SK Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

SK Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

SK Jewellery Review | Are They Trustworthy?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 30th Dec 2019

SK Jewellery Review

SK Jewellery – A Review

Our Rating 3.8 out of 5.

Compare SK Jewellery with James Allen.

SK Jewellery does not have the best referral. While they have decent customer service and the settings of the stores are not too bad, the diamond quality varied substantially, and the diamonds held some of the highest price tags to be found in Singapore.

The erratic quality of the diamonds, along with the exceptionally high pricing, just does not warrant a visit to the store, and you will be much better off shopping at another retailer in Singapore, who will give you more value for your money, or even better, you could shop online at James Allen or Blue Nile, who both have stunning quality diamonds, at prices that are sure to fit into your budget.

James Allen

A Brief History

SK Jewellery is a subsidiary company of Soo Kee Group, which is a public listed company within Singapore. SK Jewellery is the largest jewelry retail chain store in Singapore, since its founding in 2003. It has branched across to have boutiques in Malaysia as well.

The Soo Kee Group was started in 1991 and is an established company with a strong presence in Singapore, and in Malaysia for the last 10 years.

What SK Jewellery Offer

The SK Jewellery stores are not set out as well as they should be, and often feel cramped and overcrowded. The salespeople are very straightforward and to the point, which is good at times, but which can also cause the experience to feel more like a business transaction rather than the purchasing of such an important piece of jewelry.

Some of the diamonds sold at SK Jewellery are very nice, but you do have to make a note to view the better diamonds, as many of the other diamonds are quite disappointing. You will also need to request to only view  GIA certified diamonds in the stores, as not all of the  diamonds come with this certification.

What Makes SK Jewellery Stand Out?

GIA Certification – While not all of the diamonds are sold with GIA certification, some of them are. Purchasing a diamond with GIA certification is so important, as it shows truly the qualities and properties of the diamonds, with GIA being the most trusted grading authority worldwide.

Sustainability – SK Jewellery work to achieve sustainability in the industry through their practices. This extends to sustaining the world’s most treasured landscapes, by minimizing the impact on the environment from the company through sustainable gold recycling.

Location – Being the largest chain jewelry retailer in Singapore, the SK Jewellery stores are easily accessible to many, both tourists and locals alike. The boutique locations range from the upmarket areas to malls and promenades.

Innovation – SK Jewellery works with the most experienced of craftsmen, and utilizes state of the art technology to create new and unique jewelry collections.


SK Jewellery Pricing

SK Jewellery has some of the highest-priced diamonds and jewelry in Singapore. Starting with the fact that the diamonds are not always great quality, there is absolutely no reason the diamonds should have such high price tags. There is no doubt at all that you would be able to take the same amount that you would spend on a mediocre diamond at SK Jewellery, head on over to James Allen, and be able to purchase a far superior diamond engagement ring for the same price, with a GIA certification, and while receiving great customer care along the way.

The diamond engagement rings at SK Jewellery can cost up to 50% more than what you could purchase them for at James Allen, and are still likely to be lower quality than what you could get from the online store.

Custom Orders

SK Jewellery has a few services that enable customers to customize their engagement ring to an extent. Customers can choose a diamond to pair with a setting of their choice, and they can also then have the engagement ring engraved with a date or initials, or any wording of their choice.

The retailer also offers a restoration service, bringing life back to old jewelry.

Website Ease of Use

The SK Jewellery website is a bit of pop out at first and has bright red tones filled with bright, colorful pictures. Once you adjust to this, it is actually quite a nice website. There are different advertisements scrolling across the page for sales and specials, and different featured collections.

You will have to move from the website to the Eshop to be able to do online shopping, but there is an easy tag to the page so it is not difficult to find at all. The Eshop is set out very similar to the website.

The Eshop is more focused on other jewelry and gold, so it is quite difficult to find the engagement ring section. When you do eventually find the engagement rings to view, they are pictured nicely. There are quite a few images per ring to view, giving the customer a good feel of the ring they are interested in. There is a small description per ring as well.

Customer Service

The customer service at SK Jewellery is decent at times, and they do offer services that help care for jewelry purchased from the store.

Complimentary Cleaning Services – Customers can visit an SK Jewellery store to have their items inspected and professionally cleaned at no cost.

Repair – SK Jewellery offers repair services at their stores for damaged jewelry.

Resizing – Customers can have their jewelry resized at one of the SK Jewellery stores.

SK Jewellery Financing Options

Customers can inquire in SK Jewellery stores to find out which banks they have partnered with to offer to finance. This is based on the customer qualifying for the finance for the criteria set out.

Why You Should Choose SK Jewellery

  • Largest jewelry retailer in Singapore
  • Some diamonds have GIA certification
  • Good aftersales services offered to clients

SK Jewellery – Not Worth the Price You Pay

SK Jewellery is a great store to visit if you are looking for gold jewelry or quirky items, but for a diamond engagement ring, you would be much better off shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile. There is no guarantee you will find a good quality ring at SK Jewellery, and to find a good one in your budget would be even more difficult. Rather consider shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile, where the rings all come with GIA certifications and are of stunning quality, at great prices.

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