Shane Co. Review 2023 (do they sell real diamonds?)

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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The company is a family-run business, with the first store opening in the 1920s—it now has 20 stores across 13 states. Many families are familiar with the radio ads often aired by the owner Tom Shane himself.

Unfortunately, with the tough competition online, Shane Co. Diamonds are not as famous as they once were. As a result, they have taken much of their business online.

Compare Shane Co. Diamonds with James Allen.

Shane Co. Diamonds is an American jewelry store that customers visited for their jewelry needs before online engagement ring shopping surfaced. Back then, they were very competitive in the market, but now with the rise of sites like James Allen and Blue Nile, comparing them with the latter needs to be clarified.

Uncertified diamonds, low-quality cuts, and incredibly high prices make Shane Co. Diamonds one of the least-desirable places for customers to purchase a unique engagement ring.

Shane Co.
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      What Shane Co. Diamonds Offer

      Shane Co. Diamonds offers some stunning jewelry pieces, though the fact that many of their diamonds need to be certified raises concerns. They carry some GIA-certified diamonds, but the store's salespeople do not emphasize the importance of certification for novice shoppers.

      The one advantage to brick-and-mortar jewelers, such as Shane Co. Diamonds, is that many people still prefer to shop in-store for an engagement ring. The experience of viewing a diamond in real life and holding it in their hands is much more comforting than purchasing a diamond engagement ring online after viewing only a photo.

      What Makes Shane Co. Diamonds Stand Out?

      Accessibility: While the accessibility is incomparable with an online jewelry store, with 20 stores across 13 states, it is easy to find a Shane Co. Diamonds store.

      Viewing: You can view diamonds, and engagement rings firsthand at one of the Shane Co. Diamonds stores and see what you are being offered.

      Engagement rings: Shane Co. Diamonds offers a relatively wide range of diamond engagement rings to view in-store and online. The range is vast enough for customers to find the ring they desire.

      Online pictures: The pictures of the engagement rings and diamonds on the site are excellent. There is also an option of an 1800 video under standard lighting to properly view the diamond before deciding.

      Shane Co. Diamonds Pricing

      In short, Shane Co. Diamonds are more expensive than James AllenBlue Nile, or other trusted online jewelry stores. Moreover, their diamonds are uncertified and low-quality but still hold high price tags. The price of a diamond sold at a brick-and-mortar store includes the stock inventory and overheads, such as rent and staff pay. You must not cover these additional costs as a customer when buying a diamond or engagement ring online.

      Custom Orders

      Online, you have enough freedom when it comes to creating your ring. A section of the website has been dedicated to custom orders, allowing you to start with a diamond, an emerald, a sapphire, a ruby, or a setting. Afterward, you can match different stones and settings to create the desired engagement ring.

      Website Ease of Use

      The Shane Co. Diamonds website is easy to use and has helpful filtering options. However, most of the filtering options for engagement rings are focused on shape and metal. When it comes to diamond searching, most of the valuable information needed is shown next to a photo of the diamond, helping choose suitable properties. There is also an option to compare different diamonds, saving you from going back and forth to check other stones.

      The site is clean, somewhat minimalist, and features stunning photos of some of their best fine jewelry. The site also offers valuable resources to help customers choose when purchasing a diamond, gemstone, or ring.

      Customer Service

      The customer service you receive from Shane Co. Diamonds depends on whether you buy in-store or online. The salespeople in-store need to earn, so they often push clients towards a particular stone or piece of jewelry, even if there are better fits.

      Online, valuable customer care helps with queries and requests for those who choose to shop online instead.

      Refund and Returns: Shane Co. Diamonds have a decent return policy. You can return an item you are unsatisfied with to the company with insurance within 60 days of purchase.

      Warranties: Other warranties you can receive when buying an engagement ring from Shane Co. Diamonds include free resizing, inspection, cleaning, maintenance, lost stone replacement, and polishing.

      Shipping: All shipping is a free 2-day shipping plan through FedEx. Also, customers will be sent a gift box with their purchase.

      Shane Co. Diamonds Financing Options

      Shane Co. Diamonds offer a Shane Co credit card that you can use to loan money and repay the store without interest, provided the amount is paid within six months. However, rates increase from 9.99% to 12.99% with monthly payments after six months have passed.

      Why You Should Choose Shane Co. Diamonds

      • Large inventory of stunning engagement rings
      • In-store option to view rings in real-time
      • Great warranties are offered on jewelry bought from the store
      • Custom orders are provisioned online, allowing customers to choose a desired setting and matching stone

      Shane Co. Diamonds – Moving To The Future

      As many brick-and-mortar jewelry stores have realized, the engagement ring and jewelry industry's future is moving online. Unfortunately, due to the cost of running stores, these jewelers cannot compete on price with online retailers who only do business online.

      Therefore, besides lacking quality, Shane Co. Diamonds are much more expensive than James Allen and Brilliant Earth. When purchasing from James Allen, you will receive a certification for your diamond, which is not guaranteed with Shane Co. Diamonds.

      The bottom line is that your money will be much better spent at Blue Nile or James Allen.