Jan Logan Diamonds Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Jan Logan Diamonds Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Jan Logan Diamonds Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 10th Feb 2021

Jan Logan Diamonds Review

Jan Logan Diamonds – A Review

Our Rating 3.9 out of 5.

Compare Jan Logan Diamonds with James Allen.

Jan Logan gives a very different shopping experience to customers, unlike what would be expected from a physical jewelry retailer.

To get better value for money, shop online at James Allen or Blue Nile, although some people do choose to forgo the savings to be able to shop at a physical retailer, to try on and view the rings, make a purchase, and walk out with the right ring.

At Jan Logan, however, the premium price of a physical retailer will be paid, and that too without walking out the store with a ring. This is because there is an incredibly limited selection to view at Jan Logan stores, and most of the rings being exhibited do not have diamonds. Customers can only view mock rings and will have to order them and wait over a week for the ring to arrive.

This offers clients premium prices and online waits, a combination that most would not choose.

James Allen

A Brief History

Jan Logan is considered a luxury jewelry brand in Australia. The company has a contemporary take on elegance, with unexpected and original pieces that are still wearable each day. With the combination of colored stones and precious metals, the pieces offer an expression of modern elegance and simplicity.

Jan Logan, born in New South Wales, is a farmer’s daughter who opened her first boutique in 1989 in Double Bay. The company has grown since and established outlets in Australia and Hong Kong, as well as many different concessions and stockists. Many celebrities have been seen wearing Jan Logan jewelry such as Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Watts, Abbie Cornish, and Taylor Swift.

The company has remained a family company, now with Angus Logan being at the head of the business, helping grow it into a global enterprise while still keeping it intimate and with integrity.

What Jan Logan Offer

The Jan Logan locations are almost identical to each other. The stores are much smaller than most of the other retailers, with a very limited amount of jewelry to view, spanning across two or three showcases only. The salespeople are friendly and helpful, although not always knowledgeable about diamonds and other important factors.

There are only around seven sample rings for customers to view in-store; ones that do not have real diamonds. Customers need to view and try on these rings, and then order their ring online, following which process they would be required to wait a few weeks for the ring to arrive.

This business model is quite odd. Customers who choose to shop in-store at a jeweler want to see the ring that they are purchasing in real life, and to be able to make a purchase in-store and hopefully walk out with their desired ring. This does not happen at Jan Logan, thereby stripping shopping at a physical retailer of its attraction.


What Makes Jan Logan Stand Out?

GIA Certification: Some of the diamonds sold at Jan Logan do come with GIA certification, but one will still need to ask the sales assistant to dig through records to find the certification. Oftentimes, the certifications are not on show, forcing a customer to make a point of asking for it, or else it will be impossible to know whether or not the ring that is being purchased has been certified.

Unique Designs: Jan Logan features a great range of colored stones placed with precious metals to create truly unique and breathtaking pieces that speak to a special someone. These may not be usual designs but are made to be worn daily.

Quality: Jane Logan only uses the best quality materials and diamonds or gems in their work, and all pieces are made with the highest quality and workmanship.

Jan Logan Pricing

Considering all the other flaws, the Jan Logan pricing does not seem as extreme as many other physical retailers. Although the premiums will be more than what one might expect to pay online at James Allen or Blue Nile, they are still low enough to make them slightly more affordable.

The problem is that it is difficult to compare the diamonds from Jan Logan to an online site such as James Allen; for it is impossible to be certain about the qualities of the diamonds in-store because they are likely not the actual diamonds that are purchased online. However, one can expect to pay roughly 20% more at Jan Logan than at James Allen, which is not too much of a premium.

Custom Orders

Jan Logan allows customers to create their bespoke jewelry. Customers can collaborate with talented designers, jewelers, and gemologists based in the Sydney Studio, where the team will guide them through the whole process, starting from the first consultation to the finishing of the piece. Using only the highest quality materials and rare gemstones, the piece will be one-of-a-kind.

Website Ease of Use

The Jan Logan website is pretty and utilizes soft pastels and colors to showcase the unique jewelry. The front page is mainly formed of images and videos that give the customer a real feel for the ethos and design behind the company.

There is one picture shown per ring, but it is large and clear, and enough to get a good feel for the diamond and engagement ring. Along with the image, there is a small amount of information offered, enough to understand the qualities, though not necessarily to draw a customer in.

All other information can be found easily on the site, including important care information that helps customers keep their Jan Logan pieces in the best condition possible.

Customer Service

Jan Logan claims to have good customer service, and this can be seen through the salespersons in-store. While the business model might be odd, the service that customers receive along the way is worthwhile.

Shipping: Jan Logan offers free shipping, both domestic and international.

Returns: Items purchased from Jan Logan can be returned within 14 days of delivery, either for a credit note to the full value of the purchase or for an exchange in-store.

Guarantee: Any defects or damage caused by a manufacturing fault will be repaired or replaced by Jan Logan.

Jan Logan Financing Options

Jan Logan does not offer any financing options to its clients, meaning that this will need to be sourced privately before purchasing from the company.

Why You Should Choose Jan Logan

  • Unique and colorful jewelry
  • Bespoke jewelry design service

Jan Logan – Not the Best Experience

People look to purchase from physical retailers to be able to try on their ring, purchase it then and there, and walk out with it. This is not what Jan Logan offers, which can be a real problem for those who are specifically looking for this experience. Customers have to wait a few weeks for the arrival of a ring that they have not even tried on—much the same experience as they would get while shopping online.

It would make more sense to instead take one’s money online to James Allen or Blue Nile, where there is surety with regard to great quality and a much lower price that will suit the budget better.

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