Is Sam's Club a Good Place to buy Jewelry?

Is Sam's Club a Good Place to buy Jewelry?

Is Sam's Club a Good Place to buy Jewelry?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 12th May 2021

Sam’s Club Jewelry Review

Sam’s Club Jewelry – A Review

Our Rating 3.6 out of 5.

Compare Sam’s Club Jewelry with James Allen.

Like other wholesaler chains, Sam's Club offers discounted prices on bulk home products and groceries. Moreover, besides diamonds, they are known for a wide selection of everyday essentials.

However, their wide range of products does not extend to a wide range of diamonds, resulting in limited selection and lack of knowledgeable assistance from staff.

Is Sam's Club a good choice for purchasing a diamond? This review will give you the ins and outs to make that decision.

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A Brief History

Sam's Club is a members-only retailer that caters bulk deals directly to the consumer. It is the second-largest company in the market, featuring nearly 600 stores nationwide in the USA and recording estimated sales of $57 million last year.

Vis-à-vis Costco, Sam's Club is still ever-growing since people see the logic in bulk-buying groceries and household products to save money in the long run.

What Sam’s Club Offer

What Sam’s Club Offer

With a massive range, customers can walk into the store, shop with freedom, and walk out with their desired products, including diamonds.

The idea of buying diamonds where you can buy groceries may seem appealing, but the limited selection can be a problem. Admittedly, there are some decent quality diamonds that you might pick up. However, the fact remains that unless you know a substantial amount about diamonds yourself, there will be no one to help you understand diamonds and to help you make the right choice.

At Sam's Club, you can choose among small selections of pre-set rings—some are stunning and of excellent quality, while others fall very short of the mark. You must have a great eye for diamond quality to ensure that you purchase a diamond engagement ring worth its value.


What Makes Sam’s Club Stand Out?

Members-only: Being a member at Sam's Club offers one the chance to find some great deals and discounts and shop in bulk. It might also help in scoring some good deals on engagement rings.

Reliable store: Sam's Club stands out because many families trust it.

Engagement rings: Though ready set rings might not be ideal for many, those looking for a ring that is a no-fuss purchase will be interested in them. You might be lucky and find your ideal ring at Sam's Club without having to custom design one of your own.

Many stores: Sam's Club stores can be found in over 600 destinations across the USA. This saves customers from travelling far to view their inventory or to make a purchase.

Sam’s Club Pricing

Sam's Club diamonds can often be low-quality diamonds, but they will have similar pricing as better quality diamonds from James Allen and Blue Nile. Compared to these two online retailers, Sam's Club does not stand up in value or price.

Some might find it convenient to walk into a Sam's Club store, pick up a ring, pay, and leave instead of shopping online, choosing a setting and a diamond, and having it delivered.

Custom Orders

Sam's Club engagement rings come ready-made, with a set metal, setting, and diamond or gemstone. This limits customers to different choices when they are looking for a personalized ring.

But because of the small variety of choices at Sam's Club, you are limited to the few options they have and cannot customize a ring unless you take it to another jeweler.

Website Ease of Use

The Sam's Club website features all the products you would find in any store, including the engagement rings. Overall, the website is relatively easy to use, and after a few selections, you will be on the page for engagement rings.

The filtering options are not ideal and only let you filter rings based on their styles and settings and not the diamonds' actual properties. It makes it very difficult for you to ensure that you are buying a good quality diamond, given that most of the focus is set on the style of the ring.

The images of the rings on the site are also stock photos, and so you will not see the actual ring until it has been purchased or you go into a store to view it up close.

Customer Service

Customer service at Sam's Club is reasonably good, with helpful staff on the floor to assist customers when needed. But their training does not go as far as to help with crucial diamond information, limiting customer inflow significantly.

Full-time Customer Support: The website offers queries and helps buyers when need be. Be that as it may, you will not receive as knowledgeable help regarding diamonds from Sam's Club as you would from sites like James Allen or Blue Nile.

Return Policy: The return policy on engagement rings will fall under the customer's return policy on other items bought from the store.

Shipping: If you order a ring online at Sam's Club, they will have it shipped to you. However, it will not be a great choice since there are online stores where you can get more value for your money.

Sam’s Club Financing Options

Sam's Club offers a credit card for in-store purchases, though it does not come with any interest-free options. It helps customers purchase an engagement ring on credit, but the interest adds an extra cost to the purchase.

Why You Should Choose Sam’s Club

  • Ready-made rings for an easy choice
  • 600 stores nationwide for easy access
  • Online shopping for engagement rings for those not wanting to head to a store

Sam’s Club – For Household Goods and Not Diamonds

You might spend a couple of hours at Sam's Club purchasing your household items in bulk and wondering if you should also make your engagement ring purchase there.

The short answer is that you should not. Sam's Club has a small selection of ready-set engagement rings that can be very varied in quality. With such a large purchase, you should stick to a bigger store like James Allen that you know will offer you competitive prices on high-quality diamonds and engagement rings.