77 Diamonds Review | Are They Trustworthy?

77 Diamonds Review | Are They Trustworthy?

77 Diamonds Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 16th Apr 2021

77 Diamonds Review

77 Diamonds – A Review

Our Rating 4 out of 5.

Compare 77 Diamonds with James Allen.

77 Diamonds is a European and UK-based jewelry retailer that brings luxury to engagement ring shopping without costing you as much as brands such as Tiffany & Co. While the diamond and engagement ring selection could be better and the prices more affordable, 77 Diamonds is a reasonably decent jeweler to visit, especially if you are on that side of the world.

Note that you will always receive better value for your money and high-quality diamonds from online retailers such as James Allen and Blue Nile.

James Allen

A Brief History

77 Diamonds is a relatively new face in the jewelry industry, only opening their first store ten years ago. The company was formed based on modern technology and jewelry manufacturing methods to serve clients better, more efficiently. The company has gone on to win many awards, both for its jewelry and customer service.

77 Diamonds are focused within the UK and European markets, with their showroom in London's upscale scene.

What 77 Diamonds Offer

For those wanting a more upscale experience, the showroom in London is a great start. Customers have to call beforehand to make an appointment because walk-ins are generally not accepted. Once there, you will be set-up with a sales assistant, who will take notes on your preference and budget. There is no inventory on hand to view; instead, the sales assistant will bring out rings according to what you have asked for. It is very different from the browsing style that most jewelers offer, but it does give more of an elegant, private shopping feel.

The actual showroom is not unique, which can be somewhat disappointing for those looking for an upper-end shopping experience. There is nothing to entice you into the building, and you might miss it entirely if you are not looking for it.

The diamonds offered by 77 Diamonds come with  certifications, but these vary from IGI, HRD, and GIA certificates. Since we believe that it is always better to go with a GIA certificate, you should look for a GIA-certified diamond when shopping. The diamonds are of good quality, and while some fall short, there are beautiful stones to be found in the showroom.


What Makes 77 Diamonds Stand Out?

Experience: Being able to privately enter a showroom and have a dedicated sales assistant helps with your diamond choices. To enjoy this in London's upscale environment is a capable point that many customers do not mind paying extra for.

Worldwide access: 77 Diamonds is not limited to those in the UK and Europe. Their site is accessible worldwide, and they offer free delivery anywhere in the world, which expands their market much more than other online retailers.

Sourced stones: 77 Diamonds has access to 80% of the world's diamonds, allowing them to source their stones directly to offer customers luxurious diamonds at a reasonable price.

Handmade jewelry: All jewelry at 77 Diamonds is handmade by master craftsmen. The company believes that each diamond is unique, and so each piece is made by hand to keep costs down instead of having extensive stock on hand.

77 Diamonds Pricing

Surprisingly, the value at 77 Diamonds is fair, unlike many physical retailers who push their costs up unnecessarily. You will be paying more at 77 Diamonds than you would online at James Allen or Blue Nile, but the increase only goes up to roughly 15%, which is not too high for those seeking the in-store experience.

It is important to note that some of their diamonds only hold IGI, or other certificates, making the hike more when compared to GIA-certified diamonds.

Custom Orders

77 Diamonds pride themselves on creating unique pieces for their customers - this falls into their ethos quite firmly. The company believes that no two diamonds are alike, and hence each piece is custom made. On appointment, you can view loose stones and request a specific piece to be made. It helps customers create a unique, personalized ring and keeps overall costs down as the company does not need to keep stock in abundance.

Website Ease of Use

As much as 77 Diamonds claim to be paving the way to modern jewelry retailing, their website is slightly outdated. It is overcrowded, with too much information shown on the front page, which can get overwhelming.

There is also an inconsistency in viewing diamonds, with some having videos while others being viewed just with a stock image.

Something else to be wary of on the site is that the prices shown do not include VAT, which comes in later. It is unusual for a European company and is something that customers should be aware of when viewing a piece.

Customer Service

Pushing customer service at the forefront of their business, 77 Diamonds do go further than most to ensure their customers are kept happy and given exceptional service for their purchases or inquiry with 77 Diamonds.

Lifetime Guarantee: All items at 77 Diamonds are covered with a lifetime protection guarantee, covering any manufacturing issues or problems.

Free shipping: 77 Diamonds offer free delivery worldwide, shipping items free of charge and fully insured until delivered.

Return Policy: Customers can return purchases within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

77 Diamonds Financing Options

All UK customers can apply for financing through 77 Diamonds both online and in-store. They allow customers to make a purchase and pay through finance, with credit-free plans available.

Why You Should Choose 77 Diamonds

  • Unique, luxury experience offered through the showroom in London
  • Worldwide access, with free shipping all around the globe
  • Each piece is unique and created to show off the stone that it was designed around

77 Diamonds – The Perfect Middle Ground

77 Diamonds fall well within the middle ground of the jewelry industry. They are not industry leaders such as James Allen or Tiffany & Co but do not fall into the lower category. With some work, they could pull themselves towards the upper tier.

The showroom offers customers a private buying experience, and the prices have been kept surprisingly low. There are some lovely diamonds and rings to choose from, though not all have the right certification.

If you want to save more money and skip sifting through some lower quality diamonds, take a look at James Allen, where the diamonds are stunning, and the prices are reasonable.

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