Cerrone Jewellers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Cerrone Jewellers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Cerrone Jewellers Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 1st Jan 2020

Cerrone Jewellers Review

Cerrone Jewellers – A Review

Our Rating 4.3 out of 5.

Compare Cerrone Jewellers with James Allen.

For those who are looking for the personal experience of shopping for a diamond engagement ring in a physical store, Cerrone Jewellers are by far one of the better jewelry stores to visit. Yes, it will come with a slight premium that you would not have to pay online at James Allen or Blue Nile, but Cerrone Jewellers make up for this by having fantastic sales staff, a stunning collection of diamonds and settings, and great stores to visit.

Cerrone Jewellers offer the whole package for buyers looking to visit a physical retailer, and they manage to keep their premiums low to make it more affordable to most people.

James Allen

A Brief History

Nicola Cerrone, who was born in Lanciano in Italy, moved to Australia with his family when he was only 9 years old. After finishing his schooling, he was hired as an apprentice to a master jeweler inside the central shopping district in Sydney, and this is what helped him find his passion for diamonds and jewelry.

Nicola traveled the world and aimed to learn from different artists and masters in jewelry before he opened his first store in Leichhardt in 1972. After five years, his small workshop of 2 employees turned to 20 employees, and Nicola now runs the largest handmade jewelry workshop in all of Australia.

Cerrone was commissioned in 1991 by the Argyle Dimond Mind to design and create the largest diamond necklace to be made in Australia. This was to be an exhibition piece for investors. Cerrone went on to design the Million Dollar Necklace, which is a piece that holds hundreds of champagne, cognac, and white diamonds, totaling 230 carats.

For his great work, Nicole Cerrone received the key to his city in his hometown in 2006. This opened up a 3-day festival showcasing the Passione Collection from 2007.

Come 2008, Cerrone created the three vessels for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI used at the World’s Youth Day Closing Mass. To say that Cerrone is a success story is an understatement, and the company has gone on to win many awards and be featured in some memorable moments as well.

What Cerrone Jewellers Offer

Cerrone Jewellers have managed to create a great ambiance in their stores. The stores are luxurious and elegant, but with a wonderfully modern feel, all with the comfortable ambiance that customers are drawn to.

The sales assistants at Cerrone are just as wonderful. They are not pushy towards certain pieces and instead work with customers to find a diamond or setting that fits both their style and budget best. The sales staffs are all very knowledgeable in diamonds and setting properties, which makes a huge help for those who are not too sure themselves.

To top it off, Cerrone Jewellers have a great collection of diamonds, and can even source diamonds out of the store from their internal database, which offers great diversity in a selection process.


What Makes Cerrone Jewellers Stand Out?

Pink Diamonds – It is very rare to find pink diamonds to view in a physical jewelry store, but some Cerrone Jewellers stores have multiple pink diamonds to choose from. They might not be the biggest diamonds around, but it is something to be excited about, as it is certainly rare.

Charities – Cerrone Jewellers supports many different charities, and really do go the extra mile to give back to their community and those in need. When purchasing from Cerrone Jewellers, customers can be sure that their money is being well spent, and is going towards a worthy cause.

Diamond Education – On the online Cerrone Jewellers website, there is a vast amount of diamond education available. There is more than what you would usually find at an online retailer, and this extends to the sales assistants in the stores holding a vast amount of information as well.

Cerrone Jewellers Pricing

Being a physical retailer, Cerrone will obviously have costs and overheads that online retailers do not. Instead of exploiting this, Cerrone manages to keep their premiums to a minimum, allowing customers to enjoy the experience, and purchase a beautiful engagement ring at a considerably affordable price.

If you had to compare similar diamonds and settings from Cerrone to James Allen, you will notice a price increase of around 20-30%, which is not as high as many other physical retailers charge.

Custom Orders

Cerrone Jewellers offer a Bespoke Engagement Ring service, where customers can submit a sketch or an idea and work with designers to create their dream engagement ring. This process starts from the beginning stages, through to choosing the perfect diamond, to the completion of the ring. All of the bespoke rings are created in-house at the Sydney workshop, which is the largest handmade jewelry atelier in Australia.

Website Ease of Use

The Cerrone website is kept simple and elegant, which is perfect for those who want an easy experience online. There is a separate tab for the online boutique, where all the categories are broken down nicely to choose from.

You are able to filter engagement ring settings by the style, the metal, and popularity. All of the rings are displayed beautifully with clear images. There are roughly three images per ring, which give a good view of all the details and angles. There is a long description for each ring as well as the option to customize the ring to your liking.

All other information, such as the extensive diamond education page, is easily sourced on their site and makes for a pleasant experience online.

Customer Service

Cerrone Jewellers can be highly commended for their great customer service, and this extends to their aftersales as well.

Free Shipping – All items purchased online from Cerrone Jewellers are eligible to be shipped for free in Australia.

Warranty – Cerrone believes in their award-winning work and guarantees against any manufacturing defaults or defects on all jewelry sold, and any jewelry that does have an issue will be inspected and evaluated by one of their qualified jewelry consultants.

Cerrone Jewellers Financing Options

Customers can choose to purchase their jewelry using Zip. Zip can be selected as a payment method online at checkout. Zip will pay the store on your behalf, and customers can repay zip over time, with up to 3 months interest-free.

Why You Should Choose Cerrone Jewellers

  • A stunning selection of diamonds and engagement rings
  • Fantastic sales assistants
  • Cerrone Jewellers stock pink diamonds, which are rare to find in jewelry stores

Cerrone Jewellers – Fantastic Service and Stunning Rings

Cerrone Jewellers are one of the stores to visit if you are lucky enough to be in the area. You will need to pay a premium price for the diamond engagement ring or any other jewelry, but for those who can afford it, it is a great experience and the sales assistants, the ambiance, and the stunning selection do make up for the premium prices.

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