Top 10 Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Top 10 Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Top 10 Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Posted by Sharif Khan on 11th Aug 2019

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Also referred to as a square emerald cut, the Asscher cut is a unique shape that features prismatic brilliance. Asscher cut diamonds have a rectangular-faceted pavilion, similar to that of an emerald cut diamond.

The standard number of main facets found in an Asscher cut is around 58. Ideal Asscher cut diamonds have deep pavilions, a faceted cutlet, a high crown, and a small table. This allows for the Asscher cut diamond to have an incredible luster and for the diamond to create a hall of mirrors effects.

While an Asscher cut diamond might not have the intense sparkle of a round cut diamond, it has a wonderful clarity and luster. It combines the best of both worlds with its cut and has more brilliance than an emerald cut diamond.

James Allen

Thanks to its unique cut and shape, Asscher cut diamonds make breathtaking engagement rings. With their hard lines, softer edges and incredible hall of mirrors effect, they are both classic and modern.

The Asscher cut diamond would look beautiful set with either platinum, white gold, rose gold or yellow gold, and in a simple solitaire setting to a detailed vintage ring.

14K White Gold Bar Set and Three Sided Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring

unique asscher cut engagement ring

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Set in stunning white gold, this gorgeous ring has two bar-set princesses shaped diamonds, one falling on either side of the center stone.

The bars housing in the princess cut diamonds add a refreshing modern touch to the ring, accentuating the straight lines of the Asscher cut diamond.

Leading down the shank on either side of the princess cut diamonds are pavé set diamonds, which can be seen from all angles, lining all three outer walls of the band. The bottom of the shank is left plain, creating the perfect fit for the ring finger.

The Asscher cut diamond sits centerstage, showing off its incredible cut and all of its facets, feeding off the diamonds set along the rest of the ring.

This ring is modern, sparkling, and absolutely gorgeous!

Infinity Twist Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring

asscher cut engagement ring

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What better symbol to have incorporated into an engagement ring than the infinity symbol? Symbolizing a lifetime together, it is the ideal design to feature in the engagement ring you choose.

Set in striking white gold, the infinity symbols set along the shank of the ring are adorned with micropavé set brilliant round diamonds. The white gold metal shines through enough to give the ring an incredible radiance.

The ring can be set with an Asscher cut diamond, which works well to give the ring a bold edge. Four white gold prongs will hold the center diamond in place, which gives the diamond space to absorb and reflect light and helps to accentuate the shine of the center diamond.

It is romantic, symbolic, and a great ring to hold the perfect Asscher cut diamond.

14k Yellow Gold Classic 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring with White Gold Head

classic asscher cut engagement ring

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A simple setting is sometimes the best choice to show off an incredible diamond such as an Asscher cut, but spice things up a bit by adding a contrast of metals like this ring does.

This elegant ring features four prongs sitting on top of a white gold head, holding the center diamond in place. The top feature of the ring acts in beautiful contrast to the yellow gold band, which is sleek and lustrous, but which adds a warm feel to the overall ring.

The contrast of the yellow gold and white gold give a simple, yet interesting platform, for the Asscher cut diamond to completely steal the show with its delicate cut and hall of mirrors effect.

Simple and intriguing, this is the perfect ring for day to day wear.

Michelle from Brian Gavin Signature

asscher cut unique ring design

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Sparkling from every angle, this yellow gold ring is both brilliant and warm. The timeless design will always be in style, with an incredible Asscher cut diamond so wonderfully surrounded by a yellow gold diamond halo, with round cut brilliant diamonds reflecting light radiantly.

The band of the ring is also paved with round cut brilliant diamonds, giving the ring an irresistible shine from all points of view.

This ring helps to show off the best of the Asscher cut, with the surrounding diamonds providing it with more than enough light to truly sparkle,

14K Rose Gold Art Deco Inspired Fleur-De-Lis Pavé Engagement Ring

rose gold asscher cut engagement ring

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This vintage engagement ring is truly stunning, with surprise detailing found along the shank of the ring.

Designed to embody grace and sophistication, set in rose gold, this ring is both delicate and strong. The side profile of the ring features a Fleur-De-Lis accent, sitting underneath the center diamond. The side of the shank, alongside the center diamond, is adorned with milgrain detailing and small, brilliant diamonds.

The center Asscher cut diamond is held in place by four rose gold prongs. It is lifted up above the ring and given access to wonderful light, to be able to really reflect and shine to its best.

This is the perfect ring for someone looking for a feminine piece, with a timeless vintage feel.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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This engagement ring is both sophisticated and striking, with straight edges and clean lines softened by the wonderful shine of the many diamonds set along the band.

Six perfectly-matched emerald cut diamonds are held in prongs along the band, lining up in perfect symmetry. These lead up towards the center, where a magnificent Asscher cut diamond is held in place by platinum prongs.

The platinum setting works so well with the sparkle of the diamonds, creating a striking piece that is bold and modern.

18K White Gold Diamond Braid Diamond Engagement Ring

asscher cut engagement ring design

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This diamond braid engagement ring is gorgeous. It is a unique spin on the traditional diamond braid, with straight lines softened by the round cut brilliant diamonds set along the twists of the bands.

The twists of the thick band lead up towards the center halo, which is square in shape, set with more round cut brilliant diamonds. Atop this halo is an Asscher cut diamond, held fast by four white gold prongs, sticking out slightly above the diamond.

The ring is full of sparkle and shine, with straight edges softened by the twisted braids of the shank and the round cut brilliant diamonds set along the way.

14K White Gold Navette Leaf Halo Engagement Ring

unique asscher cut ring design

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This ring is bold, beautiful, and shows off expert craftsmanship.

The cathedral of the ring is decorated with navette leaf designs and is accentuated with milgrain detailing and pavé set diamonds to give it a delicate touch.

The center Asscher cut diamond is set in a halo of brilliant diamonds, held in place by classic claw prongs. The bold halo really gives the ring some added drama and goes so well with the soft and delicate detailing along the shank.

This pretty ring has perfectly placed diamonds, delicate details, and a strong center halo that all come together to create a truly incredible engagement ring, which will be loved by everyone.

Petite Micropavé Trio Diamond Engagement Ring

asscher cut diamond engagement ring

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Three stone engagement rings symbolize yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It is the perfect promise of a lifetime together, through good and bad.

This platinum engagement ring captures the feeling of the promise perfectly. Two round cut brilliant diamonds sit next to a fiery center Asscher cut diamond, held in place by four platinum prongs.

The rest of the shank is lined with micropavé diamonds, giving addition sparkle to the ring, but still being subtle enough to not steal the show from the three radiant diamonds.

It is delicate and elegant, and the perfect piece to tie two people together forever.

14K White Gold Vintage Round Diamond and Marquise Sapphire Engagement Ring

antique unique engagement ring design

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For a subtle pop of color in an engagement ring, sapphire works wonders. This engagement ring manages to incorporate the beauty of the sapphire stones, without overpowering the incredible Asscher cut diamonds sitting atop it all.

Marquise shaped sapphire stones are set alternating between round cut brilliant diamonds, all homed in milgrain detailed halos, along the band of the ring. These lead up towards the center stone, which is held in place with four white gold prongs, expanding from a floral-design basket.

The ring is wonderfully simple but full of deep blue hues from the sapphires, and the shine of the brilliant diamonds. The white gold metal helps to bring out the color and shine of all the stones set in the ring.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher cut diamonds can add such a unique flair to engagement rings, with their straight lines and soft edges, they do well in almost any setting, and shine and reflect beautifully with all the metals.

These diamonds engagement rings are timeless, delicate, and full of love and romance.