10 Antique Vintage Engagement Rings Designs for 2024

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Antique-inspired rings are a perfect choice for the woman who has a retro style, who wants something a little different from everyone else, but still looks for a timeless design.

Antique-inspired rings are designed and inspired by rings made before the 1960s. Along with the vintage inspiration, the rings are made with modern technology and expertise to ensure a timeless piece that is comfortable, long-lasting, and stunning.

It can be quite difficult to come across antique engagement rings, so here are some of the best ones around at the long-lasting moment, each with a unique style and story to tell.

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Art Deco Inspired Floral Halo Engagement Ring

Floral Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

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This striking vintage-style antique ring is dramatic, stunning, and visually impressive. It features a soft, swirling floral design, set with pavé diamonds along the band and the ring’s floral spirals.

The open split shank gives a ring the extra body to lead up to the dramatic floral design. The body of the ring and its intricate details set the perfect sparkly setting for the center diamond to shine absolutely. It can be set with a round, marquise, pear, or oval cut diamond, all of which keep the vintage feel of the ring.

It is a one-of-a-kind ring that will suit an elegant, vintage style with its unique design and exquisite craftsmanship from James Allen Jewelry.

Art Deco Hexagon Engagement Ring

halo vintage engagement ring

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This luxurious engagement ring ticks all the boxes of being a timeless antique piece.

The ring's crown is in a hexagon shape, adorned with baguette cut diamonds, held in place by pavé diamonds. This frame is the center diamond, which can reflect light from all angles.

The split band is lined with pavé set diamonds and detailed with milgrain patterns along each edge and leads up elegantly to the breathtaking center crown.

This ring has so much detailing and diamonds, making it hard to miss. Antique style and modern design bloom perfectly together in this classically dramatic ring.

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Right Hand Ring

sapphire diamond engagement ring

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Antique is brought to life in this wonderfully vivid engagement ring, with enough diamonds for anyone to fall in love with.

Vintage scrollwork breaks into the diamonds set along the ring's band, sitting on either side of the hand-crafted scrolls. Next to the scrolls are two round cut diamonds surrounding the alluring blue sapphire sitting in the center.

The colored sapphire center adds a unique touch to the ring, giving it an individual flair necessary for the woman who loves something a little different.

The antique ring is the perfect mix of hand scrolling and the sparkle of diamonds and is a timeless piece that will be cherished forever.

Art Deco Geometric Diamond Engagement Ring

halo antique engagement ring

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This ring blends antique styling with a modern edge in this Venus Engagement Ring.

These three-stone engagement rings feature melee diamonds on either side of the diamond-rimmed center stone. Soft sweeping lines pave the way to exquisite diamonds. The center stone is made to look even larger due to the halo engagement ring setting.

The base of the ring underneath the centerpiece is a delicately crafted basket of intertwined rose gold, with a shining diamond surprise in the center. This basket lifts the centerpiece to give it more attention and the ability to capture as much light as possible.

This is a wonderful ring that features a true antique style but is still a piece that will be in style for years to come.

Engraved Basket Engagement Ring

Engraved Basket Engagement Ring

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This antique ring is both charming and strong, with a design that has strong angles but is softened with a delicate milgrain frame and detailed band.

The basket center homes a beautiful round diamond framed by a milgrain setting and flower detailing, bringing a wonderful delicacy to the ring.

The band is embellished with beautiful detailing and emerald set diamonds, bringing in the vintage style. The 18K yellow gold brings in the extra warmth needed to soften the ring, which is a popular look in antique jewelry.

The ring would look exquisite with either a round brilliant diamond or a colored gemstone, adding some extra individuality to the ring.

Vintage Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

round antique vintage engagement ring

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Couture styling meets antique inspiration in this Zac Posen masterpiece.

The ring is a beautiful antique but still holds a delicate feminine feel thanks to its rounded edges and soft features.

Deco-inspired details, such as milgrain edges framing growing pavé set diamonds, build the stage for two diamonds to play host to a stunning center stone.

The concentration of the diamonds and milgrain detailing around the ring's crown gives a ring an incredible sparkle, all while holding a truly antique feel. It is delicate, soft, and strikingly beautiful. Meticulous details make this ring a timeless, classic piece.

Blooming Beauties Engagement Ring

Engagment Ring Blooming Vintage

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A double bloom works to create a distinctively delicate crown that is full of sparkle and shine. The diamonds form a bloom around the center stone, giving the ring a timeless antique look.

Channel-set round diamonds move down the ring, becoming smaller in size, and feature down the ceiling of the ring. The ring's band is adorned with beautiful scrolls filled with diamonds, with the band and the scrolls encapsulated in milgrain detailing.

This ring is full of detail and diamond iridescence, sparkling beautifully from every angle and view. It is a ring for someone who loves fine details and the intricacy of classic antique rings.

Art Deco Inspired Frame Engagement Ring

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

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You will battle to find a ring more antique-looking than this, with its intricate details and quintessential sparkle.

The ring is perfectly balanced between delicacy and detail. The kite-shaped diamond in the middle feeds off the surrounding round cut diamonds which are placed in a floral blossoming shape.

The basket of the ring features beautiful floral spirals, each boasting its milgrain pattern, and the edges of the floral blossom surrounding the diamonds are also adorned with delicate milgrain detailing.

James Allen has captured the essence of a vintage ring in this piece, with the ultimate sparkle and rose gold coming together to create a timeless piece.

Bella Vaughan Catarina Engagement Ring

oval antique engagement ring

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What more could you ask for than an oval center stone surrounded by round cut brilliant diamonds in a halo setting?

To make it even more enchanting, the halo of diamonds is housed with delicate milgrain detailing and flanked on both sides by pavé set Fleur de Lis motifs.

The design adds a wonderful antique feeling to the ring. The halo centerpiece gives a ring a dramatic flair that is kept elegant and delicate thanks to the intricate detailing and dazzling sparkle.

The band is left plain, giving the center ring all the attention it deserves. The platinum metal gives the ring the added sparkle and clean base.

Antique Bezel And Pavé Set Engagement Ring

round antique engagement ring

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With unique features, this antique-styled ring is truly breathtaking.

Pavé set diamonds on the band to make way for round cut side diamonds, leading to a brilliant center diamond or gemstone, which is given all the attention it needs. Almost any cut diamond can be used in this ring, and it can accommodate diamonds with a carat weight of 0.3ct up to a massive 6.00ct.

The thick band is true to an antique style and is adorned with delicate designs both on the outsides and sides of the band.

This ring sets up the center stone to be the showstopper, with added details and sparkling diamonds to be found all along the ring itself.

Why Buy Vintage Engagement Rings?

Over the past few years, there has been a marked surge in the popularity of vintage rings. While contemporary rings offer beauty and trendiness, more and more people are drawn towards vintage and antique rings for their timeless class, the feeling of wearing and being part of history that only antique jewelry can provide. A true vintage engagement ring is between thirty and 50 years old. Engagement rings older than this are technically referred to as antiques, though you might find them being sold under the same name. Many people are attracted to these types of rings because of the vast array of styles available and the certainty of finding one that matches their personality, unlike the mass-produced engagement rings of contemporary times. Also, they are considered somewhat higher quality than contemporary ones.


Antique jewelry, by being as old as they are, is not very common, and rarely will one come across matching pieces. Vintage engagement rings span a multitude of styles and designs over many eras. They are vastly different from contemporary styles and are unique and one of a kind; they automatically make the wearer stand out as someone with painstakingly good taste. If your partner has an outgoing personality that likes to be distinctive and apart from the crowd, you should seriously consider a vintage engagement ring.


These days, goods that are handcrafted are considered to be of superior quality and value to mass-produced ones. The same rule applies when it comes to engagement rings. Compared to contemporary rings, often mass-produced in generic and very similar styles, a skilled jeweler generally produces vintage engagement rings individually. This difference becomes very manifest when one compares a contemporary engagement ring with a vintage one. At the same time, the one from today is plain; the vintage engagement ring will often have intricated and distinctive designs that reflect the specific time period it was created. Although a valid argument exists that today’s advanced manufacturing processes increase quality, the human touch of vintage engagement rings will shine through.

Historical value

The decades or even centuries of history embedded in a single vintage engagement ring is one factor that makes them so attractive to couples. If you know the complete history of the ring, the knowledge will connect you to a time far in the past. If you do not, the significance can be left to your imagination. Either way, you have a piece of history around your finger. In choosing a vintage engagement ring, you should take the time to consider the various eras from which those rings are frequently sourced to find the one era you like the most and which holds the most significance for you or your partner.

Environmental Sustainability

Suppose you’re passionate about the environment and are “going green” in other areas. In that case, you should consider that the rate at which jewelry is produced worldwide today has a considerable effect on the environment, from the depletion of natural resources to the energy required for processing. Vintage engagement rings allow you to play a role in preserving our environment.

Antique and vintage engagement rings make the perfect promise; they have stood the test of time and are still loved and sought after to this day and will be for many years.

There are some wonderful rings to choose from that blend the styling of antique design and modern craftsmanship