How to Buy Diamonds in Houston

How to Buy Diamonds in Houston

How to Buy Diamonds in Houston

Posted by Sharif Khan on 8th Apr 2021

How to Buy Diamonds in Houston

Houston enjoys enviable titles. The city is known as the global capital of space exploration and air conditioning and plays a significant role in the international energy industry. Houston’s inhabitants are renowned for their age-old habits of eating out, evidenced in the city’s 11,000 restaurants. It derives its name from Sam Houston. Mr. Houston was the first president of the Republic of Texas. The town also boasts a thriving film industry. Its Theatre District has often been likened to that of New York City.

Houston typically enjoys a humid subtropical climate, which is consistent all year round. Though the city is a sprawling metropolis, there is a lot to see for outgoing souls. One of the city’s main attractions is the National Museum of Funeral History. The museum is where the history of this majestic city is immortalized. One of the displays that you will find here is a re-creation of an old casket factory. The museum also features a diorama that illustrates various embalming techniques. Most of these techniques were common on Civil War battlefields.

Given its being a thriving economy, the city attracts traders from all over Texas. It is an excellent place to shop for all kinds of commodities, from electronics to jewelry. Diamonds, in particular, are relatively abundant along the city streets. Besides selling high-quality gems, most of these shops offer fair bargains on their merchandise. Read on to find out how to shop for diamonds in Houston.

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Why Buy Diamonds in Houston?

Houston is a hub of some of the world’s most reputable jewelry retailers; two of these are Brian Gavin Diamonds and White Flash.

Brian Gavin is known for its precision-cut diamonds. The company also offers a vast collection of diamonds under one roof, having recently introduced the world’s first AGS  ideal-cut emerald diamonds.

Like many established diamond sellers, Brian Gavin displays most of their jewelry online. The company has an interactive website that makes shopping for diamonds a hassle-free experience. Diamonds on the Brian Gavin website come under different categories based on specific parameters. The site employs a highly-functional search feature that enables you to zero in on your desired gem quickly. The incorporation of realistic photographs in their online listings makes your shopping experience more exciting. Through these photos, you can visualize exactly how the jewelry will look on you. It is more like trying out the real thing in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Brian Gavin has been instrumental in promoting high standards for hearts and arrows grading. BGD’s trademark ideal super-cut diamonds come in different cuts and shapes. From princess cuts to round brilliant and even cushion cuts, you will find it all here. In addition to their signature Hearts and Arrows cuts, the retailer offers numerous other exquisite cuts. Examples include Brian Gavin Black, Brian Gavin Blue, Brian Gavin Cape, to mention but a few.

Besides popular cuts, Brian Gavin always experiments with new and better cutting techniques and takes optical clarity seriously. As such, they provide a full spectrum of custom-cut diamonds. Custom-cut diamonds are associated with hefty price tags. However, Brian Gavin strives to price their diamonds reasonably lower than the industry rates.

When you buy from them, you get a 15-day inspection & return period. The company ships its merchandise worldwide. Buyers can also enjoy a one-year buyback program, though this only applies to signature cuts. Under this program, you can sell your diamond with the store and receive 70% of the original price. The vendor offers other services as well, such as a lifetime upgrade program for signature cuts and highly responsive customer support. The company’s Houston address is 7322 Southwest-Freeway, Arena One, Suite-1810 Houston, TX 77074.

Like Brian Gavin, White Flash also prides itself on offering high-end diamond rings. The vendor operates a fully-functional workshop, through which the company guarantees quality control. White Flash boasts a signature line of superior ideal cuts—A Cut Above ®. Apart from this signature cut, the company also deals with many other branded diamonds.

White Flash is ISO 9000 certified. Besides, the company has received the BBB Winner of Distinction award for fourteen years straight. Such recognition speaks to the company’s high-end products and exceptional customer care.

The company provides free shipping worldwide. When you buy diamonds from White Flash, you also get a lifetime trade up. Under this plan, you can comfortably upgrade your diamond or trade it in for a new one. Remember that the offer applies to purchases of at least $1.

White Flash customers can enjoy a one-year buyback service. The plan enables you to sell your diamond at 70% of the initial purchase price.

Another excellent service is a one-year service plan. The store can repair, resize, clean, or polish your diamonds for an entire year, and that too free of cost.

Lastly, White Flash offers a 30-day full refund. On the off chance that you need to return your purchases, you can do so hassle-free. You only have to ensure the diamonds retain their original optical characteristics when making a return. You can find White Flash at 2150Town Square Place #330, Sugar Land, TX 77479.


Other Top Jewelry Retailers in Houston

Apart from White Flash and Brian Gavin, Houston boasts numerous other diamond vendors. The following are some of these:

Zadok Jewelers

Zadok works with professionals from around the globe. The company endeavors to consolidate as many diverse cultures as possible under one roof. Zadok not only stocks  loose diamonds. The vendor also offers a massive collection of fine diamond jewelry. Whether you are looking for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or Swiss timepieces, you will always find it here.

Additional services the store offers include repair, engraving, and cleaning. The company also employs highly-trained appraisers. You can enlist the services of these professionals at any time during your shopping experience. Splendid customer service complements its huge diamond collection. The merchant is available at 1749 Post-Oak Blvd, Houston, TX-77056, United States.

Dubin’s Fine Jewelry

Dubin’s boast over three decades of outstanding service delivery to their customers. The company specializes in wedding bands and engagement rings. However, you can also sample their diamond pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and bangles. Besides, the shop provides extra services such as diamond resizing, polishing, and setting.

Dubin’s are known for their flexible jewelry prices, which explains the seller enjoys excellent reviews across multiple legitimate review platforms. Dubin’s physical address is at 5444 Westheimer-Ct #1428, Houston, TX 77056, United States.

Rice Village Diamonds

Rice Village works for hand in hand with magnificent diamond brands out there. Examples include Ritani, Forevermark®, and Natalie K. Rice Village that specialize in diamond necklaces. The seller also stocks high-end fashion rings and designer diamond pearls.

Like many diamond retailers in Houston, Rice Village provides custom-designed diamonds. However, their impressive turnaround sets them apart. The vendor offers additional services to its customers, such as resizing, polishing, and engraving.

The staff at Rice Village are always happy to assist their customers throughout their shopping experience. The merchant also operates a website with a sleek and user-friendly interface. Rice Village Diamonds are located at 2376 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX-77005, United States.

Houston Diamonds

Houston Diamonds believe that diamonds should not only be elegant but durable too. Therefore, they strive to create well-built pieces of jewelry that are also reasonably long-lasting. The company operates under the tenets of “honesty” and “efficiency.” When you visit their stores, they will go out of their way to ensure that you learn as much as possible on your diamond of choice. It will enable you to make your purchase from the point of information.

Diamonds by Houston come in various shapes and sizes. From loose diamonds to diamond necklaces and rings, the merchant stocks it all. Besides their unique, elegant, and long-lasting pieces, Houston also offers resizing, cleaning, and polishing services. The store is based at Westheimer Rd #H, Houston, TX 77057, United States.

How to Buy Diamonds in Houston

The best way to buy diamonds in Houston is to do all your shopping online, for the simple reason that Houston does not have a diamond district. Indeed, it can get a little confusing for first-time visitors to the city; for some diamond merchants here go by the name Houston Diamond District. Remember that these are not proper diamond districts but individual stores, and the fact that they use that coveted name should not mean much. You might be surprised to discover that their diamonds are of inferior quality.

But even if shopping for diamonds online, you must understand what to look out for. First, you should begin your search with your ideal diamond in mind. Define the diamond based on the color, carat weight, cut, and clarity that you desire. It will significantly help narrow down your search. Never proceed to any online diamond display before defining your taste and preference. Otherwise, the stunning beauty of the diamonds in these exhibits may blow you away, so much so that you might end up with the wrong thing.

Once you know what you want, you can proceed to choose a store. Most stores you will come across pitch their diamonds as the real deal. The onus is on you, as the buyer, to see through unrealistic claims.

To do that, you should pose specific questions to the store. For instance, seek to know whether the vendor deals in conflict-free or blood diamonds. You can establish that by investigating further on where the store sources its diamonds. But if the merchant can provide some form of conflict-free guarantee, the better for you.

Next, request for grading reports. Nearly every vendor that you come across in Houston aims to sell professionally-graded diamonds. However, do not take everyone at their word. Ask for proof of their past grading reports. A reliable vendor will readily avail such reports on their website. Peruse the reports and ensure that they are from reputable organizations like the Gemological Institute of America.

The next question should be on the vendor’s shipping and return policy. If you intend to complete your purchase online, ensure the store ships to your location. Besides, the seller should offer a favorable return policy. You might prefer visiting the retailer’s physical stores upon locating your ideal stone. In such scenarios, the shipping policy does not apply.

If everything looks superb so far, compare prices across a couple of stores. It is always great to know that you have found your preferred diamond. But it is even more enthralling to realize you can get fair bargains out of it. When comparing prices, be wary of stores that offer ridiculously low rates because their diamonds might be of poor quality. Instead, insist on a retailer that promises more economical prices, provided such rates are well within industry standards.

The final step is placing your order. For online payments, remember to pay securely using your credit cards.

Buying diamonds in Houston is normally a hassle-free process because the city is home to two of the most established diamond retailers. When buying diamonds from these reputable dealers, you can comfortably throw caution to the wind. But should you opt for other vendors, remember to observe the tips highlighted above.