Leicht Jeweliere Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Leicht Jeweliere Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Leicht Jeweliere Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 16th Dec 2019

Leicht Jeweliere Review

Leicht Jeweliere Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 3.5 out of 5.

Compare Leicht Jeweliere Jewelry with James Allen.

Leicht might just be one of the most disappointing jewelry stores in Germany. For a brand pushing a luxury experience, they fall drastically short and don’t even seem bothered to try to improve on all their flaws, which there are many.

The quality of the diamonds is shocking, but possibly worse are the  prices of these diamonds, which are often clarity enhanced and with very noticeable drill lines. These diamonds do not come with  certifications, none at all, which is one of the biggest red flags around.

There is no doubt at all that your money will be much better spent at  James Allen or Blue Nile, where you can be assured a diamond with a GIA certification, at a very decent price, and exceptional service. Even if you do not want to go the online route, any other jeweler will probably be much better than Leicht.

James Allen

A Brief History

Leicht Jeweliere has not been around for too long, only being founded 50 years ago in Pforzheim. The company has remained a family-run business and is now run by Geog. H Leicht with the help of his wife Silke.

Leicht has expanded to include 9 locations found around Germany.

What Leicht Jeweliere Offer

There is nothing that Leicht Jeweliere offers its customers, and there is no reason why anyone should visit the stores.

The stores themselves are woefully outdated and are very stuffy. It seems as though the stores were decorated once when they were opened, and left to collect dust and age since then. The experience is seriously depressing, and customers will feel like walking out of the store instead of making a purchase of such high value.

The next issue comes in with the sales assistants. While the sales assistants are not necessarily bad, they are not great either. First off, the sales assistants seem to shy around the fact that the diamonds are not sold with certification, but are taught to support this in whatever way possible. It is also common for sales assistants at Leicht to leave out some very important details, such as some diamonds being clarity enhanced, which is a huge problem within the jewelry industry itself. Customers deserve to know off the bat of any alterations done to a diamond, especially those with such poor quality.

No matter how hard you might try to look for something, Leicht Jeweliere does not offer anything of value to potential customers.

What Makes Leicht Jeweliere Stand Out?

Family-run – Leicht Jeweliere has remained family-run from inception, however, there really is no benefit to this, as the stores, product and value are very below average.

Diamonds – The diamonds sold at Leicht Jeweliere are of such poor quality, that they should never be considered. Firstly, they are not sold with any certification, and then some are clarity enhanced, with visible drill lines, inclusions, and very poor cuts. These diamonds should never be set in a piece as important as an engagement ring.

Certification – Possibly worse than the quality of the diamonds themselves is the fact that they are not sold with any certification. This effectively means that the qualities that the diamonds are said to hold can be completely wrong, as there is no way to check against it, especially for those who do not have experience with diamonds.


Leicht Jeweliere Pricing

There is no explanation for why the diamonds at Leicht Diamonds have such high prices. They far exceed the acceptable increase one would expect from a physical retailer, who has to push prices up to accommodate for overheads and wages.

What is more unacceptable is that the diamonds that hold these exceptionally high prices should never be bought in the first place. The quality is so low that you probably won't be able to compare it to online retailers' diamonds, as they would never stock such subpar stones.

You could find a beautiful diamond engagement ring at James Allen or Blue Nile, and be able to spend 30% less than what you would spend on a very poor quality diamond ring at Leicht. There are absolutely zero reasons why anyone should consider paying such high prices.

Custom Orders

Leicht Jeweliere offers clients the opportunity to create their own pieces of jewelry from scratch. The process is completed in the workshop in Pforzheim, with the guidance of master goldsmith Oliver Engstfeld.

Website Ease of Use

Surprisingly, the website of Leicht Jeweliere is quite nice. It is modern, subtle and full of alluring imagery. The page is in German, so if you are in English speaker, you will need to translate it through your browser.

It can be really tricky trying to find engagement rings to view, as the jewelry is all lumped together under one tab. You will more than likely have to sort through brands, which do not allow customers the opportunity to really get a feel for all the rings on offer.

When viewing a ring, there is not much imagery available, and the bare minimum of acceptable information shown. While it is a pretty webpage, it is quite useless to understand and view the ring.

The website is appealing to the eye but lacks easy navigation and information that one would hope to see when purchasing such a large value item online.

Customer Service

Leicht Jeweliere does not offer anything special in the way of customer service, and you would probably be better off showing yourself the diamonds in store.

Jewelry Buying – LeichtJewelier offer to purchase gold and jewels from customers, who can bring their pieces into the store to be evaluated and made an offer for purchase.

Service – Leicht Jeweliere has goldsmith’s in-store who repair, clean or service jewelry purchased from the company.

Leicht Jeweliere Financing Options

There are no clear financing options to be found with Leicht Jeweliere, but this is something that may be discussed in-store to see if any payment plans are available.

Why You Should Choose Leicht Jeweliere

  • You should not choose them because of their poor diamond quality
  • The experience is not worth any money spent on their overpriced pieces

Leicht Jeweliere – Absolutely No Reason to Visit

With incredibly overpriced poor diamonds and no experience offered to customers in-store, there are zero reasons why anyone should purchase a diamond engagement ring from, or let alone visit, a Leicht Jeweliere store.

To save yourself so much money, and to find a stunning diamond engagement ring, with a GIA certification, you should venture online to James Allen or Blue Nile, where you will find only the best quality diamonds and settings at a surprisingly affordable price, with great service as well.

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