TAKA Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

TAKA Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

TAKA Jewelry Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 24th Dec 2019

TAKA Jewelry Review

TAKA Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 4 out of 5.

Compare TAKA Jewelry with James Allen.

TAKA Jewelry has over 18 different locations around Singapore, and the experience between the different stores can vary. Some locations have a mediocre atmosphere and not-so-great sales assistants, while others offer a great experience with helpful sales staff and wonderful diamonds.

Overall, you should ultimately get a good experience when visiting a TAKA Jewelry store, and they are one of the physical retailers that have managed to keep their prices low compared to other outlets. However, at the end of the day, you will still be able to get better value for your money from  James Allen or Blue Nile and get a beautiful diamond engagement ring with outstanding service as well.

James Allen

A Brief History

Founded in Singapore in 1991, TAKA Jewelry has grown from a small shop in Clementi, to have a strong presence around the island, with 18 locations to be found. It is also a part of the Singapore Exchange. All of this was accomplished within 15 years, which is fairly impressive.

TAKA Jewelry has managed to cater to a wider market with their large selection of jewelry, with its promise to provide jewelry and diamonds at competitive diamonds.

Other than being a large competitor locally, TAKA Jewelry also partakes in the international wholesale market and is one of the largest exporters of diamond jewelry worldwide from Singapore. The company often partakes in global fairs and exhibits.

What TAKA Jewelry Offer

TAKA Jewelry manages to cater to a larger market by offering varying selections of diamonds,  gemstones, and jewelry. Their collections range from solitaire rings for everyday wear, to designer statement pieces to colored gemstones. Through all of these collections, TAKA Jewelry has managed to keep its prices down to cater to the normal person.

Another huge standout point for TAKA Jewelry is their turnaround time. In the store, customers will need to create their own piece, by  choosing a diamond to set with a certain mounting. Most jewelers take around a week to complete the design and manufacturing of the ring, but TAKA manages to have the ring completed in under 36 hours.

What Makes TAKA Jewelry Stand Out?

Stores – The TAKA stores are kept simple and do not give off too much of a luxurious feel. While this might seem like a downfall, it actually offers customers the opportunity to browse the stores without feeling pressured or overwhelmed by a stuffy store.

Staff – At the right store, the staff at TAKA Jewelry is really helpful, and has extensive knowledge regarding diamonds and jewelry, which makes it easy for a customer to pair a diamond with a setting.

Diamonds – The diamond quality at TAKA Jewelry stores are good. You will obviously come across some lesser quality diamonds, but if you look around, there are some wonderful stones to be found.


TAKA Jewelry Pricing

The story between physical retailers is always the same, it is almost impossible for them to compete in pricing with online retailers, who have way fewer overheads to pay to run their business. Physical retailers have rent to pay, additional staff to pay, and stock to keep on hand. All of these additional costs run down to a premium being charged on diamonds and engagement rings, and some retailers take advantage of this and push their prices way up.

TAKA Jewelry is one of the few retailers who manage to keep their prices relatively low. Their business model revolves around providing customers with affordable jewelry, giving them value for their money. While they cannot get their prices as low as James Allen or Blue Nile, they manage to keep their prices around 20% higher than what you could expect to pay online. For many, this is worth the premium to be able to visit a physical retailer, interact with a salesperson and create your own ring by viewing the diamond and mounting in person.

Custom Orders

TAKA Jewelry work by offering all their customers the chance to customize their own rings. In fact, it is really the only way to purchase a ring from them. When visiting a TAKA Jewelry store, an assistant will help you view the different diamonds, and help you narrow it down to your preferred stone. You will then be shown selected mountings to choose to have your stone set in.

Website Ease of Use

TAKA Jewelry has a very limiting website. It is an old-fashioned webpage that could do with some attention. There are a few tabs to choose from, such as news & events, careers, and FAQs, but nothing substantial regarding shopping at TAKA Jewelry.

At the bottom of the webpage is a Buy Online button. Clicking on this, you would assume you would be taken to the TAKA Jewelry online shop, but instead, you are redirected to Lazada. Lazada is much like Amazon, where independent and private sellers list their own items for sale, which Lazada facilitates. TAKA Jewelry does not have their own online shop but instead sell through Lazada, this causes some concerns as this could possibly open a customer up to scammers and impersonators. It is much better to just visit the store to make a purchase.

Customer Service

TAKA Jewelry does strive to give their customers outstanding service and work to create a pleasant environment for them. Their customer service is good, but it might vary from store to store.

Rewards Program – Customers can join the TAKA Jewellery Rewards Program where it rewards customers with a comprehensive lifestyle experience that offers the latest promotions, special events, specials, and a welcome voucher.

Jewelry Care - TAKA Jewelry offers an extensive jewelry care section on their website, to further help customers take care of their items to have them in the best possible condition.

TAKA Jewelry Financing Options

TAKA Jewelry does not advertise any form of financing on their site or elsewhere. Customers will either have to enquire about this in-store or use a third-party financing option.

Why You Should Choose TAKA Jewelry

  • 18 locations to visit in Singapore
  • Large selection of different collections for all tastes and budgets
  • Helpful and friendly staff

TAKA Jewelry – Value for Money

While you might be able to find a cheaper diamond engagement ring online at James Allen or Blue Nile, TAKA Jewelry is one of the physical retailers who manage to keep their prices down as low as possible, to make their items more affordable for the normal person. They do not drape their stores inexpensive luxury or go over the top to try and create an experience, instead, they keep things down to earth while offering some beautiful jewelry, and the opportunity for customers to create their own custom pieces.

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