TSL Jewellery Review: Are they trustworthy?

Sharif Khan
Sharif Khan
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Founded by Mr. Tse Sui Luen in the 1960s, TSL is the acronym of his name. He is considered a Hong Kong jewelry legend and has grown TSL into one of the largest jewelers in Asia. With headquarters in Hong Kong, the company operates more than 400 jewelry boutiques in over 110 cities in Asia.

TSL functions as a retailer, jewelry designer, trader, and manufacturer, which allows the company to offer wholesaling, custom designs, and ready-to-buy pieces. The company has also gone on to win over 60 jewelry design awards.

There are over 25 TSL boutiques in Hong Kong and 2 in Macau, making it easy to find a TSL store in either of these locations.

Compare TSL Jewellery with James Allen.

TSL is a decent jewelry store to visit, but there is something to be wary of: they do not sell only GIA certified diamonds. This is rare in Hong Kong because most jewelers there, fortunately, do sell some of their diamonds, if not all, with GIA certifications. This is already a step down from what is expected at a jewelry store, but to be fair, TSL does offer some nice diamonds and a good in-store experience to customers, with friendly staff and a good selection.

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      What does TSL Offer?

      The TSL stores offer customers a reprieve from the busy life of busy Hong Kong with light and airy interiors and a calming presence. The staff in the stores also work towards making it a memorable and pleasurable experience; they are patient, friendly, and helpful. While the in-store experience from the sales assistant and the ambiance are not as premium as those of some higher-end stores, it is more enjoyable than numerous other physical retailers.

      One factor that makes TSL stand out for the wrong reasons is the certifications that they use for their diamonds. It is widespread to find jewelers selling GIA certified diamonds in Hong Kong, and while TSL does advertise to sell the same, their diamonds come with IGI grading reports. For those who possess some knowledge about diamonds, this is a major setback as the GIA is regarded as the leading authority for diamond grading worldwide. However, it is possible to find diamonds with GIA certifications in some of their stores, although one will need to ask for them.

      What Makes TSL Stand Out?

      Staff: The staff at TSL are very pleasant to deal with. They ensure every customer need is met and go the extra mile to show them what they want. They are friendly and helpful and know enough about diamonds to help the customer with the purchasing process.

      Diamonds: The diamonds sold at TSL are of stunning quality, and their selection is quite extensive. It would be easy for customers to pick out the perfect diamond for themselves in a store or online.

      Certification: While it is a setback that TSL sells IGI certified diamonds, some come with GIA certifications. As stated before, a customer will need to ask the sales assistants to show them the diamonds that only have GIA certifications to be sure of the qualities of the stone.

      TSL Pricing

      The prices at TSL are high, but thankfully not as high as some other retailers in Hong Kong. It would be impossible for a retailer as large as TSL to match the prices of diamonds sold online at James Allen or Blue Nile since their overheads are too large.

      While comparing a similar diamond from TSL to a diamond from James Allen, a price increase of up to 30% can be observed. This does not seem like much at first, but because it requires paying thousands for a diamond and an engagement ring, this difference quickly becomes almost unaffordable.

      Custom Orders

      TSL offers customers the chance to pair their favorite diamond found in-store or online with one of their engagement ring settings from a special collection. This diamond matches and sets into the setting, completing a unique and personalized ring.

      Website Ease of Use

      The TSL website is simple and left quite plain. This can be good if done right, but honestly, contending, the website is a bit drab. There is some nice imagery, but it largely seems quite outdated.

      The good part is that it is easy to find an engagement ring, given that all the categories are broken down easily.

      There are not too many rings to browse through, so filtering is not too much of an issue. When viewing a ring, unfortunately, only one picture is available. However, a decent amount of information is offered, including extra education on the 4C’s to help customers make a more informed decision.

      To help make a choice easier, a page on the site is dedicated to customer service, which can always come in handy before purchasing from a store.

      Customer Service

      TSL has won numerous awards for its customer service—one reason why it is safe to say that it puts much work into making its customers happy. This is found online and does filter through to the stores that offer a pleasant experience.

      Returns: Customers can return items in their original condition to a TSL store in the set amount of time allowed for returns.

      Craftsmanship: TSL employs craftsmen with years of industry experience to repair and create all pieces of jewelry from the store.

      TSL Financing Options

      Customers looking for financing from TSL will have to inquire about this in a store or use third-party financing for their purchase.

      Why Should TSL be Chosen?

      • Easily accessible locations within Hong Kong
      • Some diamonds are sold with GIA certification
      • Nice diamonds sold both in-store and online

      TSL – A Good Jeweler With Higher Prices

      While TSL does sell some stunning diamonds and engagement rings to match the former, the fact that only some of their stones are sold with GIA certification brings them down a notch. The experience in-store offered by the ambiance and the staff is pleasant, but their premium prices do not make up for it.

      A buyer would be better off buying a gorgeous diamond and engagement ring online at James Allen or Blue Nile at a much lower price.