11 Popular Diamond Cuts and What they Say About You

11 Popular Diamond Cuts and What they Say About You

11 Popular Diamond Cuts and What they Say About You

Posted by Sharif Khan on 18th Jan 2020

11 Popular Diamond Cuts

When shopping for diamonds, there are numerous factors that consumers often consider. While most buyers primarily select their diamonds based on a balance of the Four Cs, others choose the gems depending on their budget needs. Some buyers even consider further intricate details, such as certification, insurance, and how the diamonds are sourced.

All of the above factors are crucial to selecting your ideal stone. But above all, you should also establish what the diamond says about your taste and personality. Remember that this is a gemstone you’ll probably hold on to for the rest of your life. So, if you fancy red color, it’s only natural that you go for a red diamond.

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A diamond cut is the main element of the Four Cs that a consumer should consider when shopping for a stone that reflects their character and personality. That’s because out of all the four aspects, it’s the cut of a diamond that’s most outstanding. Read on as we highlight the top 11 diamond cuts and what they say about you.

1. Emerald Diamond Cut

An emerald cut is one of the most exquisite and unique diamond shapes out there. That means it requires heightened skill and craftsmanship to facet. Compared to other diamond cuts, such as round diamonds, emerald cut doesn’t give off so much brilliance. Instead, it produces a figure that looks like a “hall of mirrors”. That’s where it draws its uniqueness and elegance.

Emerald diamond cuts also feature a rectangular shape complete with lean facets down their sides. The pattern creates an image of stair steps. Based on that image, consumers tend to choose the emerald cut to symbolize a change in social status. Emerald cuts are also associated with people who are confident, glamorous, and open to taking risks.

Grace Kelly, Kate Hudson, and Grace Kelly are some of the celebrities that sport the emerald cut.

2. Cushion Diamond Cut

Cushion diamonds are characterized by their square cuts with round corners. The diamonds are so faceted that they tend to sparkle near their centers. From afar, cushion diamond may resemble a square or a pentagon. But if you view the stone more closely, the round corners give it an appearance of a pillow, from whence it gets its name.

In spite of their simplistic appearance, cushion diamonds also require skilled craftsmanship to facet. The round corners have to be meticulously polished to give the diamond a perfect optical symmetry. The diamonds are also some of the oldest, with a history that goes back more than a century ago. Cushion cuts exude feelings of class, elegance, and romance. The diamonds also speak to your clarity, purity, as well as a strong sense of fashion. And since their history goes way back, cushion diamonds are popular among shoppers that prefer the classics.

Brooke Shields, Giuliana Rancic, and Jennifer Garner are notable celebrities with cushion cut diamonds.


3. Pear Diamond Cut

As their name suggests, pear diamonds have a shape like a pear fruit. The diamonds also look like a teardrop. Pear cuts combine the elegance of the round diamonds and the simplicity of the marquise shapes, but with slightly elongated narrow end points. The best way to style a pear diamond is to have the tapered end pointing towards your hand.

Since pear diamonds resemble a mix of elegance and simplicity, they’re popular among stylish people with an open and simplistic approach to life. Wearers of pear-shaped diamonds are generally fun to be around. Besides, they tend to feel unique and adventurous. And since this diamond shape also creates an illusion of size, its ideal for people who’re confident about themselves.

Famous celebrities that wear pear diamonds include Anne Hathaway and Catherine Heigl.

4. Round Diamond Cut

Round diamond cuts are the world’s most popular diamond shapes, and also among the most expensive. It’s estimated that around three-quarters of all the world’s diamonds are round brilliant. But what is it about these diamonds that makes them so universal?

Round diamonds exude more sparkle and brilliance than any other diamond shapes. Being so versatile and modern, these diamond cuts give a feeling of style and timelessness. A round diamond cut has infinite facets, which makes them perfect at handling light and color.

Round diamonds are popular among people who consider themselves classic and traditional. The cut is especially used to symbolize timeless love. And due to its infinite number of facets, round a diamond may also represent limitless possibilities.

Famous celebrities with round diamonds include Mary J Blige, Madonna, and Barbra Streissand.

5. Princess Diamond Cut

The name alone exudes a royal feeling, and princess diamonds pretty much live up to their name. Princess cuts basically have four corners. The corners appear sharply-polished and delicate, which explains why most princess diamonds are worn along with protective prongs. But besides their delicate nature, princess cuts are so simple and versatile. You can experiment with these diamonds on virtually any ring style.

Princess cut diamonds are popular among shoppers looking for a traditional and classic appeal, but with a modern twist. Wearers consider themselves trendy, lively, and flirty. And since the diamond can be styled on many rings, wearers of the princess cut are believed to be versatile, outgoing, and tolerant to divergent views.

Some of the celebrities with the princess diamond include Christine Baumgartner and Jessica Biel.

6. Asscher Diamond Cut

Unlike most diamonds that get their names from their shapes, the Asscher diamond is probably the only stone whose cut is attributed to a person. Asscher diamonds are quite similar to emerald cuts, and you’re likely to confuse the two if observing them from a distance. The main difference is that Asscher cuts feature a square instead of a rectangular shape.

Asscher cuts are generally more brilliant than emerald diamonds due to their larger step facets, smaller table, and a higher crown. Asscher diamonds have been around from the Art Deco era of the 20s and 30s, which makes them a special favorite among consumers that prefer the old and classic. The diamonds are associated with uniqueness, femininity, and elegance.

Asscher diamonds are popular among various celebrities, such as Gwynth Paltrow, Pippa Middleton, Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel, and Reese Witherspoon.

7. Marquise Diamond Cut

Marquise diamond cuts are a variant of the pear and round shapes, and look like a football. One of the unique things about marquise cuts is that they mostly occur as loose diamonds, but look just as superb on a ring. Like oval shapes, marquise cuts tend to appear gorgeous on long and slender fingers. The diamonds feature long, thin bodies and sharp ends that draw the observer’s eyes up, making the stone look longer and thinner.

Due to their long and elongated bodies, marquise diamonds have excellent light performance, hence create a perfect illusion of size. Shoppers that are looking for large diamonds without necessarily splashing out on more carats can settle for this shape. Marquise diamonds are associated with elegance and an outgoing personality.

Some of the popular wearers of marquise diamonds include Victoria Beckham, Christina Milian, Ashlee Simpson Ross, and Portia de Rossi.

8. Radiant Diamond Cut

One of the defining features of radiant diamonds is their scarcity. And being so hard to come by, radiant diamonds also tend to occur as loose stones instead of on engagement rings. But when you find them, you’re sure to step out in style.

Radiant diamonds feature a balance of princess and cushion diamonds, hence radiate an elegant sparkle. Besides, these perfectly-symmetrical diamonds combine the purity of emerald cuts and the brilliance of round cuts. Featuring trimmed corners, radiant diamonds perform great in many ring settings.

Radiant diamond cuts are common among people who are fun, confident, and flirty. They’re also ideal for consumers that are looking for a sense of class and sophistication. And due to their rarity, radiant cuts are perfect for those that wish to stand out from the crowd.

Popular celebrities with radiant cuts include Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff.

9. Oval Diamond Cut

Oval diamonds come with amazing brilliance. You’ll often find these diamonds on solitaire rings, especially on wearers with smaller and shorter fingers. Like marquise diamonds, oval cuts also boast excellent light-handling properties. Therefore, they’re ideal for budget shoppers looking for a stone that appears deceptively large.

Oval diamonds are associated with uniqueness, creativity, and a zest for life. Wearers of oval cuts are thought to be bold, innovative, and risk-takers. And since oval diamonds are a perfect circle, they also represent a promise of forever. Couples that go for oval cuts are often making a lifelong commitment of love, honesty, and fidelity. Their simplistic designs make oval diamonds ideal for people who aren’t so enthusiastic about trends, but more keen on stepping out of their comfort zones.

Katie Holmes, Kate Middleton, and Toni Braxton are some of the notable celebrities that don an oval diamond.

10. Trillion Diamond Cut

Also known as trillian or trilliant diamonds, trillion cuts are triangular diamonds, usually rounded on their sides. Trillion diamonds trace their roots to the Netherlands and are among the world’s rarest cuts. In fact, trillion diamonds are so scarce that they’re mostly used as accent stones around the center diamond.

Also, trillions aren’t as sparkly as other cuts, such as the red brilliant. However, they have a saving grace in their excellent light performance. Like the marquise and oval cuts, trillion diamonds have elongated facets that trap maximum light and reflects it back to the stone, enhancing its size.

Trillion diamonds are popular among people that wish to deviate from the norm.

Elizabeth Hurley is an example of a popular wearer of trillion cut diamonds, though the trillions on her ring accentuate the centerstone, which is a 9-carat sapphire.

11. Heart Diamond Cut

Heart diamonds are, as the name suggests, cuts that resemble the heart. It’s quite difficult to find heart diamonds on an engagement ring. That’s because the diamonds are predominantly used as novelties. Heart diamonds are the unmistakable symbol of timeless love and are popular among romantic couples. The diamonds also symbolize purity and innocence.

Since heart diamonds are difficult to facet, always ensure you examine them for any flaws before buying. If you’re looking for a totally flawless heart diamond, make sure the stone has been carefully analyzed on the ideal-scope tool, and shown to be optically-symmetrical. Heart shapes are popular in solitaire rings and pendants. But unlike most cuts, the heart doesn’t look great in smaller carats.

Andrea Hissom and Joan Collins are some of the celebrities that sport a heart diamond.

Choosing a diamond has a lot to do with your personal tastes and preferences. While other factors will also come into play, you should always select a stone that represents your class and personality.