When Should I Start Shopping for an Engagement Ring?

When Should I Start Shopping for an Engagement Ring?

When Should I Start Shopping for an Engagement Ring?

Posted by Sharif Khan on 31st May 2015

Shopping for an Engagement Ring

When should I start looking for an Engagement Ring?

Excellent question! That means you are ready and convinced that your partner is the one… Our answer to your question would be as early as you can. The safest bet would be at least two to three months in advance of the date you want to propose. Why so? Well, here a couple of factors:

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It takes time to make custom engagement rings or diamond Jewelry:

Some companies have a large stock of unique engagement rings that can be shipped virtually overnight if needed! However, if you have a more sophisticated design in mind that needs to be custom made, they would need at a minimum 20 days to deliver the engagement ring to you. It takes at least 5 days to agree on the CAD design. Once they have your approval of the design, they need at least 10 days to manufacture it and another 2-5 days to deliver it to you – and again this is a seriously rushed service we are talking about… The same applies to most of the industry. Since most online jewelry stores don’t have in stock jewelry as they use drop shipping, they will need at least a week for in stock jewelry and a month for designing something customized for you!

Finding the right diamond at the right price can be a hectic process:

Yes, you’ve heard us right… There is so much details involved the cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and certification of a diamond, that by the time you feel confident to purchase a diamond, you’d feel like you’ve completed a whole graduate level course! To make things easy for you, we have developed in-depth diamond guide for each shape of diamonds that can be a good place to start – for example, check this one out for a  round or this one for  princess cut diamond!

Again, we have sufficient in stock diamonds to expedite the process, but for most jewelers to send you a diamond you want, they would need at least 10-15 days at a minimum. As stated earlier, most online jewelry retailers use drop shipping as a business model. What this means is that in reality they don’t own any of the diamonds that are listed on their websites. They basically list other merchants’ diamonds and take a commission by selling them to you – once you buy the diamond, it goes from the merchant to the online retailer (5-10 days) and then the retailer mails it to you (2-5 days)!

So the morale of the story is simple, if you want to spend your money wisely and take your time to find the best and unique engagement ring within you budget range, we suggest that you start at least two to three months in advance to shop for your diamond engagement ring or  loose GIA and AGS graded diamonds. Don’t forget to call us if you have any questions or want our help.