Top Unique Diamond Studs: Stud Earrings & Complete Guide

Top Unique Diamond Studs: Stud Earrings & Complete Guide

Posted by Sharif Khan on 1st Mar 2021

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The diamond studs have remained a fashion staple in jewelry boxes all over the world. It is a unisex item, implying that there is a diamond stud style for everyone. Today, several celebrities have also joined the growing trend, thereby making the diamond stud very popular. Despite their simplicity, diamond studs are graciously worn on red carpets by celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, and Eva Longoria.

Even Meghan Markle stands out for beautifully wearing diamond studs in every crowd. Diamond studs are also worn by famous male stars like Justin Bieber, Will Smith, and Usher. In addition to making a dramatic statement, diamond studs are eye-catching and quite a showstopper. The diamond stud is unique to its wearer and it does not go unnoticed. It is timeless and never goes out of style.

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Top Unique Diamond Studs:

Each one of the diamond stud shapes has its unique charm and appeal. They can also be explored in a variety of precious metals. While most diamond cuts are classic and have the traditional look, they can also feel very modern depending on the types of setting they are put in. Below are  some of the popular cuts and settings for diamond studs:

Emerald Cut Diamond Studs

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The solitaire  emerald cut diamond stud is a timeless treasure and is one of the most popular diamond cuts, coming with a vintage, classic, and elegant look. There are several options for color, clarity, and cut depending on one’s preference. The emerald cut diamond stud offers excellent cut grade, and besides having symmetrical corners, it boasts of more angled cuts and rigid edges. It comes with a push back to securely fasten the diamond stud. The emerald cut diamond stud is available in 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, and platinum.

It features a tapered basket that showcases the unique characteristics of an  emerald shape diamond and a push back to hold the diamond stud firmly in place. Its beautiful geometric pattern, luminescent nature, and bold flashes of light capture the eye with every move. With its large, angular, and bold step cut, this emerald cut diamond stud provides plenty of reflection, whereas its linear facets also provide character and brilliance. The total carat weight varies from 0.4ctw to 2ctw and the price ranges from $620 to $11,480. The color ranges from H-1 to F-G while the clarity varies from SI1-SI2 and VS1-VS2. It is a great choice as it caters to the need of fashion-forward people and those who love its traditional look.

Cushion Shape Diamond Studs

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Thanks to the beauty of its vintage-style and rounded lines, this cushion shape diamond stud stands out brilliantly. Although the diamond is cut deep, it is shaped like a square with rounded edges. It produces bold chunks of shimmer and a gorgeous ray of sparkle and fire.  The cushion shape diamond stud comes with a defined facet pattern and a chunky antiqued, crushed ice look, featuring a tapered basket setting and push-back that serves as protection for the diamond stud.

There are several choices of  carat weight for this cushion shape diamond stud ranging from 0.4ctw to 2ctw. With the least price being $620 and the highest being $7880, it offers 14k white gold, 14K yellow gold, and platinum. The color ranges from H-1 to F-G while the clarity varies from SI1-SI2 and VS1-VS2. This cushion shape diamond stud has the classic beauty outlook and also the high sparkle of the modern era’s modified brilliant cut.

Princess Cut Diamond Studs

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The princess cut diamond stud is perfect for an elegant and classy appearance. It is popular for its high sparkle and scintillation and is widely known as the square shape diamond. The fire and brilliance of this princess cut diamond are unique and make it quite the showstopper. It is comfortable to wear and can be secured with a push-back so that it doesn’t fall off. The tapered basket setting attached to it protects the diamond. It produces linear, chunky flashes of light in a dramatic geometric pattern.

This is a brilliant cut and is notable for its thin and sharp corners. The recommended carat for this princess cut diamond stud ranges from 0.4ctw to 2ctw. With the average price of $570 to $7,600, it offers 14k white gold, 14K yellow gold, and platinum. The average color ranges from H-1 to F-G while the average clarity varies from SI1-SI2 and VS1-VS2. With its numerous small facets, it reflects light more beautifully.

Pear Cut Diamond Studs

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This stunning pear cut diamond stud has a unique, distinctive beautiful teardrop shape. Apart from its excellent symmetry, it combines round curves with sharp edges and produces splinters of light gleams in every move. It is set in a tapered basket and comes with a push-back to secure the diamond stud.

The total carat weight varies from 0.4ctw to 2ctw and the price ranges from $570 to $8,040. The color ranges from H-1 to F-G while the clarity varies from SI1-SI2 and VS1-VS2. The mounting is customizable and it can be bought in 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold or platinum.

Asscher Cut Diamond Studs

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The Asscher cut produces brilliance that speaks volumes and is a perfect fit for women who love the square shape. This pair of classic Asscher cut diamond exudes elegance and class. While it is attached to a tapered basket, its luminescent nature and bold flashes of light capture the eye with every move. It is a step cut diamond that features large step facets and a high crown. It also comes with a push-back to keep the diamond stud secured and firmly in place.

There are several options to be chosen from with regard to clarity, ranging from SI1-SI2 and VS1-VS2. The total carat weight varies from 0.4ctw to 2ctw and the price ranges from $620 to $8,050 while the color grade from H-1 to F-G. The cut grade is excellent with even steps into the center that are seen with its square pattern. It is perfect for adding that sparkle and shine.


In modern times, earrings have become more than an adornment to complement attires or outfits. It is now a growing trend used to express a person’s personality and style. Although there are a variety of earring styles today, the diamond stud largely stands out as the ultimate accessory and an invaluable asset to be added to a jewelry collection. It is an incredibly popular choice for transforming any face into a stunning gleam with its radiant glimmer.

Notwithstanding its being smaller than other earring styles, it is a work of art that came into fashion in the 16th century. It became popular in the 19th century and has since remained a treasured piece of jewelry ever since. Diamond studs are beautiful, universal, and timeless, used to adorn the ear or earlobes while showcasing the sparkle of its center diamond. Typically, most diamond studs consist of a head that holds the center diamond and is attached to a post. The post is designed to go right through the ear piercing and can be fastened to the ear with any precious metal backing desired on the other side.

The metal backings of the diamond studs are usually either screw-back or push-back. Some earring lovers prefer the screw-back, while others prefer the push-back. Screw backs are the most secure option for diamond studs and are usually thicker in diameter, recommended mostly for earrings of high value such as the diamond stud. To avoid the diamond studs from falling out, its screw is placed on the post to securely fasten it. The push back screw is more common and is sometimes called the butterfly backing or friction backing. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is very easy to push on and pull off. The push back screw glides into the post, holding the post firmly in place.

The unique selling point of diamond stud earrings is that they are gorgeous, stylish, and easy to wear. They are highly remarkable for their versatility and are great for everyday wear, especially for special occasions. Moreover, their versatile nature makes them an excellent choice to pair with almost any outfit, giving the illusion of a diamond floating on the ear lobe. They appeal more to the specific taste of persons who desire a classic, simple yet elegant look, and can be customized easily to suit anyone’s style. People with multiple piercings on one or both ears greatly take a liking to them.

A pair of diamond studs also makes the perfect gift as it complements all types of face shapes and skin tones. Its subtle beauty adds grace to the wearer and enhances any ensemble from casual to formal outfits, coming in a variety of style options, metals, shapes, and mountings. With their unisex nature, they make a perfect fit for men and women of all ages. The most popular diamond stud quality falls between the I-J color grade because it seems extremely white on the ear, while the popular clarity grade is as low as the SI1-SI2 as it makes it difficult to see the imperfections in general.

Three main factors to consider for stud earrings are the diamond shape, settings, and back. Popular shapes of the diamond studs include round, oval, pear, emerald, cushion, Asscher, marquise, and princess cuts. The circular shape of the round cut is very popular. Both the squared-shape princess and asscher cut diamond studs are also the most common. Due to the distinctive shape of the pear and  marquise diamonds, it would be quite obvious if a pair of either the pear or marquise shape diamond studs do not have matching proportions. As a result, they are the least common. However, the choice of the diamond shape is mostly about the taste and preference of the wearer.

The basket and prong settings are more common with diamond studs. They showcase the diamonds, allowing them to shine better. Although these settings are classic and quite minimalist, they can hold any shape, especially round cut diamonds. For added sparkle, the halo setting is a great option to consider. It features a center diamond with a sparkling halo of smaller diamonds surrounding it. Diamond halo adds size to the appearance of the diamond stud and also helps to enhance lower carat weight. However, diamond studs with small carat weight are more suitable for drooping earlobes as larger carat weight might weigh down on the ears.

The martini setting is also quite popular for its three prongs which hold the diamond in place. Unlike the basket and prong setting, it enables the diamond to sit closer to the ear or earlobe conveniently. This is narrow at the bottom and has a martini glass outlook.