How to Buy Diamonds in New York

How to Buy Diamonds in New York

How to Buy Diamonds in New York

Posted by Sharif Khan on 15th Nov 2019

How to Buy Diamonds in New York

New York City is a prime tourist destination in the US West Coast. Tourists troop from far and wide not only to take in the sights but also to experience the local culture. As a tourist, there’s so much to see and do in New York. At the heart of the city lie majestic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. Times Square and Central Park are other significant points of interest for adventure lovers.

And if you cherish a laid-back urban experience, you might consider a trip to the city’s enchanting beaches. According to this article by CNN, New York was ranked among the coolest cities in the world.

James Allen

But how does this relate to buying diamonds?

The ambiance of New York City adds extra inspiration to your diamond shopping experience. Imagine buying engagement rings in a city that has lots of romantic getaways! Would you need to scout for better places to propose to your partner? I know I wouldn’t. However, that’s an experience you rarely find anywhere else. But as you’ll discover, there are several reasons that make the Big Apple an excellent diamond trading center.

Why Should You Buy Diamonds in New York?

New York is home to established diamond stores. One such store is James Allen. James Allen is located at 551 Fifth Avenue, 6th Floor, Suite 601, New York, New York. What sets them apart is their 24.7 customer support and a very friendly staff. James Allen is also one of the few diamond merchants to deploy the 360° Display Technology. Not only do they ship worldwide, they also offer additional services free of charge. Examples include engraving and consultation services.

We also have Ben Moses Jewelry Designer, known for their staff of talented craftsmen. Ben Moses Jewelry Designer primarily deals with classic and vintage styles.

R&R Jewelers is another family-owned store that deals in high-end diamonds. With a history spanning over three decades, this store boasts a wide selection of handpicked loose diamonds. Additionally, they sell designer jewelry. The staff at R&R believe in customer appreciation. If you’re looking for a store that can fashion a diamond to your specifications, R & R is the place to look.

Designs by Kamni believes that every purchase must be preceded by adequate information. Therefore, they delight in educating their customers on the nitty-gritty of diamonds. Most notably, Kamni diamonds are handpicked, conflict-free and GIA-certified.

Jangmi Diamonds is another popular jewelry store in New York that takes diamond grading seriously. The store keeps a team of well-informed, hospitable, and patient staff. All their diamonds are GIA-certified. However, it’s their soft selling techniques that make them outstanding.

Secondly, the GIA has a local office in New York City. The Gemological Institute of America has been a game-changer in the jewelry industry. The organization deals in grading of diamonds based on the 4Cs and other parameters. With local offices in New York City, you can quickly enlist their services.

You may happen to have bought a diamond whose quality is questionable. In such cases, you can always visit their offices and seek their expert opinion. Even better, you can consult with the institute before heading down to the diamond store. GIA offices are located at 50 W 47th St 8th floor, New York, NY 10036, United States.

Where to Buy Diamonds in New York City

Perhaps, we should begin first by addressing the “how” question. The best way to buy diamonds in New York is through the internet. Shopping for diamonds online comes with numerous perks. The most obvious one is the ability to shop from the convenience of your location. You can seamlessly place your order and have the stone delivered to your address.

Buying online also enables you to compare prices across several stores. That’s another notable convenience. Walking from one physical store to another comes with several challenges. Most notably, it’s physically and mentally exhausting. Before you find your preferred jewelry, you’ll contend with all manner of sellers. You’ll come across those trying to upsell low-quality diamonds. You may also encounter sellers that deal in high-end jewelry, alright. However, their prices may be well above market value.

When you physically check into a jewelry store, there’s a way sellers analyze you. The merchants can readily tell if you’re the kind of shopper that would easily splash on jewelry. Fortunately, these are tactics you won’t find in the online trading space. You can sample diamonds from store displays, ask all the relevant questions, and then proceed to place your order. The only time you’ll physically visit the stores is during the actual purchase. And that only applies where the store doesn’t ship to your location.

But even when shopping online, you should take all the necessary precautions. Remember, it’s a virtual world. Therefore, you could fall victim to common jewelry scams. The worst-case scenario- you’d get a stone that’s of a lower quality than what you ordered. Click here to check out other common scams associated with online shopping.

But there’s no need to worry. Reliable jewelry dealers still exists. But how do you establish the reliability of a diamond dealer?

For starters, they should enjoy lots of positive feedback. As you view the company’s online displays, also check for reviews of them online. Insist on legitimate review websites. Such websites make it difficult for companies to sponsor their reviews.

Apart from positive feedback, go with a company that deals in graded diamonds. Of course, all the diamonds you buy in New York will likely come with grading certification. The real deal is to check on the grading authority. And that’s especially true for lab-grown diamonds. If in doubt, only order from a company that deals in GIA-diamonds. The next consideration is the company’s return policy. And if the store offers lifetime warranty, the better for you.

When you’re done, you can now proceed to compare prices. And here, ensure you’re making an “apple-to-apple” comparison. In simple terms, the diamonds should be similar in all other parameters.

However, it could happen that you’re looking for the brick-and-mortar experience. For example, maybe you’re a tourist who’s also looking to experience the streets of New York City as you shop for your jewelry. If that’s the case, your best bet would be to head to the New York Diamond District.


Welcome to the New York Diamond District

The New York Diamond District is the most popular place to buy diamonds in New York. It has a history dating back to the early 1920s. The District is located in Midtown Manhattan, West 47 th Street. The Fifth and the Sixth Avenues surround it. NYC Diamond District is strategically located a short distance from significant points of interest. Notable mentions include the Madison Square and Times Square. You can follow this link for directions to the NYC Diamond District.

Over the years, the district has seen a substantial expansion. That’s due to the high number of jewelry merchants trooping into New York every year. With over 4,000 wholesale and retail jewelry dealers, the Diamond District offers an experience of its kind. You can choose to buy your diamond from standalone shops. Or, you can visit shops that feature scores of jewelry counters. But like many other diamond districts, adequate preparation is paramount.

How Accessible Is the Diamond District of NYC?

One thing that makes the NYC Diamond District stand out is its ease of accessibility. As we mentioned earlier, the district is nestled in midtown. That means you can get there using any means of transportation.

The most popular mode of transport is by train. All the B, D, F, and M trains make a stop at the 47th Street Rockefeller-Station. The terminus is the 6 th Avenue entrance into the NYC Diamond District. You could also opt for the N, R, and W trains, all which pass through the 49 th Street.

If you prefer bus transport, your options are unlimited. Numerous non-stop buses ply the Avenue throughout the day.

You could also take a taxi or drive yourself there.

Most importantly, you should understand the best times to visit. Shops in this district open relatively later than other shops in the city. Business hours typically run from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The ideal visiting hours are mid-morning or in the afternoon, right after lunchtime. If you’re visiting from out of the US, take into consideration the public holidays.

Decembers might be the best time to go shopping for diamonds on this street. Around that time, most shops open unusually early and close late. That’s ostensibly to cash in on the high presence of tourists in the city. If you’re visiting during winter months, make allowances for heavy traffic.

The convention is to schedule an appointment with a jeweler in advance. That way, you can prepare your questions and have them addressed before buying your jewelry. You’ll discover that most reputable traders primarily work with appointments.

How to Prepare Yourself Before Visiting the Diamond District

Presently, it’s estimated that over $500 million diamonds are traded here every day. In other words, the street accounts for over 90% of all diamond trades throughout the country. The good news is that most of these are high-end jewelry with proper grading certification. However, you won’t always get fair bargains when shopping for diamonds on this street. And that’s where adequate preparation comes in.

Similar to shopping online, you should acquaint yourself with the necessary information on diamonds in general. Begin by understanding the elements that determine the quality of diamonds. First and foremost, learn about the 4Cs – Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity. Next, try to uncover the jewelry styles and designers that are in vogue. For instance, two popular styles include the Edwardian and the Art Deco. Some famous diamond designers include  TacoriRitani, and Verragio. Always choose a merchant that deals in, not just fashionable, but luxurious designers.

You may also want to learn more about the different styles of engagement rings. For instance, we have the Angular Style rings, Floral Motif rings, and Halo Style rings.

After acquainting yourself with necessary information on what comprises a high-end diamond, proceed to establish the reputation of the seller. Here, you’ll need to go back online and check on reviews. At the very least, buy diamonds from a seller with an online presence. According to this article in the New York Post , online shopping is now a popular trend among jewelry buyers. Therefore, a reputable merchant should have already aligned itself accordingly by having a website. Avoid any merchant without Google or Yelp reviews. Word-of-mouth recommendations may come in handy at times. However, they aren’t always reliable. That’s because every diamond shopper has their unique taste and specifications.

Once you’ve located a seller, don’t buy a diamond without proper documentation. Insist on the  GIA or AGS grading certificates.

And when it comes to certification, don’t take any seller at their word. Insist that they provide proof of certification, then confirm for yourself that it’s valid.

When interacting with a trader, ask as many questions as possible. The trader should be happy to clear your doubts and suspicions. Avoid sellers that try to rush you into making a decision. Especially shun merchants who hype their jewelry as the most affordable. Throughout your interactions with dealers at the NYC Diamond District, always keep your guard up. If you’ve your doubts on a seller, politely walk away.

In terms of getting the most affordable deals, avoid shops that face the streets. Examples include shops on the 6 th Avenue side of the Diamond District. Most diamonds in such stores are overpriced. Plus, these shops are often too crowded, making it difficult for you to sample the displays carefully. Instead, insist on stores located above the ground floor. Generally, avoid shops that sell their diamonds in complete rings. You may be carried away by the elegance of the ring at the expense of the quality of the diamond in it. Your best bet is to visit shops that deal in loose diamonds.

However, remember that price variations shouldn’t be too huge. For instance, you may come across a shop offering a diamond for $30,000. You might find another shop selling the same diamond for $6,000. Though it looks like the best bargain, the second diamond is likely a low-quality gem.

Shopping for a diamond at the NYC Diamond District is a wonderful experience. The district has numerous stores that stock a variety of diamonds guaranteed to make you say ‘wow’- at least once. And the reasonable prices will have you tripping over your feet to buy one. Next time you’re in the city check out the online stores and be ready to be amazed.

Good luck!