How to Buy Diamonds in Seattle

How to Buy Diamonds in Seattle

How to Buy Diamonds in Seattle

Posted by Sharif Khan on 1st Apr 2021

How to Buy Diamonds in Seattle

Seattle is synonymous with lush evergreen vegetation, making it a haven for adventure lovers. The green landscape accounts for the city’s rainy reputation—it is no wonder that it is aptly called the Emerald City. But the presence of magnificent forests is not the only reason why the city is famous. A cruise around downtown Seattle will introduce you to some of the city’s iconic landmarks—worthy of mention is the Space Needle. The Space Needle is an observatory tower dedicated to tourists that desire a quick glimpse into Seattle’s beauty and splendor.

Seattle also boasts a thriving culinary scene. Notably, the first Starbucks was set up here, and presently, the city homes around 2,000 coffee shops. But what makes Seattle genuinely outstanding is its vibrant shopping centers. Many of these centers, such as the Pike Place Market, are a one-stop shopping destination. From electronics to clothing and groceries, you can find anything you want. While you are at it, you can sample the city’s delectable assortment of seafood. Besides, you must check into one of the Starbucks restaurants for a sip of the good, old coffee.

With such an exciting retail experience, you may assume that shopping for diamonds in Seattle should be easy. But it depends on a few factors. You cannot equate jewelry shopping with other kinds of shopping because the stakes are often higher, especially when the jewelry in question is diamond. Therefore, it requires some caution and a degree of conscientiousness to get it right.

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Why Buy Diamonds In Seattle?

Seattle is located near several other cities, such as Mercer Island, White Center, Kirkland, and Bellevue that are close to Seattle. If you live in any of these neighboring towns, what will make you drive to Seattle to buy your diamonds there? As we mentioned already, Seattle boasts a vibrant retail scene. Add that to its natural beauty, and you will see why tourists would travel from far and wide to experience this city.

However, what makes Seattle unique as a diamond city is that it hosts the world’s largest online diamond retailer, Blue Nile. Blue Nile was established in Seattle in 1999. However, its history could be older than that. Over time, the company has expanded to more cities within the US. In 2015, they opened their first showroom in New York. Located in Roosevelt Field Mall, the showroom was their entry point into the thriving diamond industry on the East Coast. As the company’s fortunes expanded, they opened another store in White Plains, New York. Presently, Blue Nile has diamond showrooms in Bellevue, WA, Salem, NH, Tigard, OR, and Tysons Corner, VA.

One of Blue Nile’s strongest selling points is their conflict-free diamonds. The company only deals with ethically-sourced diamonds. Besides, Blue Nile offers a broad range of diamonds and diamond jewelry. From large carat bridal diamonds to fancy cocktail rings, the company has it all.

Blue Nile prides itself in numerous other features that make them a favorite diamond dealer. The company offers free return policies and free secure shipping. If you buy diamonds from them, you receive a free lifetime warranty and jewelry insurance. You can also get the company to upgrade your diamonds.

Apart from these essential services, the Blue Nile website is also a wealth of information. Not only has it been designed by the company in an interactive and user-friendly manner, but the website also features countless blogs on the practical details of diamonds. For instance, there are blogs on everything you need to know before shopping for diamonds. Besides, you will find posts on how to determine the right diamond for you.

As you can see, the company is not only inclined towards revenue generation. Instead, it also strives to offer useful buying tips for would-be diamond shoppers. Whether online or offline, shopping for diamonds at Blue Nile is a seamless experience. The company holds the record for the largest online purchase in web history. According to Forbes, Blue Nile sold a single piece of diamond worth $1.5 million. The most remarkable thing is that the buyer never made it to the company’s physical stores; all interactions happened online. Now, only few jewelry stores inspire that kind of consumer confidence.

Blue Nile’s exceptional retail experience and ethical business practices have not gone without notice, and the company has numerous awards and reviews to show for it.


Other Notable Jewelers in Seattle

Apart from the Blue Nile, Seattle boasts other reputable jewelry dealers. The following are some of these:

Baraka Gemstones and Jewelry Baraka offers a wide range of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. The jeweler sells both traditional and contemporary diamond pieces. Therefore, if you are craving a vintage diamond necklace, Baraka is the place to go. Besides, Baraka features a wide collection of bridal and engagement diamonds. Baraka is Swahili for blessings, and this explains the dealer’s inspiration behind donating 10% of their net profits to orphanages in Kenya.

West Coast Diamond and Gem West Coast has a reputation for offering timeless and flawless diamonds. The family-owned retailer has been in operation since 1982. Over the years, they have continued to wow their customers with their stunning jewelry assortments. The dealer offers all kinds of diamond and diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Excellent customer service also adds to their high reputation.

Siamonto Jewelers Siamonto is owned by Raffi Keutelian, who boasts over two decades of training as a Master Jeweler. The rich experience in jewelry is evident whenever you visit Siamonto stores. The customer experience is splendid. Besides selling diamonds, Siamonto Jewelers offer other services too. Some of these include professional diamond setting and jewelry restoration. You can also have your diamond jewelry resized, cleaned, and polished. You can freely book an appointment and consult with them before making a purchase.

Marcy Jewelry Marcy was established in 1973. Over time, Marcy has earned a spot among the most celebrated jewelry dealers in Seattle. Marcy designs their jewelry for both men and women. From diamond pendants to necklaces and engagement rings, this merchant offers everything. Though they mostly deal in pre-mounted diamond rings, you can also buy loose diamonds here. Afterward, they will be happy to mount it for you, depending on your specifications. Marcy designers have earned the recognition of the Jewelers of America and Platinum Guild International. It might clue you in on what to expect when you go shopping at their stores.

Hitchcock Madrona Hitchcock offers a range of jewelry, from earrings to engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets. The staff at Hitchcock will gladly guide you through every diamond purchase process. The company employs designers that use local and international artistry in handcrafting their jewelry accessories. Hitchcock Madrona has featured in popular local and regional publications due to its exemplary services and perfectly-crafted diamond jewelry. Examples include the Seattle Magazine, the Seattle Met, and the Seattle Bride.

How Easy is it to Buy Diamonds in Seattle?

As we have seen, Seattle is home to the world’s largest online diamond retailer. The city also hosts numerous renowned diamond dealers in the US. Therefore, you would expect your entire diamond shopping experience to be hassle-free, which is indeed true. However, you should still do your homework thoroughly before checking into any store.

You should note that Seattle does not have a diamond district, though some records suggest that there might have been one. The absence of a diamond district implies that diamond stores are not concentrated in one street. Instead, they are scattered throughout downtown Seattle. That comes with notable drawbacks.

First, it deprives you of the benefit of sampling a broad range of diamonds in one area. Instead, you would need to hop from one store to another, looking for your ideal diamond. But the saving grace here is that most of the city’s diamond stores are concentrated downtown.

Another common drawback is that you are unlikely to find fair bargains. In a diamond district, traders strive to outdo each other, using all manner of tactics. One of these tactics is lowering the prices of their merchandise substantially. Ultimately, these kinds of competitions work to your advantage as a buyer. So, how do you compensate for these two main drawbacks?

Consider conducting your diamond shopping online. According to National Public Radio, many businesses are moving to the online marketplace. This especially applies to luxury businesses such as the jewelry trade. It is no coincidence that companies like Blue Allen already trade most of their stock online.

The advantages of shopping for diamonds online are numerous. However, keep certain things in mind. First and foremost, you should begin by establishing the reputation of the store you wish to buy from. Most of the dealers we have highlighted here have at least a decade of experience. It is an excellent starting point. Remember that when it comes to jewelry shopping, experience often translates to better customer service. Therefore, it pays to dig up as much information on a store as you can.

And since you intend to shop online, ensure that the seller has a website. A couple of reviews on credible sites like Google Maps and Yelp is an added advantage. Such reviews will give you a glimpse into the expectations when buying diamonds from the dealer.

After locating a reputable store, sample their offers. That way, you will uncover the merchant’s areas of specialization. When it comes to diamonds, some traders deal in specific styles and designs. For instance, you might come across dealers who only stock vintage diamonds. Shopping at specialized dealers is quicker and easier than buying from general diamond stores. However, their prices tend to be higher since most of them target specific market segments. But this should not be a problem as you can always compare prices online.

Another crucial step to consider is booking an appointment with the dealer. While shopping for diamonds online is encouraged, it does not harm to visit the physical stores and feel the real thing. Such visits will enable you to experience the merchant’s customer service personally. You can then ask as many questions as possible before making your purchase.

For instance, you might want to know whether the diamonds are GIA-certified. Additionally, you would seek to establish who grades their diamonds. At the very least, the diamonds should be graded only by reputable agencies—examples of such organizations include the American Gem Society and the Gemological Institute of America. As you can see, these are details you cannot ascertain online. However, visit the brick-and-mortar stores only after identifying your desired jewelry.

In case the retailer only operates online or if you are not willing to visit their physical stores, you must not fret. You can still place your order online. Ensure that the dealer has a fair return policy because it will come in handy if things do not work out to your expectations.

Seattle is an amazing city to shop for diamonds. The city is not only a haven for tourists but is also a hub for diamond traders. Whether you are looking for antique or contemporary diamond designs, you will always find them here. There is, of course, the little hassle of locating a reputable store. Thankfully, Seattle is home to hundreds of reliable and accredited diamond traders. It does not matter whether you buy online or offline. Diamond shopping in the Emerald City is an experience to cherish forever.