Wempe Jewelry Review | Are They Expensive?

Wempe Jewelry Review | Are They Expensive?

Wempe Jewelry Review | Are They Expensive?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 24th Mar 2021

Wempe Jewelry Review

Wempe Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 3.5 out of 5.

Compare Wempe Jewelry with James Allen.

Wempe has been in the jewelry and watches industry for quite some time. However, this does not transpire to the jeweler having exceptional quality diamonds and engagement rings, though one would never guess this when looking at the incredibly high price tags that the sub-par jewelry holds.

In short, there is no reason to visit a Wempe store. The ambiance and the sales staff are nice, but this is where the joyful part of the experience ends. With mediocre diamonds and jewelry and unjustified prices, you will be better off purchasing a diamond engagement ring online from James Allen or Blue Nile whose jewelry is stunning and prices much lower.

James Allen

A Brief History

Gerhard Diedrich Wilhelm Wempe started off by opening a small watch workshop in 1878 with his son Herbert's help; he was only 12 at the time. By 1914, Wempe had expanded to four different locations around Hamburg. The company continued to grow, and in 1980, Wempe moved into international territory, opening a store in New York City.

Taken over by Kim-Eva Wempe on the 125th anniversary of the store, Wempe now generates over 400 million Euros annually, with locations in Germany, London, New York, Paris, Vienna, and Madrid

What Wempe Offer

Wempe stores have a luxurious setting, though it is more of a generic elegance. The stores are warm and inviting, but there is nothing that stands out. The sales assistants do their best to help where they can, but, at times, their knowledge regarding diamonds can be limited. It will not be a negative experience in-store, but it will not be a memorable one either.

One important point to note is that Wempe does not utilize GIA grading for their diamonds and instead opts for a weaker grading authority. When purchasing a diamond, it is worthwhile to look for one graded by the GIA—the most trusted and professional grading authority worldwide.

The diamonds sold at Wempe are not worth spending time examining. Even with an untrained eye, it is easy to see the mediocre quality of the diamonds sold.

What Makes Wempe Stand Out?

Location: Wempe stores are set in fashionable and sought-after locations, such as New York, Paris, Madrid, and Vienna. It is worth a stop if you are touring any of these cities.

Atmosphere: The Wempe stores do have a pleasant atmosphere. While it might not be as great as top-end stores such as Tiffany & Co, it offers more elegance than many other physical jewelry retailers. Such an atmosphere is what many customers choose to pay higher premiums for.

Customer service: For a breath of fresh air, the sales assistants at Wempe are friendly and go out of their way to ensure that the process is enjoyable for customers. However, their knowledge or experience is often inadequate.


Wempe Pricing

Wempe diamonds and settings are overpriced. To make matters worse, the diamonds holding such high price tags are not of good quality.

This is where shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile will be a saving grace. The diamonds sold at these retailers are exceptional and come with GIA certification, while the prices are exponentially more competitive than what you would find at Wempe. Shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile will save you up to 60% at times, which is a figure that you cannot ignore.

Custom Orders

Wempe works with customers through a custom order or remodeling process—from the first conversation to the sketches, quotes and then through the creation of the unique engagement ring or piece of jewelry. Expert craftsmen at Wempe work to ensure that even the finest details are created to perfection, creating a piece of beauty, comfort, and quality.

Website Ease of Use

The Wempe website is odd and seems disjointed. At first, it appears like a beginner blog instead of a website for a multinational company. You will be required to search for engagement rings, which are not displayed as well as one would hope.

Viewing an engagement ring can be a better experience. The number of images available is not ideal but is enough to get a general feel of the ring. There is a fair amount of information offered for the product description, featuring the setting, style, metal, and some information provided on the diamond set with the ring.

You must spend some time sifting through different information to find what you need on the site, which becomes quite laborious after a while.

Customer Service

Wempe can be commended on their customer service; the company strives to improve as time goes on. The sales staff is friendly and helpful, and the company offers some quality services.

Guarantee: Each piece of jewelry sold at Wempe is covered with a three-year guarantee covering any manufacturing or material defects.

Jewelry Service: All jewelry purchased from Wempe can be serviced and inspected by professionals at any Wempe branch, which helps keep jewelry in the best shape possible.

Wempe Financing Options

There is no financing on the Wempe website, though it might be different in-store where there could be payment plans to assist with a purchase.

Why You Should Choose Wempe

  • Stores have a luxurious ambiance
  • Ethical sourcing of diamonds
  • Friendly and helpful customer care

Wempe – Not For Engagement Rings

Wempe is well-known for being a leader in the watch retail industry, but this does not extend to its jewelry sales. High prices and low-quality make Wempe one of the many jewelry retailers to avoid. Admittedly, the stores are nice to visit, and the sales staff lure you in by being friendly. But you will be paying a high price for a piece of jewelry or a diamond that will not match up to the quality you could find online at James Allen or Blue Nile, where you will be able to save money but still make a purchase of a beautiful piece of jewelry.

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