Within the wedding industry, hardworking influencers publish insightful content data to help you plan a perfect wedding for yourself to appreciate their work and let our readers be rendered them; we have selected the top 100 wedding websites of 2021 that have created unique and thought-provoking content for their audience.

To learn more about them, check the list below in alphabetical order.

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100 Layer Cake

Besides being a wedding blog, 100 Layer Cake helps you celebrate and facilitate and provide inspiration for the special events your life has in store for you, including birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries. The content on the blog is uniquely curated to resonate deeply with brides, professionals, and women who long to live stylish life. Dedicated to making each celebration a moment to remember, 100 Layer Cake is, without t a shadow of a doubt your go-to site for every special event.


A Practical Wedding

A blog created along novel lines, A Practical Wedding is made by and for smart feminist women. It is focused on pushing towards and celebrating inclusive, accessible, and authentic stories of love and relationships regardless of the forms they take. Being the leading voice in millennial weddings, the blog is increasingly popular with the modern woman who does not want to conform to wedding norms otherwise dubbed outdated. The blog features real stories and personal essays; and is one of the most popular wedding sites thanks primarily to its progressive, inclusive theme.


Artfully Wed

Designed with a modern feel and replete with exquisiteness, Artfully Wed focuses on making your day picture-perfect while also making the very process of planning very easy for the bride. The blog features ways via the adoption of which you can add style and color to your wedding and offers a special feature identifying the best seasons to hold it in. In short, it is a complete guide that inspires and assists those who direly require it.


Bayside Bride

Bayside Bride carries a wealth of resources for men and women intending to get married. The blog helps you plan for your wedding better—from venues to color themes and ideas to help you through the exciting and life-changing yet, at the same time, stressful journey; it homes innumerable resources. Furthermore, it offers emotional support, which can most certainly be acquired by those about to tie the knot.


Black Bride

Black Bride is a source of inspiration and advice for all brides of color, catering to the ever-growing multi-cultural wedding industry by connecting couples with people carefully curated through the blog who master the art of organizing events. The market niche that the blog has adopted allows it to issue forth brides and grooms of color and their personal stories fraught with love. It is there that women of color are warmly celebrated and are helped in the embarkation of their journey of marriage.


Belle The Magazine

Belle The Magazine is a wedding blog dedicated to the bride seeking sophistication. Therein, brides can find a stunning roundup of the best weddings from around the web, besides some incredibly beautiful wedding dress ideas aiding you in planning for your day better. The carefully curated collection of ideas, advice, and inspiration will be adored by such brides as are looking to have an elegant wedding, one that stands out.


Bespoke Bride

Bespoke Bride is about color and creativity, striving towards ascertaining that your special day becomes one to remember and hold dear. From stylish wedding inspiration to tutorials and DIY projects, Bespoke Bride has it all. It, but, doesn’t end here. There is a link to unique and creative businesses that are all the more willing and able to work with you to make your day successful and unforgettable, allowing you to worry less than you otherwise would.



B.Loved is a UK-based blog created with the intention of rendering you aware of contemporary, beautiful ideas for weddings, family, fashion, and beauty. The blog has been created to cater to hard-working women desiring a unique wedding experience, giving them the opportunity to live a life they love. A comprehensive inspiration source for you in every walk of your life, it is worth your time paying it a visit before your special day for some wonderful advice.


Brenda’s Wedding Blog

Brenda’s Wedding Blog has been created to help brides add some creative and unique touches to their wedding, making the latter replete with fun, color, and elegance. It features highlights of real weddings and so too latest wedding trends, new products, and everything else that brides-to-be must know. With some printable material and DIYs found therein, it is a blog for brides who are in need of ideas and motivation to plan for their wedding properly.



With over 85 years of experience in the wedding industry, Brides has over 10,000 articles with an ever-increasing intensity, filled with expert advice and inspiration that couples require in order to plan for their special day. It brings couples an inclusive look inside the world of weddings, giving ideas about different types of celebrations; and is a place aiding couples to bring about uniqueness in their auspicious occasion. The blog extends to married life as well, guiding couples towards a content life together in the most exquisite of ways possible.


Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide is your gateway to every bit of inspiration you might require for your wedding day. From beautiful wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses to real wedding features and unique wedding gifts, it comprises of everything you might need to set about planning for your wedding day with sheer ease.


Bridal Musings

Bridal Musings manages to balance inspiration in the most stylish way possible, with honest and helpful advice. At the blog, there is no aspiration for the perfect wedding per se, but, instead, it offers help to brides and grooms in creating their own vision for their unique and special day. Featuring styled shoots, real weddings, music playlists, travel tips, and planning tips, there is an idea to be found for all faiths, genders, sizes, cultures, and styles.


Brooklyn Bride

Brooklyn Bride holds the distinction of being one of the first blogs dedicated to modern weddings. Created by an interior designer and bridal blogger, the site is home to all budding vendors who specialize in various areas such as invitations, calligraphy, and (wedding) gifts. Therein, you will happen upon several posts on shop reviews and bridal shows; in short, every idea pertaining to a perfect Brooklyn wedding is there on offer for you.


Brides Up North

Brides Up North is focused on couples aiming to get married in the north of the UK. It encourages couples to think locally and to support wedding vendors hailing from the local community. There are many real weddings featured on the site, each based in the north of the UK. The blog has hosted many wedding shows in the North West, North East, and Yorkshire. For the bride looking to get married up north, this is a blog worth visiting.


Boho Weddings

For the boho-luxe bride, Boho Weddings is an all-in-one wedding planning blog. It comprises of everything boho on all ends of the scale from luxe to rustic, modern, and vintage ideas, focusing on allowing for the reflection of each couple's unique style and personality in their wedding. For readers, the blog offers fun, inspirational, and informative content that can prove invaluable whilst planning a wedding.


Budget Savvy Bride

The Budget Savvy Bride is the go-to blog for couples looking to plan a wedding on a tight budget. It homes endless ideas related to money-saving tips, DIY projects, practical wedding tips, and exclusive wedding deals from trusted vendors. Therein, real budget weddings have also been highlighted with cost breakdowns that depict that weddings upon which the lion’s share of one’s wealth isn’t spent can also be beautiful.


Burnett’s Boards

Should you wish to be on the lookout for daily wedding inspiration, Burnett’s Boards is where you should sign up. With countless inspiration boards and categories—ranging from beauty to colors—to beautiful bridal dresses, it features everything an engaged couple can hope for so as to stay up to date with all the novel ideas they need to plan for their special day.


Catalyst Wedding Co

One aim, among others, of Catalyst Wedding Co is to bring about an increase in the diversity of weddings covered and to engage in critical dialogues about weddings, love, and marriage. The blog is all the more inclusive of all genders, classes, sexualities, and so forth. It is a place for everyone to feel celebrated and loved and to acquire all the details and inspiration that they need to plan for their unique day and celebrate their love with confidence.


Chic Vintage Brides

Chic Vintage Brides exists to help couples plan a wedding day reflective of who they are, giving them timeless and romantic inspiration to help them celebrate their special love. Known for publishing stylish weddings, creatively styled shoots, wedding color palettes, and fashion, Chic Vintage Brides touches upon every bit of inspiration a bride and groom might need before the big day.


Classic Bride Blog

The Classic Bride Blog is a platform for such couples as want a classic wedding and so too for those who want to add some preppy touches to their propitious occasions. It features weddings each bearing the potential of making it to the most prestigious magazines including Habor Resort Weddings, Yacht Club Weddings, and Estate Weddings.

Be that as it may, as classic as the Classic Bride Blog wishes your weddings to be, it also puts forth some wonderfully creative ideas for those seeking for a personal touch and perfect venues for their special day and great vendors to make the latter incredible and one to relish.


Elegance & Simplicity

Elegance & Simplicity was born out of a wedding & event design company with two primary focuses; one on food and menus while the other based on eco-friendly plant and décor rentals. The blog is based in the DC area and features some great ideas for wedding planning, as well as eco-friendly tips and inspiration for the eco-conscious couple.


Elizabeth Anne Designs

Elizabeth Anne Designs is a blog dedicated to timeless weddings, encompassing a simplistic, classic theme that transcends varying couples’ tastes and preferences. Therein, you can happen upon a compilation of innumerable blog posts on individually themed weddings from all over the world. Brides can find style editorials and color ideas. With wedding professionals using the blog and trying to make it a unique experience, it is a one-stop resource for all the information you need.


Emmaline Bride

Emmaline Bride is a cooperative blog that seeks to support brides from the very moment they get engaged. With professionals in the field and incredible ideas featured therein, it helps brides plan every detail for their big day in a profound manner: from exquisite venues to consider to the color palette likely to be chosen. The blog also offers insights into how well the DIY wedding projects are being carried through. Also, it offers information on how to ask your bridesmaids to stand by your side and on how to keep them happy throughout the whole process that can otherwise become utterly tiresome if not planned properly. In words barer, it makes the journey more fun and comfortable for the bride.


Confetti Day Dreams

Confetti Day Dreams is a blog created for couples wishing to add some colors and sparkle to their wedding day. The blog features a detailed step-by-step plan, guiding them throughout the days leading up to their special day. In order to ascertain that all the requisite tasks are undertaken, it contains checklists that aim at ensuring that from their engagement onwards to the days wherein they plan for their wedding day, the couple doesn’t let a escape unattended and is wholly ready for what is to come.


Every Last Detail

Every Last Detail was created by Lauren Grove, a wedding planner who brings her world of expertise to the blog to help brides ascertain that they plan their wedding down to the most intricate, otherwise minutest, of details. Apart from the much needed wedding inspiration that the blog has on offer, it also helps educate brides on how to make the right choices and what they ought to be focused on. Also, it includes lists of approved vendors and prudently crafted wedding tips each carefully curated to inspire and educate such brides as need help planning and deciding.


Equally Wed

Equally Wed is a blog dedicated to LGBTQ+ weddings; a wedding magazine, book, and an education center for LGBTQ+ couples and LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding professionals. Its primary focus is on news adhering to marriage equality and gives special mention to LGBTQ+-friendly wedding vendors seeking inclusivity. For those on the lookout for extra support and some more niche advice, this is definitely one site to worth visiting.


Estate Diamond Jewelry Blog

Dedicated to excellence and to the finest of things in life, Estate Diamond Jewelry Blog is dedicated to helping its customers find the perfect engagement rings for their partners-to-be. With a collection of rings that are unique and beautiful, the blog—and the company-at-large—will help find the perfect ring for and subsequently match it to a loving couple. From expertly crafted vintage styles to cushion-cut diamonds, Estate Diamond Buying has an extensive inventory compounded with expertise to make one’s dream ring a reality.


Exclusive Weddings

Exclusive Weddings contains every requisite information a bride and groom might need to profoundly plan for their wedding and bring about exclusivity in their auspicious day. From accessories and catering to bridesmaids, invitations, and honeymoons; various ideas and unparalleled inspiration can be found all touching upon the minutest of details. It is an inventory of all that goes into making a wedding an unforgettable one. Additionally, brides and grooms can greatly benefit from being part of the Exquisite Wedding group.


Fab You Bliss

Fab You Bliss was originally created to promote wedding photographers, but, given the creative minds behind it, has now grown into being one of the largest wedding blogs available. It is dedicated to featuring only the best and most valuable features in vogue, wedding inspiration, and DIY tutorials besides some of the most popular Eco-chic ideas. The blog is updated daily; implying that there are always new ideas for brides to find—ideas related to fashion trends, home decor, and those inspiring imagery from the best wedding photographers around.


Festival Brides UK

Festival Brides, as the name adequately describes, was founded by a bride who wanted to organize a mini-festival for her wedding. Much to one’s amazement, it now features a blog that focuses on weddings conducted along a bohemian theme, connecting couples to venues and vendors who they can work with to sprinkle bits of liveliness over their festival-themed wedding. For a unique, quirky, and celebratory wedding, Festival Brides will help brides along their journey to help make their experience fun-filled.


French Wedding Style

This blog was created for English speaking brides planning to get married in France, realizing the fact that the resources for brides getting married there were/are limited. It incorporates the required details, tips, and ideas to materialize the perfect French-wedding dream for couples and helps to guide brides from across the world to plan towards their special day in the beautiful country.


Grey Likes Weddings

Focused on exquisite things that can easily be missed, Grey Likes Weddings renders brides and grooms every bit of information and advice required for planning a wedding. From wedding invitations to engagement rings, bouquets, and menu options, you will find all prerequisites covered therein. With a unique take on design and focused on the finer things in life, any bride can conveniently fall in love with the inspiration it has on offer. Besides, Grey Likes Weddings accommodates reviews of some of the best wedding vendors from across the world.


Green Wedding Shoes

The Green Wedding Shoes blog is dedicated to love regardless of the shape it adopts and form it is carried out in. It caters to all types of weddings; intimate, farm, and over-the-top traditional weddings. Furthermore, it seeks to help couples make their weddings reflective of them, ensuring that the day becomes truly special with the help of Green Wedding Shoes Artist Guide that assists couples in finding the best local vendors.


Hello May

A meeting place for talented and creative vendors, Hello May has been created to help brides and grooms opt for the best among the suppliers and vendors listed there for their wedding day. It contains profiles of all types of vendors, stylists, photographers, and stationery designers each chosen carefully and trusted for their creativity and the exclusivity that marks their work, allowing brides and grooms to go for the theme that best suits their personality.


Hey Wedding Lady

Hey Wedding Lady is centered around modern designs for today’s brides. The latter, if on the lookout for a personal wedding, will fall in love with this blog; for it offers everything she might require to make her wedding an unparalleled occasion. Therein, inspiration is drawn from weddings unique in nature and ones that are relished rather than only focusing on the latest wedding trends that might not be everyone’s taste. So, if you are a bride-to-be longing for such a unique experience, head over to their website.


Inspired Bride

The Inspired Bride is a blog that gives great taste to, and offer a fresh take on, all things that have to do with weddings, focusing on distinctive and refined details for every part of the process of planning a wedding. It helps give brides the suggestions they need to be best prepared for their wedding day. Moreover, instead of portraying past weddings as inspiration for brides to abide by, Inspired Bride offers profound advice to brides on how to put all the pieces in place and conduct their wedding in their own unique way, coupled with advice on how to choose favors and how to make the harder decisions that are part and parcel of wedding planning.


Intimate Weddings

Intimate Weddings has been created for those aiming to plan a small wedding and holds the distinction of being the only major blog dedicated to small-scale weddings; ideally with less than 75 guests. The blog comprises of helpful resources pertaining to wedding venues, a vendor guide, DIY weddings, and real wedding features all put there in order to appeal to the stratum wanting a wedding with a small attendance.


Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings offers its customers thoughtful advice so as to let them have a wedding wholly worthy of their time, attention, and money. The blog is known for its editorial skills and incredible photography that it offers to its clients. Besides, it also provides a trusted list of wedding professionals and vendors for couples all around the world. Behind the blog is a group of artistic and passionate people each striving to make your wedding and experience to remember.


Jubilee Events

Jubilee Events provides couples with a variety of experiences, including wedding planning, designs, and a planned wedding weekend that both the bridal party and guests will certainly love. It offers guidance to couples every step of the way, creating a unique experience for all parties involved including those closest to them (the couples). The company tends to clients wishing to get married in Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and beyond.


The Knot

The Knot is an all-in-one wedding planning blog that spans across 15 countries. It is a leading, global family of brands that have been assembled to help couples plan each step of the way; from the proposal and the day the latter is materialized to starting a family together, it offers an all-encompassing experience. The blog offers a list of local vendors, wedding designs, and other sister blogs to assist a couple in their new life by all means possible.


Kiss My Tulle

Kiss My Tulle, apart from being a wedding blog, is replete with realistic advice on weddings, humor, and true parenting stories that remind the bride-to-be to stay firm headed and remain focused on planning for her special day. It also features budget weddings enabling people from all classes to bring uniqueness to their days, and explains as to how ought a couple plan for their life after wedding, including details about home decor and advices pertaining to parenting.


Knots Villa

Knots Villa is a traditional blog featuring numerous different blog posts all comprised of distinctive wedding ideas and inspiration. There are wedding shoots, tips having to do with bridesmaids, color ideas, and absolutely everything else that a bride might need to plan her special day. It covers all aspects of a wedding journey and offers every requisite advice for couples wishing to tie the knot.



The Lane is an online wedding magazine that puts forth a unique combination of art, fashion, travel, and interiors to highlight the beauty and planning of weddings through a new lens. The masterminds behind the blogs are art directors, stylists, and set designers whose very presence allows the blog to have access to a personal and carefully curated list of contacts and brands that are trustworthy and capable of bringing a couple’s vision to life. The creative people at Lane blend’s disposal undertake their work extremely wholeheartedly in order to help create a memorable wedding.


La Mariée Auz Pieds Nus

This French-based blog, translated into English as The Barefoot Bride, celebrates simple marriages fraught with contentment and focused on the love that couples shares in lieu of setting up over-the-top ceremonies. The blog accommodates advice, testimonials, tips, and beautiful addresses to help brides materialize their imaginative wedding day experience in a way that suits them best. Simple, timeless love at its best.


Little Vegas Wedding

Little Vegas Weddings is the go-to blog for brides and grooms looking to get married right in the heart of Las Vegas. The blog features pictures, shoots, and descriptions of Vegas weddings accompanied by a list of restaurants, receptions, and décor to make your Vegas wedding come to life. There are tips on the blog wholly exclusive to a Vegas wedding put there to solve all Vegas related wedding problems that couples might have.


Love My Dress

Love My Dress is not just a blog that brides visit for advice and inspiration but a place for future brides to get emotional support from each other throughout the beautiful yet, more often than not, stressful planning process leading towards a wedding. The online community engaged at Love My Dress offers a supportive environment with relatable and uplifting content that helps brides find their own unique style and get the unmatched inspiration they need to create their unique day with the love of their life.



Catering to the needs of people irrespective of who they are, Loverly’s mission it is to make wedding planning simple and fun. It believes that the wedding planning experience should be exciting and inspiring, and that is exactly what Loverly ascertains for people whether they are wanting to embrace tradition or break rules. For high-class taste or a rustic wedding, it takes care of everything; from planning to inspiration to having immense fun on the special day, it is a complete go-to for any couple.


Love & Lavender

Love & Lavender is a blog run by a married couple who live their life traveling, and focuses on weddings from around the world, highlighting destination weddings and experiences for people to draw inspiration from. It also features how-to guides, product reviews, and other roundup lists with topics such as jeweler(y), décor, and honeymoon ideas. From the minutest of details to some of the bigger decisions, everything is overwhelmingly covered on the blog.


Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart is well known figure with regards home-making, and so it is no wonder that she has a dedicated wedding blog via which she intends to make a couple’s wedding experience one for the books. The blog, however, is more for the classic bride who is looking for a traditional wedding that it might be for a modern one. There are articles on different dresses’ styles, details, and décor as well as sound suggestion on how to effectively and calmly plan your wedding. The blog might not be as modern as some of its counterparts, but it serves its purpose well for the classic bride.


Magnolia Rouge

With a focus on design and aesthetics, the Magnolia Rouge blog is inspired by light, natural, and simplistic designs and so too on organic styling raw texture and imagery. Striving to harmonize emotions and real moments with a dose of inspiration, the blog has abundant editorial shoots that give brides descriptions of some of the classier and most elegant of weddings. Showcased there are stories of real brides who have undergone the planning themselves with the help of this classy blog.


Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero is a blog dedicated to the finer parts of the wedding, and is inspired by big adventures, modern romantics, and beautiful surprises. It aims to help couples create enduring and graceful bridal looks, with a fresh couture wedding aesthetic that is sought by the bulk of those planning their wonderful day. The site also features stunning imagery of weddings and classic dresses.


My Hotel Wedding

My Hotel Wedding is the go-to blog for couples looking to have their wedding hosted in a beautiful hotel. The creator of the blog, Lauren Randolph, has years of experience in luxury hotel event management and, therefore, extends her knowledge to the blog on all that goes into planning a wedding in a hotel, whether luxury or otherwise. It also extends to color schemes, dresses, and everything else adhering to weddings.


My Wedding Songs

Dedicated to all things having to do with music, My Wedding Songs is the site to visit for those who want the music that they choose to play to make their special day one to remember. The blog not only features song suggestions for wedding but song lists as well that will suit any wedding theme and age. There are articles featuring the greatest wedding and love songs, musicians’ favorites, specialty dates, dance styles, eras, and genres. It is a complete music heaven carrying music that can make or break a wedding!


Mr. and Mrs. Unique

Mr. and Mrs. Unique is dedicated to unique, idiosyncratic, and interesting weddings. The blog stands for something different and exclusive, highlighting the rare and extraordinary things that make a wedding stand out among the rest. So as to do this with sheer precision, it features creative inspiration and different vendors who can help couples achieve their individual wedding style.


Mountainside Bride

Mountainside Bride is the go-to blog for those who want a mountain wedding. The people at the blog realize that there is something magical about being in the mountains, even more so when one is getting married there. Mountainside Bride contains loads of inspiration for a mountain wedding; from wedding dresses to décor and everything else in between. There is also advice on how to successfully plan your wedding from the engagement to the wedding up till the honeymoon.


MunaLuchi Bride

Fused together, MunaLuchi means Beautiful Work of God, which the blog believes perfectly describes its brides. The MunaLuchi bride is beautiful, bold, witty, and worldly. For the love of the finest of things in life, MunaLuchi helps brides, in all shapes and sizes, achieve the weddings of their dreams. It promotes positive images with women of color, promoting confidence in every bride.



Nouba, a design-driven Australian wedding blog, has been lovingly created by a new-bride who is helping newly engaged couples find wedding inspiration different from those found in glossy magazines. The blog is full of inspiration, real weddings, DIY ideas, and unique bridal fashion for the couple who want go about their day differently. It also features vendors for couples to choose from, each known for their service and quality.


Nu Bride

Nu Bride is an inclusive and informative blog for the modern couple, offering advice and guidance on the practical and emotional side of planning a wedding. It is an assembly of many talented suppliers and vendors updated often so as to ascertain quality. The blog is a positive place to showcase beautiful women from all ethnicities, introducing a diverse mainstream wedding industry including all women no matter their story.


Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day is a South African blog focused on wedding planning and creating bespoke weddings and events. The site is completed with a strong team of design-focused women who have years of experience in the wedding industry. It contains articles such as Post Wedding Blues and Home Weddings. The scenery on the blog is exceptional and truly reflects what brides want for their special day.


Oh Lovely Day

Oh Lovely Day is not just a blog for wedding planning but also one for the everyday women and for mothers looking for a safe space to navigate life. The blog has some wonderful wedding planning tips and advice, and offers emotional support along the way to help relinquish stress and anxiety. Moreover, it is there not only for wedding planning but also for life afterwards and is a community for all women, in spite of their place in their journey.


One Fab Day

Falling atop the list of wedding websites in Ireland, One Fab Day has earned its place on our list as well. The blog features 1000s of articles and 100s of real weddings, touching on almost every topic that might surface while planning a wedding. The blog also has a trusted list of the best wedding vendors in Ireland, found within the Supplier Directory. All these suppliers have been verified to take the extra, needless stress off of planning.



Not only does OneWed give great inspiration from engagement rings to the “I do’s”, but it also connects couples with real products and great vendors. It was created to take the stress and drama out of planning weddings, and instead make it a fun and magical process. The blog contains thousands of photos of inspiration, venues, and vendors that can be booked online. Furthermore, it provides one with the ability to create ideabooks to save and share thousands of photos; in short, it offers complete planning from the start to the absolute finish.


Once Wed

Once Wed is an online listing service for second-hand wedding dresses, and has grown to be an online wedding publication to provide newly engaged women with all the inspiration and tools they need to plan their wedding. Weddings can be expensive and wedding dresses can take a huge portion of one’s budget. Amid such a scenario, Once Wed meets the need in the market for a more budget-friendly way to purchase a dress for the bride who doesn’t mind waring one that have been used before.


Polka Dot Bride

Polka Dot Bride is a complete directory of almost everything that has to do with weddings and the journey before and after them. The blog post includes specialized details and inspiration for grooms, honeymoon ideas, and different cocktails, snacks, and favors to be served at your wedding. There is also a wealth of knowledge to be found on the smaller details, such as how to navigate through a wedding expo and which wedding photos you should choose to have. Polka Dot Bride has all the information that is often left out when wedding planning.


Perfect Wedding Guide

The Perfect Wedding Guide is exactly what the name describes, a comprehensive resource for couples to plan their special day. The site has a selection of free wedding planning tools and all the tips and advice needed on how to stay on top of every important detail. It features advice on how to choose your venue, find the right dress, hire vendors, and on whether a couple should seek the help of a wedding planner or do it alone. It also features an up to date list of wedding venues, wedding shows, and planning tools to make the process easier.


Pretty Pear Bride

Pretty Pear Bride is a wedding blog dedicated to plus-sized brides. The blog perfectly presents everything a plus-sized bride might need to help her plan her wedding aided by all the information she might want to make the day one to remember. From glamorous weddings to simpler ones in the courthouse, the blog covers it all.


Rock n Roll Bride

For all alternative brides, Rock n Roll Brides is the blog to visit. The blog offers inspiration for all types of alternative weddings; from the music scene to a pretty in pink unicorn wedding. For all of those who do not want to follow tradition, there is an inspiration galore available as well as a comprehensive store for brides to search for dresses and décor to match their unique idea for their very special, personalized day.


Rock My Wedding

This UK based wedding blog is a popular wedding resource that provides brides and grooms with helpful planning advice and great styling inspiration. The blog is 100% sponsorship free; meaning that all the reviews and recommendations on the site are unbiased. Only the best, most talented industry suppliers are provided in the hand-picked inventory. Valuing integrity, inclusivity, and individuality, the blog caters to couples from all walks of life.


Rustic Wedding Chic

For those who are looking to throw a rustic wedding, Rustic Wedding Chic should be the go-to blog. It is full of resources, inspiration, and ideas for couples who are looking to plan a rustic, chic, and elegant wedding. With resources such as high-rated vendors, rustic ideas, and shoots from rustic weddings, it is the complete resource for the theme that might as well be in vogue right now.



Ruffled is a wedding blog focused on the vintage. Starting out as a way to show vintage pieces for weddings, the blog now offers inspiration for couples who want to blend their personal style and tastes with a more vintage and nostalgic theme. It is one of the larger resources for engaged couples when it comes to inspiration and content creation for weddings.


Savvy Deets Bridal

Savvy Deets Bridal has everything a newly engaged couple needs to plan their wedding. The blog allows brides to narrow down wedding inspiration to colors and styles, helping a couple plan their wedding to their aesthetics and taste; thereby making the process a whole lot easier than usual.


Snippet & Ink

Snippet & Ink began in 2007 and since then has been a go-to wedding planning resource for the sophisticated bride who is looking to create a unique and truly meaningful wedding day. Each piece of information and advice offered on the blog is thoughtfully curated and is created with authenticity and an air of beauty. Both brides and grooms are able to find helpful advice for their dream wedding, making planning a breeze of fresh air.


Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is a comprehensive wedding blog that caters to all tastes and budgets. Instead of stylized shoots, the blog features real weddings for couples to take some real-life inspiration from. Included in the blog are planning tips, fashion and beauty ideas as well as wedding vendors for couples to skim through. It also accommodates an online shop for décor and wedding gifts.


Something Turquoise

For the DIY bride, this is the ultimate site. For those who love to do things on their own and wishing to stick to a budget, this blog offers the greatest wedding DIY projects and helpful tips and inspiration on how to plan and execute your wedding on your own. With experts and down-to-earth creators who have a wealth of experience in the wedding DIY field, brides can find all the resources and help they could need along their planning journey.


Southbound Bride

Southbound Bride was created for couples who are looking to get married in South Africa. The site also doubles up as an inspiration site for those who love the cultural aspect of South Africa and who want to incorporate this into their wedding. From gorgeous game lodge weddings to vineyard and beach weddings, the Southbound Bride has it all. The South African twist on the weddings featured in the blog gives it a unique theme and is perfect for those who want to incorporate the rainbow nation into their wedding.


Southern Wedding

Southern Wedding is exactly as the name describes—a resource for those who are looking for some southern inspiration for their wedding day. Although, unfortunately, the site is stopping publications, all information and inspiration will remain on the webpage as a great resource for those who want some country incorporated into their wedding.


So You’re Getting Married

So You’re Getting Married is a blog dedicated to bringing brides some pretty wedding inspiration daily from all around the wedding world. It also features home interiors, beauty, fashion, and recipes; in short, everything an up and coming bride might need to get her life on the right track and start her new journey as a wife to her man of dreams.


The Bride Link

The Bride Link is there to render expert wedding advice to couples. Whether a couple is looking to plan a private elopement or having a huge celebration, the site bears the potential of connecting couples to the right people to get the job done. On top of wedding vendors, the site also features archives of wedding inspiration, with DIY tutorials and the latest wedding trends.


The Natural Wedding Company UK

The Natural Wedding Company is the definitive resource for couples looking to plan a natural and eco-friendly wedding. The site has an innovative online directory designed to connect couples to a selection of beautiful artisan suppliers who care about the impact that weddings have on the environment. With inspiration for décor and dresses as well as the list of the suppliers, the blog is exactly what a conscious couple needs.


The English Wedding Blog

The English Wedding Blog is dedicated to beautiful English weddings and is there to help couples find all the advice and resources they need to plan their wedding. Offering inspiration on venues, décor, and style true to the English theme, the blog also features real weddings photographed in their own venues and reflective of the English culture.


The Feminist Bride

The Feminist Bride is a blog dedicated to those who do not wish to espouse the traditional bridal journey and, instead, question tradition. It aims to inspire a new generation of couples, bucking traditional and modernizing weddings, allowing and empowering brides and grooms to walk down the aisles as equals.


The Overwhelmed Bride

The Overwhelmed Bride is there to support wives-to-be through their every-day lives to help them remain stress-free throughout the planning process of their wedding. The blog features wedding tips and tricks, date night ideas and recipes, health and fitness articles, and loving advice on marriage. The blog knows that the process of planning a wedding is stressful, and the advice and planning tips on the blog will help you achieve your dream wedding with as little stress as possible.


Today’s Bride

Today’s Bride is instrumental in helping engaged couples plan the wedding they have always dreamt of. From a list of local vendors to advice and etiquette, modern trends, and everything in between, this blog encompasses all vital aspects. It posts two wedding planners each year with timelines, checklists, advice and tips, articles, real weddings, and inspiring pictures.


Queen For A Day

Queen for A Day is a French wedding blog that is helpful to brides across the world. It features real weddings with their own personal touch, ways abiding by which can make a bride feel like a queen for a day, some great venues for brides to look into as well as conceptions related to traveling around the world to accomplish a wedding. It is a classic and elegant blog, with weddings that portray couples shining in their own, unique light.


The Perfect Palette

The Perfect Palette is a go-to color resource for couples who aim to have a unique, meaningful, and creative wedding. All different color palette possibilities are explored on the site, ranging from shoots to color tips and unique, creative styling ideas. For attention to detail with all things to do with color, The Perfect Palette is a great read. Different vendors and online stores have also been recommended on the site, making shopping for the wedding a whole lot easier.


The Broke Ass Bride

Broke Ass Bride is a place for those on a tight budget to find inspiration and helpful tips on how to plan a wedding on a budget. An engagement does not come with a wealth of money; implying the reality that many couples need to keep their costs down. It can be tough to achieve this with all the pressure involved with planning weddings, but Broke Ass Bride helps keep couples realistic with regards what is needed and what can go into making the day an incredible one without letting the bank account be emptied. Unfortunately, the blog will not have new posts going forward; but there is still a wealth of information for brides and grooms to skim through.


Want That Wedding

Want That Wedding is a pragmatic blog created by a bride who is obsessed with weddings and all the styles that a wedding can have. The blog has many helpful posts, such as a wedding décor checklist, wedding color ideas, and wedding favors to complete your perfect day. It has everything a bride might need to set about planning for her magical day.


Wedding Chicks

Wedding Chicks offer a complete resource for planning a wedding every step of the way. With free wedding websites to free printable wedding invitations, it offers couples a way to fit their wedding to their budget; all while having access to the latest wedding trends, inspiration, and vendors easily accessible through the site. Brides can even shop for their wedding dresses on Wedding Chicks and take advantage of wedding insurance while they are there.


Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells is your traditional wedding blog with everything a couple needs to become inspired for their upcoming nuptials. Featuring real weddings, travel, planning, style, and even contests, the blog is a great resource for those who are dipping their toes into the planning realm before going in headfirst. It is classical, elegant, and down-to-earth; all wrapped into one pretty blog.


Wedding Lovely Blog

The Wedding Lovely Blog was created by Tracy Osborn, a web designer, obsessed with weddings. Most brides-to-be know that looking for wedding vendors can be an absolute nightmare, and that is where Wedding Lovely comes in. The blog highlights the best of the independent wedding vendors, helping brides and grooms narrow down their search for the right vendors and suppliers to make their special day a work of art.


Wedding Window

Wedding Window offers brides everything they could want leading up to their wedding day. From real wedding features and inspiration for décor, colors, and dresses to DIY projects, wedding websites, and approved vendors, it is a go-to site for many brides. Down-to-earth and relatable for the everyday bride, it is one of the sites helpful to almost everyone looking to plan a wedding.



The Weddingstar blog is focused on helping brides and grooms plan every single detail of their wedding and personalize it to their own unique taste and style. Between posts on how to get that wedding look and what you might need to personalize your day, Weddingstar carries an accommodative nature. To take it a step further, all of the ideas on the site are for sale, making it so much easier to achieve your wedding dream.


Wedding Day

Wedding Day is both a blog and a magazine. Couples can sign up for the Wedding Day blog where they are given an unrivaled planning tool for their wedding day. The planning tool gives them help every step of the way as well as in finding a vendor. Also, it provides the inspiration needed to make a wedding day a unique and personal one, true to the couple's taste and personality.


Wedge Wood Weddings

Wedge Wood Weddings was created to help couples plan their wedding stress-free and happily. The blog is a source of inspiration for couples who are seeking a fun and memorable engagement journey with stress-free planning to create the perfect wedding day. There are packages on the site that couples can purchase, rendering them more help along their planning journey.


Wedding Sparrow

Wedding Sparrow is an alternative wedding blog focusing on organic, natural, and artisanal wedding inspiration. The blog covers everything from the engagement to your own bridal spouse, to choosing the right wedding vendors, travel, and honeymoon. It also highlights quality imagery and themes through stunning photography. For wedding inspiration in the fine art niche to clean, organic imagery, Wedding Sparrow is high on the list.


Wedding Inspirasi

The site was born out of love for all things bridal and is there to inspire brides. Therein, brides can find wedding dresses, inspiration, and bridal accessories that that they might need to look and feel the best on their wedding days. Each bit of information on the site has been put there to help a bride embrace her own style while giving her the tools necessary to achieve her dream.


Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings is a place for couples to go to feel welcomed and included. Moving away from traditional weddings, the blog shows passion for inspirational, joy-filled, real, and creative weddings. A lot of the blog is aimed towards incredible photography and great film making, with real stories and helpful, trustworthy suppliers all of whom work towards making the day a special, unique one suited to the couple.


White Magazine

The White Magazine Blog was created by a married couple who are devoted to bringing a deep and meaningful feel back into weddings. The blog helps couples navigate the difficult aspects of wedding planning and marriage through the magazine which has quality advice, tips, and beautiful inspiration to make the journey one that is not only easy to undertake but one that helps them focus on commitment and the fun that a wedding should bring.


Woman Getting Married

This blog was created by a bride-to-be who was having a difficult time finding a wedding venue and narrowing down the costs of having the wedding there. The site now features a huge resource of wedding venues, a breakdown of costs, and what the total budget would be to have a wedding there. There is also great inspiration to be found on the site, such as wedding and bridesmaid dresses, wedding décor, and interviews with brides along their wedding journey.


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