House of Hung Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

House of Hung Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

House of Hung Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 10th Mar 2021

House of Hung Jewelry Review

House of Hung Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 4.2 out of 5.

Compare House of Hung Jewelry with James Allen.

House of Hung is a physical jewelry store in Singapore that offers customers stunning products and a great experience.

Classy and elegant, the House of Hung stores speak of luxury, though not in an overwhelming way. The staff is knowledgeable when it comes to diamonds and jewelry and happily helps customers make the right decision.

It is important to note that a buyer will be paying more of a premium at House of Hung compared to online retailers such as James Allen or Blue Nile. Whether the expense is worth it will be a personal choice.

James Allen

A Brief History

House of Hung is a family run business founded in 1973 and was one of the first jewelry stores to be founded in Singapore. The first store was opened in the Tanglin Shopping Centre, in the well-known Orchard Road shopping district. It was not primarily a jewelry store at first and sold both jewelry and electronic goods.

A few years later in 1975, the company decided to specialize in fine jewelry for which purpose it acquired skilled craftsmen.

When the company relocated to the Far East Shopping Centre in 1975, it was considered the largest jewelry store in Singapore. As the years went on, they have remained one of the larger jewelry stores in Singapore, both with wholesaling and manufacturing.

What House of Hung Offer

House of Hung gives their customers a great in-store experience. Walking into the House of Hung store, they are greeted with neatly set out rows of display cases, mainly focused on engagement rings and set with either diamonds or a large range of gemstones.

The staff working at House of Hung is noteworthy. They allow customers the space to browse the store freely on their own and only step in when help is needed. This is a great reprieve from many other jewelry stores where there is always a sales assistant hanging over a customer every step of the way, pushing towards a certain item.

The selection at House of Hung is also great. They have some outstanding diamonds on sale and beautiful colored gemstones to set in fine jewelry or to make a unique engagement ring.


What Makes House of Hung Stand Out?

Gemstones: House of Hung are known for their extensive range of gemstones. Many retailers focus only on diamonds, one reason why it is refreshing to find a store that caters to both types of stones. Their gemstones are stunning and come in a range of different colors, carats, and cuts.

Certification: The stones sold at House of Hung come with either GIA or AGS certification. This is a good sign when purchasing from a retailer because many choose to cut corners and sell diamonds with lesser certifications or no grading at all.

Assistance: House of Hung is known to have an enviable reputation from other retailers because customers usually remark how helpful, knowledgeable, yet relaxed, their staff is.

House of Hung Pricing

One can always expect to pay more for a diamond or engagement ring at a physical retailer compared to shopping online. This is because the physical jewelry stores have much higher overheads to pay, which in turn increases the price tags that their products hold. However, it comes down to how much the physical retailer controls this and how high they are prepared to push their prices.

Luckily, House of Hung is one of the retailers that do not overdo this and manage to keep their prices relatively low. Comparing a diamond from House of Hung to a similar diamond from James Allen, a price increase of 20-30% will be seen. While this might seem plenty, it is low compared to other physical retailers. Besides, House of Hung does offer a great experience to make the premium worth it for those who are looking for their diamond ring experience to be carried out in an actual store.

Custom Orders

With expert craftsmen and designers, House of Hung creates exquisite rings for their customers who can choose between their decent selection of diamonds or engagement rings. Alternatively, a customer could ask for an engagement ring to be made from an idea or sketch, to which request House of Hung will happily comply.

Website Ease of Use

There is no up-to-date website for House of Hung to be found, but they do have running Instagram and Facebook pages. This can likely be either due to the presence being focused in Singapore or the old-fashioned need for customers to visit stores instead of shopping online.

The Instagram page is set out nicely, with stunning pictures of gemstones, engagement rings, wedding bands, and sketches of jewelry waiting to be made. It gives one a good feel of the intentions and designs of the store and is worth a visit.

The Facebook page is more comprehensive and gives more details on how to contact the store or seek help. The page is also full of beautiful imagery of gemstones and sketches and holds some wonderful customer reviews from previous clients who have all enjoyed a good experience in-store.

Customer Service

House of Hung is known for their great customer service, and it is one of the reasons why they have many return customers and are one of the best-known jewelers in Singapore. The service both before and after a purchase is great, and the process is pleasant all around.

Inquiries: Customers can make easy contact with someone at House of Hung through their Instagram or Facebook page.

Service: With expert craftsmen and designers, customers can have their jewelry made, repaired, or restored in-store with one of the experts.

House of Hung Financing Options

There seem to be no advertised financing options from House of Hung. Customers will either need to enquire about this in-store or use a third-party financing plan to fund their purchase over a certain period.

Why Should the House of Hung be Chosen?

  • Beautiful stores with open and clear display cases
  • Diamonds are sold with either GIA or AGS certificates
  • Helpful and friendly staff

House of Hung – A Great Visit

House of Hung is a store worth a visit. When willing to spend a higher premium for the ability to shop in-store at a jeweler compared to doing so online, the store is a great choice. The selection of diamonds and gemstones is stunning, while the customer service is better than most.

However, if this premium seems high and the prospect of shopping online sounds possible, James Allen and Blue Nile have some gorgeous engagement rings and stones at a lower cost.

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