How to Buy Diamonds in Louisville, Kentucky

How to Buy Diamonds in Louisville, Kentucky

How to Buy Diamonds in Louisville, Kentucky

Posted by Sharif Khan on 23rd Nov 2019

How to Buy Diamonds in Louisville, Kentucky

Our lives revolve around certain historic events. Some of these events, like engagement and marriage ceremonies, are quite solemn. Others, such as routine family gifting occasions, may appear rather frivolous. All in all, these events are momentous in their own rights. That’s because the participants are people we hold so dear.

Gifts accompany nearly every significant event. Indeed, they’re the crowning jewels of such occasions. Without presents, any ceremony would lose its glamour and meaning. So, in our quest to wow our near and dear ones with ideal gifts, we usually leave no stone unturned. We often go the extra mile to get them something that’s truly remarkable. A present that’s not only a true reflection of their style but one whose blissful aura will reverberate for years to come.

When it comes to gifts, the financial value doesn’t matter a lot. Instead, what matters most is the sentimental value of the present. According to the New York Times, all gifting is psychological. How the recipient reacts upon receiving the present is all that counts. Therefore, the present should be something that screams awesomeness. One such gift is diamonds.

From time immemorial, diamonds have remained the most preferred gift for most occasions. You’ve possibly heard the famous saying that Diamonds Are Forever. That’s because their value lasts for eternity. As you’d expect, these jewels come with a hefty price tag. And the higher the quality, the higher the cost is likely to be.

Therefore, it pays to exercise diligence and caution while shopping for these precious jewels. The last thing you want is to buy some low-quality diamonds. And less so if the price is disproportionately high.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a diamond shopping experience in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is a city of many firsts. It’s this city that produced one of the most celebrated boxers – Muhammad Ali. The city also plays home to the renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken.

But in spite of all these achievements, how does shopping for diamonds in Louisville feels like? Read on to find out.

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Buying Diamonds in Louisville

If you’re from cities like New York, you’re probably already familiar with the term diamond district. Shopping for diamonds in a diamond district comes with numerous perks. Of notable mention is the full range of gems you can find in one place. Diamond districts also come with the advantage of competitive prices.

Sadly, Louisville doesn’t have a diamond district. That makes shopping for jewelry in this city a little complicated. So, it pays to be prepared if you wish to have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Are you itching for a fantastic diamond shopping experience in Louisville? The following is a rundown of the things you must take care of.

1. Determine Your Needs

The first step when shopping for diamonds is the most crucial. You should ask yourself exactly what it is that you want. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal gift or a present for someone else. You must first establish the specifications of the jewelry.

For example, if you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring, you would want to find out how the ring fits on your finger. The same goes for a diamond necklace - how does the necklace fit around your neck? To work that out, you must understand specific aspects like carat weight and cut. It also means honing in on the right store.

Some stores in Louisville offer loose diamonds. If you have unique specifications, you might consider buying loose diamonds. That enables you to choose a piece of jewelry separately. Then, you can have the diamond mounted onto your jewelry. If your requirements are a bit flexible, you could buy jewelry with pre-mounted diamonds.

2. Choose Whether to Buy Online or Offline

When it comes to jewelry shopping, experts generally recommend buying online. It comes with many conveniences. That’s because you can do all your shopping from anywhere within the city. And after placing your order, you sight tight and wait for the dealer to ship the merchandise to you. Besides, there’s an extra layer of security. The best part is, buying diamonds online in Louisville is the more affordable option.

However, perhaps you prefer the experience of touching and feeling the real gem. As such, you might consider buying your diamond from a brick-and-mortar store. Besides the realistic experience, buying diamonds in Louisville from a physical store comes with additional perks. It’s a way to experience the majestic beauty of the city. As you traverse Louisville streets looking for your ideal diamond, you’ll also behold the city’s architectural and infrastructural marvels.

3. Choose a Store Wisely

When buying anything, you’re often encouraged to shop from reputable dealers. One thing that determines the reputation of a merchant is their length of stay in the industry. Fortunately, Louisville boasts diamond merchants with a reasonably long history. And that’s especially important if you’re looking for vintage diamonds.

But a long history isn’t the only marker of a reputable diamond dealer in Louisville. Another thing you’d want to find out is the range of jewelry the merchant sells. The broader the range, the better for you. However, you’ll occasionally come across stores that stock unique kinds of diamonds. For instance, specific diamond dealers in Louisville primarily sell bridal jewelry. Such stores target certain market segments. But even then, ensure they offer flexibility in terms of color, cut, carat weight, and clarity.

Another marker of a reputable store is in the kind of diamonds they deal with. In this regard, are the diamonds conflict-free or blood diamonds? Conflict-free diamonds refer to those that aren’t traded to finance armed conflicts. The opposite is blood diamonds. You’re a responsible jewelry consumer. As such, you must ensure the store abides by all the required ethical business practices. You’ll come across diamond dealers that offer some form of conflict-free guarantee to that effect. If you’re in doubt, insist on diamonds mined in countries like Russia.

So, you’ve filtered stores based on the range and kind of diamonds they offer. Now, check their customer service. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping offline or online. You must try and gauge how responsive a diamond store is to your needs.

Professional dealers would be happy to settle as many of your questions as possible. Such dealers aren’t moved by the sheer profit objective. Instead, they place customer satisfaction above everything else. So, while making inquiries, understand the red flags to watch out for. Are the staff unreasonably pushy? Are there evident hard-selling tactics? Dealers that are more inclined towards profit-making won’t have time to address your queries. Instead, they’ll be more concerned about getting you to buy their jewelry.

The next step is to check if a store deals with graded diamonds. Diamond grading is instrumental in helping you establish the real value of the jewelry. However, not all grading is done by credible institutions. Therefore, only consider stores that stock diamonds graded by reliable organizations like the GIA. Besides, a proper grading report also helps to establish the financial worth of the diamond. The reports don’t necessarily put a fixed price on a diamond. However, they could clue you in on the approximate cost of the gem, based on the parameters of the Four Cs.

If you’re having trouble interpreting these reports, you could enlist the services of professional appraisers. You can either choose to hire independent appraisers or use a store’s in-house appraiser. To avoid conflicts of interest, your best bet is to source for an independent appraiser. The appraiser will help you determine the worth of the diamond. Also, they might refer you to some of the city’s finest diamond merchants.

Lastly, try to ask about the store’s after-sale policies. Do they accept returns, and if they do, what’s the valid return period? As for shipping, establish whether the store ships to your location. As you may expect, this matters most when you’re shopping online. You might also ask if the store offers insurance for the jewelry. Most of these services come with extra markups. Nonetheless, they’re highly necessary.

4. Compare Prices

The last step in buying diamonds in Louisville is comparing prices across multiple stores. It’s easier to compare prices online. That’s because you can leverage certain online features, like online price calculators, to do so.

When comparing prices, eliminate all possible differentiators. Instead, ensure you’re comparing the cost of the same gem. And while you’re at it, be wary of stores with unreasonably cheap rates. Chances are, those diamonds could be inferior quality.


Common Diamond Dealers in Louisville, Kentucky

Merkley Kendrick Jewelers

Merkley is an independent jeweler with a history of over a decade. The store serves the Louisville city and surrounding areas. Some of their trademark services include repairs, appraisals, cleaning, and custom designs. If you’re looking for vintage diamonds, look no further than Merkley. What’s more - you can book private consultation meetings before you choose your desired diamond.

Seng Jewelry

Seng also prides itself on a history spanning over a century. Here’s where you’ll find all the exclusive handmade diamonds in Louisville. From antique diamonds to estate collections, Seng offers it all. You’ll also love some of their additional services like diamond engraving, appraisals, and restringing. Seng Jewelers also provide lots of gemological services.

Jordan Clines Jewelry

Jordan Clines is famous for its vast collection of jewelry. The store stocks estate jewelry, unique diamonds, antique jewelry and all kinds of precious stones. With over a century in operation, Jordan Clines has come to understand the varied tastes of their clients. That’s why their certified gemologists assist their customers through the entire process of diamond selection. Besides selling diamonds, they also offer appraisal and engraving services.

Davis Jewelers

Are you a fashion freak looking for the most exquisite fashion jewelry? Look no further than Davis Jewelers. Davis is also a go-to store for those looking for bridal jewelry. Davis Jewelers source all their diamonds from DeBeers. That means the diamonds come uncut. Therefore, it’s another favorite store if you’d like your diamond cushioned to meet precise specifications.

Aesthetics in Jewelry

Though relatively newer than most stores we’ve highlighted here, Aesthetics in Jewelry never disappoints when it comes to offering high-end diamonds. The store deals with both loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. From necklaces to bracelets and engagement rings, you’ll get it all under one roof. Additional services they offer include repairs, resizing, engraving, appraisals, and semi-annual inspections.

Buying diamonds in Louisville is an experience to relish forever. The fact that the city lacks a diamond district is a blessing in disguise. That’s because you can seamlessly conduct your shopping online. While at it, you’ll have ample time to sample different displays and compare prices. Ultimately, you’ll end up with one of the most precious gifts for your next momentous occasion.