7 Best Alternatives to Engagement Rings When Proposing

7 Best Alternatives to Engagement Rings When Proposing

7 Best Alternatives to Engagement Rings When Proposing

Posted by Sharif Khan on 16th Jul 2021

The tradition of proposing is one of the oldest traditions globally, dating back to old times. Cave dwellers used plaited grass or rush around the bride's ankles or wrists during the proposal ceremony.

The origin of engagement rings traces back to Egyptians, who introduced the first metal rings made with gold. In ancient Egypt, a rig or circlet was meant to indicate eternity.

In the ninth century, Christians started using engagement rings. It continues to be a tradition until now.

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To formalize a relationship, you need to ask your partner to marry you by proposing to her or him in a unique manner to make it an unforgettable experience. Everyone wants their marriage proposal to be as romantic as possible; however, the trick is how, especially if you want it to be a memorable one.

It is true that although engagement rings, especially ones made with diamonds, are beautiful and romantic, there are alternatives when proposing that could be as equally romantic as engagement rings.

Although GIA loose diamonds are magnificent and people prefer them. If you have a partner that likes to be unconventional, s/he may likely appreciate something different and, of course, unique.

The use of alternatives to engagement rings often makes a wedding proposal romantic and could also make your partner feel special. Such alternatives are more affordable, leaving room for extra capital to plan for a wedding, engagement party, or even an exotic honeymoon trip.

Some Alternative to Engagement Ring Are:

Many options can be used as alternatives to engagement rings that can equally make wedding proposals special, unique, interesting, romantic, adventurous, and decadent. They are excellent if you and your partner want to wear some basic rings, but not diamond engagement rings.


A do-it-yourself wedding band, which is also popularly known as a D.I.Y wedding band, is one of the most popular and effective alternatives to engagement rings. Some say that there is nothing more romantic than literally forging your commitment with your two hands. The Do It Yourself or D.I.Y wedding bands have become a trendy alternative to unique engagement rings in recent times.

The use of Do It Yourself wedding bands makes a wedding proposal more interesting, besides making it more romantic and adventurous.

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Family heirlooms are also another alternative to engagement rings used for wedding proposals. Family heirlooms are often extraordinary and unique to your family because they have been with you for generations and are of exceptionally high significance. Examples of family heirlooms include rings, bracelets, lockets, necklaces, trinkets, and so on. Many people will feel very special when their partner proposes to them with a family heirloom that has been in their family for a very long time. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to halo engagement rings to show your partner how committed you are to your relationship with them. You may ask your parents, grandparents, or other relatives if they have any family heirloom that they will be willing to give you to use for your wedding proposal. However, if the family heirloom is outdated or of the wrong size, you can visit your local jeweler to help you fix/adjust it. Alternatively, you can take the diamond or any other kind of gemstone out of the family heirloom and put it in a ring.

The use of family heirlooms could make the proposal unique. It could also make your partner feel special, mainly because it could show them that you are not afraid of the commitment required from married couples.



Another effective alternative to engagement rings used for a wedding proposal is using a memento. A memento is special to both you and your partner and shows your love for one another. The memento may be the ticket to the first movie you went to watch together or an instrument that your partner told you she loves on your first date together. Besides, it could be a ticket to an early concert that you both attended or a plane ticket for the first plane trip that you took together. It is, however, vital that you use something that holds significance and sentimental value for you as a couple. Also, you can write your wedding proposal on the back and patiently wait for her to read it. It shows your partner that you are indeed serious about your relationship, that they are an essential part of your life, and that you care about them and remember the crucial moments in your relationship.

As an alternative to vintage engagement rings for wedding proposals, a memento makes a wedding proposal more unique, memorable, and indeed more interesting.


Another excellent alternative is a ring box. Even though it might not sound like a good idea, it is an excellent way to propose to your partner if you do not wish to use an engagement ring or want to allow your partner to select her engagement ring. It might be confusing at first for your partner when they see you kneeling on one knee with an empty ring box, but once you carefully explain to her that you are setting a date for both of you to go shopping together for an engagement ring of her own choice (provided she says yes), she will understand


Another alternative to engagement rings for wedding proposals is a ring tattoo. Although not everyone will be fond of this alternative, if you and your partner enjoy getting tattoos, there is no better way to propose to your partner than by suggesting that you both get a permanent ring tattoo that you cannot take off or give back. The use of ring tattoo as a sapphire engagement ring during a wedding proposal has become more famous due to the increase in the popularity of tattoos.

This method is very famous and considered by some people to be one of the most romantic ways of proposing. It shows your partner that you are indeed ready for a lifelong commitment.


Adopting a pet is one of the most romantic alternatives to engagement rings used for wedding proposals. Many people consider it better than engagement rings and other alternatives. For instance, if you and your partner love dogs, you could adopt a puppy together. It is one of the best and most famous ways to propose to your partner.


Although not widely known and, for the most part, underrated, this is also an excellent alternative to engagement rings during wedding proposals. It is effortless and considered by some people to be very romantic. You can do this by simply getting down on one knee, taking your partner's hand, and telling them how you feel about them.

If you wish to propose to your partner without using an engagement ring, you can use one of the alternatives stated above. These alternatives make the wedding proposal twice as remarkable, more romantic, adventurous, and unique. It also makes your partner feel special, showing them how deeply you care about them and that you are ready for the commitment that is part and parcel of being married and starting a family or spending the rest of your life with them.