Lux Bond & Green Jewelers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Lux Bond & Green Jewelers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Lux Bond & Green Jewelers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 18th Oct 2019

Lux Bond & Green Jewelers Review

Lux Bond & Green Jewelers – A Review

Our Rating 4.1 out of 5.

Compare Lux Bond & Green Jewelers with James Allen.

Lux Bond & Green jewelers give premium service to their customers, providing them with an experience in-store that cannot be beaten online. The selection at Lux Bond & Green might be limited, but the diamonds they do offer are exquisite, and home perfectly with the engagement ring settings found at the store as well.

Customer service at the store makes them stand out above the rest, promising an unforgettable experience of elegance and luxury that it is difficult to find elsewhere.

James Allen

A Brief History

Lux Bond & Green jewelers have a long history in the jewelry industry, with the first store opening in 1898, making them one of the oldest American based retailers. The founder of Lux Bond & Green, Morris A. Green, actually started his jewelry business before this, using a horse and cart to promote his business throughout Waterbury CT, before opening a physical store.

Amazingly, the store is still family-owned and is still operated by family members, now being the fourth generation in charge of the store.

Lux Bond & Green have grown to include six locations, found within Massachusetts and Connecticut.

What Lux Bond & Green Offer

Walking into a Lux Bond & Green store sees you entering a vacuum of luxury, with a classic feel that really does boost the experience. There is no flashiness or over-the-top display, but everything is kept minimalist and elegant, exactly how it should be.

Sales staff within the store are friendly, helpful and do not push towards certain rings. For many, this is a fresh take, as many physical jewelry stores have staff who up sell the most expensive rings, to make budget and commission.

To add to the experience in-store, the diamonds sold at Lux Bond & Green are truly stunning. Most are of beautiful quality, with added brilliance that does bring so much life to an engagement ring. You can count that you will be purchasing a stunning ring at Lux Bond & Green.


What Makes Lux Bond & Green Stand Out?

Engagement rings – While the selection might be limited overall, there are some incredibly stunning engagement rings that Lux Bond & Green offer. Either designer pieces or from Lux Bond & Green themselves, there will be a perfectly suited engagement ring to your needs.

Forevermark Diamonds – Lux Bond & Green hold Forevermark diamonds, which is a diamond brand from the De Beers Group. The Forevermark brand is in constant pursuit of the most beautiful diamonds in the world, sought ethically and with integrity. These diamonds really are the best of the best, with only 1% of the world's diamonds qualifying to be Forevermark diamonds.

Wedding registry – Lux Bond & Green offer customers the opportunity to create their own gift registry online. If the gift registry generates more than $2,500 in sales, Lux Bond & Green will give you 5% of the sales as a wedding gift, and 10% as a wedding gift off of sales more than %5,000.

Luxury stores – The stores of Lux Bond & Green are a treat to visit. They are classically elegant, with a luxury feel that is difficult to master.

Lux Bond & Green Pricing

It comes with the territory that physical jewelry stores will end up charging more for their pieces than online stores. While some take this to the extreme, others try to keep their prices down as much as possible to remain competitive in a very full market.

Lux Bond & Green are definitely more expensive than online retailers such as Blue Nile and James Allen, but with their superb quality, luxury in-store experience, and great service, their prices are not as high as others.

You can expect a 25-30% price hike on diamonds sold at Lux Bond & Green, compared to diamonds sold at James Allen.

Custom Orders

Lux Bond & Green help customers create their perfect engagement ring if they cannot find one on the site. The customer chooses the diamond, the materials, the style and setting, and the Lux Bond & Green team of certified Gemologists, master goldsmiths and cad designers will bring the vision to life to create a unique, one-of-a-kind ring.

Website Ease of Use

The website for Lux Bond & Green is what you would expect of the elegant store. It is kept simple, yet with a luxury feel that adds to the experience.

There are so many helpful tabs to choose from on the site, offering up so much information for customers to browse through, which ultimately work towards helping them make a more informed decision on both the diamond, the setting, and purchasing from the company itself.

A table of diamond information is offered to show the different diamonds on sale, which help you narrow down the search quite easily. However, one downfall is that you cannot view the diamond online, and will have to do this in-store.

Customer Service

Spending so long as a respected leader in the American jewelry industry, Lux Bond & Green have had more than enough time to perfect their customer service, and they do this by putting the customer first, and investing in the experience, making it memorable for each and every customer.

Trade-In Trade-Up Program – Lux Bond & Green will trade up any diamond solitaire ring purchased from the store. You are able to trade in the center stone for a stone of greater value, receiving 100% of your original price paid for your stone, even if the upgrade only costs $1 more.

Jewelry Repair – The jeweler offers free jewelry cleaning and inspection, as well as jewelry repair and restoration and custom design and fabrication.

Lux Bond & Green Financing Options

Lux Bond & Green offer customers the LBG Preferred Finance Program that allows customers to have their dreams come true with a plan that suits individual financing needs, with a fast approval process and several different payment options. The finance plan has low minimum payments and no annual fees, making it affordable for those who are looking for their dream ring.

Why You Should Choose Lux Bond & Green

  • Luxurious experience in-store
  • Trade up service offered to existing clients
  • Exquisite diamonds on offer
  • Stores stock Forevermark diamonds

Lux Bond & Green – Trusted For Quality & Luxury

Yes, you can expect to pay a higher premium for diamonds and engagement rings sold at Lux Bond & Green, compared to an online store such as James Allen, but the experience you will receive in-store, and the process of purchasing through a renowned retailer such as Lux Bond & Green, does make it more than worth it to some.

Their diamonds are stunning, and while limited, their engagement ring settings are truly beautiful.