Top 10 ​Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Top 10 ​Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Top 10 ​Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Posted by Sharif Khan on 24th Jul 2019

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Dating back to the 16 th century, emerald cut diamonds are one of the oldest cuts around. At first, this cut was used for emerald gemstones, but soon the cut was adopted for diamonds and other stones as well.
Emerald cut diamonds offer a different type of beauty to other diamond cuts. They have a step cut which gives them incredible clarity. The facets of an emerald diamond are rectilinear, made of straight lines, and the narrow, long facets give a brilliant prismatic reflection, almost like a house of mirrors.

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When purchasing an emerald cut engagement ring, you need to make sure you are buying a diamond with exceptional quality, as emerald cut diamonds do not conceal flaws very well.

Emerald cut diamonds can look really spectacular in almost any setting, whether it be set in a vintage ring or along with pavé set diamonds.

Emerald cut diamonds are some of the highest quality in the world, so they deserve a setting that helps them show this off.

18K Yellow Gold Tear Drops Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

unique emerald cut engagement ring

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This vintage-inspired ring has everything it needs to bring out the best qualities of the emerald cut diamond, framing it so delicately in a spectacular yellow gold halo.

The halo features teardrops, adorned with fine diamonds, which sit next to each other to form a floral looking halo. Yellow gold prongs extend atop the diamond, holding it in place and adding to the glamorous halo of the ring.

The shank of the ring features pavé set diamonds which extend halfway down. These diamonds on the shank perfectly complement the matching floral halo of yellow gold and sparkling diamonds, making way for the exquisite emerald cut diamond.

Four Stone Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

classic emerald cut engagement ring

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If you want a ring focused on the beauty of diamonds, without any other distractions, this is the ring for you.

This ring is the definition of elegance, featuring five spectacular diamonds sitting atop a sleek, platinum shank.

Four emerald cut diamonds graduate in size, two on either side of the center, leading up to the showcase emerald cut diamond. Four platinum prongs hold each corner of the emerald diamond, allowing it to reflect light from its surrounding diamonds.

Each diamond on either side of the ring are matched in clarity, color, and cut, to help give perfect symmetry to the centerpiece.

There is no misunderstanding with this ring, it is all about the diamonds, and about featuring the most exquisite emerald cut diamonds around!

18K White Gold TacoriDantela Crown Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

emerald cut engagement rings

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This engagement ring has so many details, between the micropavé diamonds and detailing along the shank and basket, it is a true masterpiece.

A crown of brilliant diamonds surrounds the emerald cut diamond, giving it added depth and dimension. The shank of the ring is set with pavé diamonds, which lift up towards the center halo.

Underneath the basket of the ring is further detailing, with small diamonds and scrolls giving the ring an interesting feature from any angle.

It is elegant, delicate and modern all at the same time, with the diamonds and the white gold creating a striking looking ring.

Parade Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

elegant emerald cut engagement ring

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Sometimes, to really show off an exquisite diamond, all you need is a simple setting for it to shine.

A classic diamond band with small,  round diamonds is set with a delicate basket, which securely holds an emerald cut diamond, with an 18 round cut diamond melee.

The simple, sparkling shank set in yellow gold sets the perfect scene for the brilliant emerald cut diamond to show off its incredible color, clarity, and cut, giving the step cut of the diamond all the light and open space it needs to create its halls of mirrors effect.

It is a timeless, elegant and classic ring that is the perfect simple statement of lifetime love.

14K White Gold Emerald Three Stone Engagement Ring

three stone emerald cut engagement ring

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For a truly exceptional blend of a few different styles, this ring tops them all.

An emerald shape diamond is framed by a stunning diamond halo in a rectangular shape, accentuating the long, straight lines of the center diamond.

On either side of the halo are two smaller baguette cut diamonds, which are each set in half of a diamond pavé set halo as well. Moving out from the two side stones are split shanks which come together halfway down. These are also set with pavé diamonds, creating a truly dazzling piece.

This ring is the perfect mix of a halo, three stone, and pavé engagement ring, giving the ultimate shine and elegance, showing off your love for all things diamonds.

Emerald Cut Sapphire and Pear Shaped Diamond Halo Rings

sapphire emerald cut engagement ring

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This is the engagement ring for you if you really want to splash out.

It is regal, stunning, and majestic, the ultimate blend of luxury and opulence. An incredible emerald cut sapphire stone is surrounded by a small halo of pavé set diamonds, which is then surrounded by a breathtaking halo of pear shaped diamonds, set in different positions to give the ring such wonderful dimensions.

The white gold prongs holding the emerald cut sapphire are also set with pavé diamonds, giving even more sparkle to an already dazzling ring. The shank of the ring is also adorned with diamonds, giving the impression of brilliance at every glance.

Incredibly crafted with an amazing design, this ring is truly one-of-a-kind! It also gives a fresh take on engagement rings, featuring a center gemstone instead of the traditional diamonds.

14K White Gold Ritani French-Set Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

halo emerald cut engagement ring

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This French-Set emerald diamond engagement ring from Ritani is such a classic. It combines everything an engagement ring needs to be striking and sparkling and does so effortlessly.

A center brilliant emerald cut diamond is set in a halo of small round brilliant diamonds, which create an impressive show of lights from the centerpiece.

Following down the shank are pavé set diamonds, which further add to the sparkle of the ring. The lustrous white gold helps the diamonds absorb and reflect white light incredibly, and gives more shine to the ring.

It is elegant, timeless and a truly beautiful ring, with enough diamonds to make anyone swoon.

14K Rose Gold Pavé Split Shank Contour Diamond Engagement Ring

unique emerald cut engagement ring

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An incredible 14K rose gold ring which features all the sparkle a girl could want!

Two rows of diamonds set in rose gold create a delicate halo which contours around the top and bottom of the center emerald cut diamond, giving the longer sides of the diamond open areas to show off its spectacular step cut.

The shank is a split shank throughout, coming together to touch at the bottom of the ring. The split shank is set with pavé diamonds, which are sunkinto the 14k rose gold.

The emerald cut diamond is lifted, suspended in the air by the halo, which gives it the absolute best opportunity to reflect light and colors in a breathtaking show.

This ring is timeless and luxurious but does have a modern influence with the incredible setting and contouring of the diamonds along with the rose gold band.

Dot Dash Engagement Ring

classic emerald cut diamond ring

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This delicate and whimsical engagement ring features a total of three different  fancy cut diamonds, along with a warm, pretty rose gold band.

Alternating baguette cut and round cut diamonds form a dot and dash design along the shank of the ring, ending halfway down the shank. The dot dash design of the shank gives way to a center emerald cut diamond, which plays off the additional light provided to it by the alternating diamonds along the shank.

The design of the ring is fairly simple, but it is dainty and elegant, perfect for a subtle show of an incredible diamond.

14K White Gold Pavé Rope Engagement Ring

swirl emerald cut engagement ring

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This contemporary piece is both elegant and delicate, set in lustrous 14K white gold.

The rope style shank has a sleek white band intertwined with a band of pavé set diamonds, interwoven in almost an infinity symbol.

The contrast of the white gold and pavé set diamonds create the perfect lead up to the centerpiece, which is the most dazzling emerald cut diamond held in place by two claw prongs, giving it great space to absorb and reflect maximum light.

The simple design of the ring is made truly special with the diamond and white gold twist, and the sparkling center diamond that adds that extra shine to the ring.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

The emerald cut looks amazing with both diamonds and  gemstones, and looks spectacular in almost any setting, and with any color metal.

They are versatile diamonds that help to create timeless, romantic engagement rings that will be treasured and adored forever.