oval stone the best shine and light performance possible, framed delicately with rose gold and pavé set diamonds.

The oval diamond is held in place with north, south, west and east claw prongs which hold over an embellished bottom halo setting. There are shimmering diamonds set along the shank which further highlight the reflective light play from the oval cut diamond.

The shank is set with pavé set diamonds, homed ever so perfectly in the rose gold setting. The combination of sparkle and dainty rose gold is done perfectly in this ring, creating a whimsical piece, which is dainty, yet elegant enough to be worn always.

The center oval cut diamond is really eye-catching and is complemented by the rest of the subtle sparkle which the ring has to offer.

Three Row Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

oval engagement rings

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This ring was designed for the modern woman, who treasures the look of elegance and luxury, with a subtle hint of individuality.

In the center of the shank sits a row of deeply hued sapphire gems, sitting one next to the other. On either side of the sapphire gems are pavé set diamonds, which sparkle brilliantly against the white gold of the band.

The triple lined shank of the blue sapphires and the sparkling diamonds lead up towards the center oval cut diamond, which plays with the lights and colors of the surrounding stones to give off the most brilliant reflection of light.

It is a sophisticated ring, with just a subtle enough pop of color to add some life to the ring. It is elegant and timeless and will be treasured forever.

14K White Gold Two Tone Verragio Tradition Diamond Oval Halo

halo oval engagement rings

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Verragio are known for their exquisite detailing and intricate designs, and this engagement ring portrays this wonderfully.

14K white gold and rose gold line the shank to create a beautiful contrast, which sets up for the micropavé diamonds which sit out on top above the white gold shank. The rose gold lining in the shank is delicately adorned with milgrain details, giving the ring a new texture to explore.

The center oval cut diamond is elevated high above the shank and is set in a halo of pavé diamonds. All of this comes together in a timelessly elegant ring.

Lisa Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Antique oval engagement ring

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Brian Gavin Diamonds have introduced this Lisa Oval engagement ring, set with 0.14ct of a round diamond melee. This ring forms part of the Jeff Cooper Lumiere Engagement Collection, with each ring featuring a unique halo of swirling diamonds and gold to create a textured, sparkling piece.

The oval center diamond sits on top of a swirling diamond halo, intertwining with 18K yellow gold to create a traditional engagement ring with a very modern twist.

Brian Gavin is known for his  exceptional diamonds, so you can be sure that this engagement ring will feature one of the most incredible diamonds around.

14K White Gold Soft Floral Diamond Engagement Ring

anique unique swirl oval ring

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Just one look at this ring and you can tell it is something truly spectacular, something fit for the most romantic love.

This vintage ring has a soft, floral pavé design, adorned with lots of small, round cut diamonds. The shank opens to a split, and is also set with pavé set diamonds, and forms part of the overall floral design of the ring.

The floral design and open split shank frame the center oval cut diamond perfectly, with sparkling diamonds and the sleek white gold, but they do not take the attention away from the brilliant oval cut diamond.

This ring is wonderfully vintage, but still feminine enough to be carried off and to be in style always. It is dramatic, but it is dramatic in a gentle, non-overwhelming way, being elegant and sophisticated, all with its 116 pavé set diamonds!

Hand Engraved Solitaire Engagement Ring

classic oval engagement ring

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This is a truly exquisite engagement ring, with such delicate details and expert hand engraving, it is a timeless piece that will always be in style.

Incredible hand-engraved features sit all the way along the shank of the ring, giving it such texture and detailing that many jewelers battle to perfect.

The intricate motif along the ring adds elegant detailing, to give the oval center diamond the space and base it needs to showcase its incredible fire and brilliance.

The shape of the oval cut diamond helps to elongate the simple shape of the band, giving it a unique style and timeless elegance.

A fresh take on the traditional engagement ring, this ring combines the hand-engraving and the brilliant oval cut diamond to show off the true craftsmanship of the ring.

14K White Gold A. Jaffe Classics Diamond Engagement Ring

elegant oval engagement ring

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The solitaire engagement ring is a classic, it is a traditional design that will stand the test of time.

This ring from Whiteflash has a modern, delicate take on the popular solitaire engagement ring. The oval center stone is a breath of fresh air compared to the round diamonds traditionally used, and the belted gallery detail adds soft sophistication to the ring. In addition, the diamond band and quilted interior elevate this ring to a new level, creating a dazzling engagement ring, full of subtle detail, perfect for adding some extra style to a solitaire engagement ring.

The elevated oval center diamond is given as much open space as it needs, with four separate prongs, to reflect light brilliantly, shining bright above the subtly detailed band.

14K Yellow Gold Pavé Split Shank Contour Engagement Ring

split shank oval engagement ring

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Sophistication comes to mind when looking at this ring, with elegant lines and a subtle, yet enchanting sparkle that catches the eye immediately.

This ring features double the sparkle, with a pavé diamond set split shank. Two rows of diamonds come together to hold the basket, which is also set with smaller diamonds, where the oval cut diamond sits.

The oval cut diamond becomes the center of attention, drawing sparkle and light from the other 80 diamonds found along the split shank of the ring.

Full of sparkle and adoration, warmed by the 14K yellow gold, this ring is a fresh, luxurious take on the split shank, and is a real stand-out piece without appearing too overwhelming.

Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring

infinity oval engagement ring

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The infinity symbol is fast becoming a popular choice to integrate into engagement rings. It represents a lifetime together, which perfectly describes the promise that an engagement makes.

In this ring, the infinity symbol is crafted on either side of the center oval diamond, beautifully accentuated with micropavé set diamonds, giving the ring an incredible sparkle which is highlighted by the glowing 14K white gold.

The center oval diamond shape perfectly complements the twists and elongation of the infinity symbols, giving the ring a swirling and soft design that flows so naturally.

It is both beautiful and delicate and is the promise of a lifetime, represented in an engagement ring that cannot be matched.

14K White Gold Beaded Marquise Shape Engagement Ring

flower oval engagement ring design

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An oval cut diamond sits perfectly in the center of a floral design, creating the most delicate ring that captivates and sparkles so well.

On either side of the center oval cut diamond are three floral design leaves, all set with pavé diamonds, and further accentuated with milgrain detailing, which creates the most delicate look.

The center oval diamond is also surrounded in a halo of milgrain details, not overpowering the diamond with a heavy frame and allowing it to absorb and reflect maximum light.

Other than the floral design on the shank, the shank is left bare, but is still sleek and lustrous thanks to the white gold, which adds to the beauty of the ring and the unique design.

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Give your engagement ring a modern, stylish twist by opting to have an oval cut diamond or gem instead of the other more traditional cuts. You will get more diamond for your money and a unique ring that will be cherished forever!