Diamond and Jewelry Cleaning & Caring Tips

Diamond and Jewelry Cleaning & Caring Tips

Posted by Sharif Khan on 21st Sep 2015


Diamonds are precious stones and they are very valuable. When used for jewelry, a diamond is being given more value and that is the reason why these pieces are maintained regularly. Diamonds and other precious jewelry pieces can be kept beautiful and sparkling by following some basic and important steps.

Keeping Diamonds Sparkling:

Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on planet earth. It is used to cut metal and rock, and only a diamond can be used in cutting another diamond. It is indeed a very hard stone as it takes 1292 degrees Fahrenheit of heat to burn a diamond. However, its hardness has no defense against dirt and dust that can cause loss of luster and sparkle. It may be indestructible, but it is definitely not dirt-free.

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Thus, to keep your diamond sparkling, it is important to know how you can keep it looking at its best at all times.

Try not to Touch A Diamond with your Fingers/Skin:

Diamonds naturally are magnets for oil and grease and they are certainly not that easy to keep clean. Handling your diamond with the fingers will leave the oils from the skin on the diamond which will change how the stone looks.

Regular Cleaning is Important:

This is one activity that should be done automatically. If you are a responsible owner of diamond jewelry, you already know the importance of regular cleaning. The simplest way of keeping diamond jewelry looking beautiful is by soaking them for an hour or so in ammonia-based solution or cleaner. You can do this once a week or if you use your diamond piece much, you can do this cleaning process twice a week.

After soaking for a couple of hours or so, take the diamond out from the solution and use soft toothbrush in removing excess dirt. Make sure to not to use a previously used toothbrush, get one that you will use exclusively in cleaning your diamond piece/pieces. Also, make sure that you give the back part of the stone a little extra attention as this is the area where dirt and oil usually get collected. If you are a little apprehensive about using a toothbrush, you can also use soft and lint-free cloth in wiping out dirt from the stone.

Avoid Using Harmful Chemical Solutions:

Since your main objective is to keep your diamond sparkling and the entire piece cleaned, it is important to avoid using certain solutions like Chlorine, bleach or abrasives like toothpaste and other household cleansers. These solutions may cause erosion in the metals used in the jewelry setting; prongs may loosen or the metal may completely get dissolved.

Remember that cleaning your diamond regularly is going to keep it sparkling and beautiful. When it is always in its gleaming condition, you can wear it whenever the occasion calls for sparkle and shine.

Caring for your Jewelry: 

Fine jewelry may be crafted with extra care and expected to last a lifetime, but wear and tear is surely going to create problems that would make your jewelry pieces lose their beauty and luster.

Millions of people wear jewelries every day. It is a sad fact though that only a few can recognize the need to preserve these valuables. With advanced and simple planning, you can ensure that your jewelry pieces will not just last for a lifetime, but they will also stay magnificently beautiful looking.

Take Off your Jewelry When doing Tasks:

This is a very important thing to keep in mind. When you are about to start a labor intensive work, you should take off your jewelry. This will prevent possible physical damage or chemical exposure to your valuables. When doing gardening, house cleaning, kitchen tasks and other household works, remember to keep yourself jewelry-free.

Put on Make-up First:

If you need to go out and you want to wear your precious pieces, do not - for whatever reason- put them on before applying your makeup. Cosmetics, perfumes, lotion and hairsprays have chemicals can cause potential damage to your jewelry.

Remove Jewelry before Dipping into Swimming Pools or Going into Spas:

The metals used in jewelry settings can be affected by chlorinated water, and this can result to structural damage and color changes.

Remove Jewelry Before Bathing:

Remove all your jewelry before your shower or bath. Film can form in the piece because of soap. When this happens, your jewelry will look dingy and dull.

Clean your Jewelry using Polishing Cloth:

Polish your gold or silver pieces with the appropriate polishing cloth if you want the best results. If you have no access to professional jewelry cleaning cloth, you can also use an old cloth diaper or svelte. Remember not to use paper towels or tissue papers, as these products may cause scratches to your valuables.

Be Careful when Cleaning your Jewelry:

Cleaning your precious possessions on a regular basis will surely keep them looking good, but it essential to be careful. You can use rubbing alcohol, but definitely not bleach. If you have the money, you can also buy commercial cleaners from trusted jewelers.

Leave your Damaged Pieces Alone:

If your jewelry is damaged, it is best to leave it alone. Additional handling of the piece can cause more damage especially if it is broken or has cracks. Damaged jewelries should be taken to a jeweler, who in turn will not just repair it, but will also clean it for you.

Regular Jewelry Inspection:

One of the best ways to care for your jewelry is by inspecting it regularly. By doing so, you will be able to see if there is any damage to the piece. Sometimes, damages like loose gemstones or broken chains are not recognized because the jewelries that have been stored for too long. Take your jewelries out of storage every once in a while; remember that prevention is always better than cure.

All in all taking care of your diamond and jewelry pieces is not a difficult task. The important thing to keep in mind is that you want them to stay as beautiful, as sparkling and as valuable as the day you got them.

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