Na Hoku Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Na Hoku Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Na Hoku Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 10th May 2021

Na Hoku Jewelry Review

Na Hoku Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 3.5 out of 5.

Compare Na Hoku Jewelry with James Allen.

Na Hoku, literally meaning 'stars' in Hawaiian, is a Hawaii-based jewelry retail chain and utilizes its Hawaiian base to promote products through marketing.

It is a popular store that has now spread to the United States. But through their starry marketing, should you be buying your jewelry from them?

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A Brief History

Na Hoku has a history of nearly 100 years, originating in Hawaii and now commonly found in the United States. The store features jewelry made from Hawaiian designers and manufactures and has 59 stores across the United States.

What Na Hoku Offer

What Na Hoku Offer

Unlike traditional jewelry stores found across the United States, Na Hoku use their heritage to boost their jewelry and sales. Their ethos is based on supporting local Hawaiian jewelry designers and manufacturers. The jewelry that they sell is unlike any sold by other jewelers. However, venturing into their stores gives you a different feeling because there is no theme to them, and the interior can often seem quite drab. On the plus side, the staff goes out of their way to help customers.

Having jewelry from Hawaiian-based jewelers does limit the selection quite substantially. There is a minimal variety of settings and diamonds to match with if they are not ready-made rings.


What Makes Na Hoku Stand Out?

Customer Service: Candidly stating, it should be pointed out that the staff are friendly and help wherever they can. It makes the experience more enjoyable, but those who know diamonds well might realize that the staff lacks knowledge regarding engagement rings and diamonds.

Range Options: Since Hawaiian designers make the jewelry, you will often find pieces at Na Hoku that cannot be found in other stores. It makes them stand out slightly, though their selection is relatively limited outside of this.

Bridal jewelry: Na Hoku also offers a range of bridal jewelry and accessories that many stores do not. These bridal accessories and pieces are quite lovely, and you can find a piece that suits you perfectly in the store.

In-store viewing: Being a brick-and-mortar store, Na Hoku allows customers to view their jewelry and engagement rings up close and personal. It is a refreshing change for those who are not so comfortable with shopping online.

Inspired jewelry: Most of Na Hoku's jewelry is inspired by Hawaiian culture and scenery, which can be great for those who are aware of it.

Designer options: Na Hoku features designer jewelry from designers such as the Le Vian Aloha Collection, Kabana, Frederic Sage, and Effy Jewelry.

Na Hoku Pricing

Na Hoku jewelers fall short when it comes to their value and pricing. They do not offer GIA certificates with their jewelry, thereby decreasing the value of the diamonds in your mind. The engagement rings in the store are beautiful, but along with their set diamonds, they often do not match up to rings found at James Allen or Blue Nile despite holding a higher price tag.

You will extend your budget much further and get a better quality diamond and engagement ring if you choose to shop online at James Allen. Brick-and-mortar stores have many overheads to pay and need to keep an on-hand inventory. These costs add up and are effectively put back into an increased price in jewelry—you will not experience this when buying from an online jewelry store.

Custom Orders

Na Hoku does offer custom orders, but it seems that you would need to contact customer service online or visit a store to request this. The engagement rings shown online are already made. When you order a ring online or buy one in-store, they can customize the ring's size, which is pretty standard for jewelers.

Most of the custom orders done by Na Hoku are for engraving and specialized jewelry, such as gift oysters and resizing of chains, rings, and necklaces.

Website Ease of Use

Na Hoku's website is quite charming and features visuals of beautiful scenery in Hawaii to display different collections of jewelry.

Searching for different jewelry is pretty straightforward, but there is no proper filtering option to help you narrow down your choice of diamond quality. You can choose between different ring settings and metal types—anything further is not readily available.

One unique aspect of the site is that they offer great information on Hawaiian culture and how they incorporate it into their company.

Besides, an extensive FAQ page is available on the site that may help those wanting to shop online.

Customer Service

Na Hoku offers excellent customer service in-store, with friendly staff waiting to help. However, they might not have as much diamond knowledge and experience as needed.

Warranty: Na Hoku offers a three-year warranty on their watches. Moreover, all other jewelry has a lifetime warranty against artistry or material defects.

Repairs: All non-warranty repairs are charged for by Na Hoku, though they offer a service that allows you to send your jewelry in to be inspected by them.

Refunds: Full refunds are offered to customers within 21 days when the product is returned in original condition, packaging, sales receipt, and warranty.

Shipping: Na Hoku offers to ship to international destinations, but to see if you qualify, you must contact their customer service.

Na Hoku Financing Options

Customers can apply for a Na Hoku credit card for in-store purchases. The Na Hoku stores also accommodate layaway purchases and accept many different credit cards and payment options.

Why You Should Choose Na Hoku

  • Jewelry designed by Hawaiian designers
  • Online and in-store options available to customers
  • Over 59 stores opened across the United States
  • Lifetime warranty on jewelry for manufacturing defects
  • Na Hoku credit card option to help with financing

Na Hoku – For Sentimental Jewelry Only

While Na Hoku features some wonderfully Hawaiian-inspired jewelry that might help you reminisce about your holiday spent there, you should avoid them for any serious jewelry purchases.

Their engagement rings and diamonds are not of excellent quality yet hold premium price tags. Besides, they do not offer a GIA certificate for their diamonds either. Therefore, you will be better off heading to James Allen or Blue Nile to find the perfect ring at an affordable price, with a great quality diamond and proper certification.