Top 10 ​Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Top 10 ​Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Top 10 ​Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Posted by Sharif Khan on 22nd Jul 2019

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Radiant cut diamonds are fairly new, designed and created only 30 years ago by Henry Grossbard, a master diamond cutter. Henry Grossbard created the radiant cut diamond by combining the best attributes of an emerald cut diamond and a round cut diamond.

James Allen

Radiant cut diamonds are some of the most brilliant diamonds available, featuring 70 facets which create an incredible fire and play of light. The shape is considered cut-cornered and rectangular, or a square modified brilliant cut.

Combining the best of both worlds,  radiant cut diamonds have a silhouette similar to that of an emerald cut diamond, with the more rectangular or square shape, but the facets are cut to resemble brilliance found in round diamonds. This gives the radiant cut diamonds a truly hypnotic sparkle.

The incredible cut and radiance of these diamonds make them the perfect fit for engagement rings in any setting. They offer up the more exquisite glow and shine and are fit for the most perfect proposal.

Platinum Classic Engagement Ring

halo radiant cut engagement ring design

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For a radiant cut diamond, you need a truly spectacular ring to match and hold its beauty.

A total of 0.40ct of prong set round brilliant diamonds encapsulates the center radiant diamond in the most breathtaking halo. Along the outer edge of the square diamond halo is delicate milgrain detailing, which only adds to the elegance of the ring.

To further bring out the shine of the ring, the shank is adorned with round cut diamonds till halfway down, set in stunning platinum. The inner and outer edges of the shank also feature the elegant milgrain pattern, keeping the ring in one uniform style.

This platinum ring is the ultimate form of elegance, with enough sparkle to complement the radiant cut diamond sat in the center of a halo of sparkling stones.

Dot Dash Double Row Diamond Engagement Ring

three row diamond engagement ring

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This 14K white gold engagement ring has true elegance and beauty, its diamonds come together to create a masterpiece with the most incredible brilliance.

The shank of the ring has a double row of fancy cut diamonds which sit on the outer face of the band. The round, princess cut and baguette cut diamonds are set in an intricate pattern, much like a dot-dash pattern in a double row.

These set the perfect base for the radiant center diamond which feeds off its accompanying diamonds to perform the most magnificent light show, really boasting its incredible cut.

The white gold of the band helps to further bring out the shine and sparkle of the diamonds, giving them an exceptionally lustrous and sleek setting to sit upon.

14K White Gold RitaniPavé Tulip Solitaire Engagement Ring

Antique Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

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This engagement ring certainly has a gorgeous modern edge, with sleek lines and clean edges, it is a modern wonder.

Underneath the center diamond are white gold scrolls leading up to the base, set with pavé diamonds that sparkle from underneath the shank. These lead up to the prongs of the diamond which sit just above the centerpiece, keeping the diamond in place.

The sleek, thick edges of the shank give a bolder look to the ring, making it wonderfully modern, for the strong, edgy woman.

The radiant cut brilliant diamond feeds off of the sleekness of the white gold and the straight lines, to reflect light all around for the perfect show of its 70 facets.

Classic Three Stone

three stone radiant cut ring

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Three stone engagement rings tell a beautiful story, they speak of yesterday, today and days yet to come. They are a wonderful testament to a lasting love, and will truly stand the test of time.

This classic three stone open basket setting engagement ring holds a stunning radiant cut diamond up above the shank, giving it access to excess light.

Two round cut brilliant diamonds flank the center radiant cut diamond beautifully, adding to the exquisite play of light. The rose gold shank gives the ring a delicate warmth, enhancing the romance felt when viewing and wearing the ring.

14K Yellow Gold Classic Engagement Ring

Radiant Ring

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Traditional and timeless, this engagement ring will stand the test of time.

With a beautiful 14k yellow gold shank and setting, this ring brings out the best of all the diamonds it holds. The sides of the shank are lined with milgrain patterns, which sit on either side of  round brilliant diamonds set along the middle of the shank, held in place by delicate yellow gold prongs.

The basket beneath the diamond has its own milgrain scrolls and a surprise round diamond that can be viewed from the side.

Two matching, brilliant square diamonds sit on either side of the radiant cut center diamonds, giving it additional light and shine. The center radiant diamond is held in place with thick yellow gold prongs, which are a statement piece with their thickness but do not take away from the diamond itself.

This piece is bold and enduring, the perfect accessory for a strong love.

Truly Zac Posen Square Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Halo Radiant Cut Ring

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When it comes to really showing off a radiant cut diamond, the best frame it could have is more brilliant diamonds!

This engagement ring is a delicate blend of both vintage and modern styling. It features thirty-eight round cut diamonds set in a prong setting, with six baguette cut diamonds flanking the diamond halo on either side of the shank.

The vintage design of the diamond halo setting is modernized by the straight-lined baguette diamonds which lead down a sleek and lustrous white gold shank. It is the perfect mix of shining, sparkling elegance and straight, striking designs of a fairly simple, yet striking, thicker band shank.

This engagement ring will be a real eye-catcher, with many details to be noticed each time you take a look at it.

14K White Gold Ritani French-Set Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Antique Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

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A row of shining diamonds is French-set below the center radiant diamond, reflecting more light up towards the radiant cut, giving it all it needs for the ultimate light show.

The French-set halo is the perfect circular contrast to the straighter edged radiant cut diamond and really does highlight all of its different facets and attributes.

The shank of the ring is set with pavé diamonds all along down ¾ of the shank. Underneath the basket of the ring are hollow spaces, giving the whole piece a more dainty, elegant appearance.

It is full of wonder and shine and will give you the most wonderful diamond display from any angle it is viewed from.

18K White Gold Venetian Engagement Ring

Unique Radiant Cut Engagement Ring Design

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Can a ring be more beautiful than this? It would be difficult to find another engagement ring that so simply infuses soft, swirling lines and a brilliant radiant cut diamond so elegantly.

From the Venetian Collection at  Verragio, this engagement ring has a total of 0.25ct pavé set diamonds along the shank of the ring, forming swirling, interlocking scrolls which add a wonderfully delicate style to the ring.

The four prongs holding the center radiant diamond in place are led up with the same pavé set diamonds, creating the perfect, minimalistic, prong frame for the diamond to have the most access to light and to reflect it.

The inside of the ring has wonderful detailing, which adds texture to the ring from every angle, creating a truly stunning piece of diamond jewelry.

Monique Lhuillier Jardin Diamond Engagement Ring

Thin Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

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For the ultimate, clear sparkle, this ring cannot be matched by many.

Delicately cut marquise diamonds accent the shank, leading up to the radiant cut center diamonds. The marquise cut diamonds are placed in a distinctive design, creating the perfect frame for a showstopper center diamond.

The white platinum plays as the perfect base for the marquise and radiant cut diamonds, giving them the clean color and shine that the diamonds need for perfect light performance.

The radiant cut center diamond is held in place with four platinum prongs, allowing the diamond to have all the space it needs to shine and absorb light from all possible angles.

14K Rose Gold Criss Cross Diamond Solitaire

Radiant Cut Swirl Engagement Ring

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There are some diamonds that only need a simple setting to show off their exceptional beauty, and this radiant cut diamond shows it off well in this solitaire mount.

The split prong basket leads down to a criss-cross split shank in delicate rose gold, which joins together as one at the bottom of the shank.

The modern design of the shank and the simple, whimsical detailing around the setting of the radiant diamond manage to have a breathtaking style, daring the traditional with such a trendy design.

While it is a ring inspired by the modern, it will be a timeless classic thanks to its effortless, simplistic elegance and incredibly radiant diamond.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

An engagement ring is supposed to represent your love and lifelong commitment to each other. What better way to show this than by having a brilliant, radiant cut diamond sit center on the engagement ring of your choice. It will shine ever so brightly, and bring fire and romance to any ring it is set in.