Rogers and Hollands Review | Are They Expensive?

Rogers and Hollands Review | Are They Expensive?

Rogers and Hollands Review | Are They Expensive?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 4th Nov 2019

Rogers and Hollands Review

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Shopping for diamonds at Rogers and Hollands is risky. They do have some lovely diamonds on offer, but some of their other diamonds are not so great. On top of this, the prices of the diamonds are high and do not make the shopping experience worth it. You would be much better shopping online at James Allen or Blue Nile, where you can be sure of the quality of the diamond you are purchasing, and enjoy lower prices.

If you are going to look through the diamonds at Rogers and Holland, be sure to do a constant comparison, to make sure you are not wasting your money on a sub-par diamond.

James Allen

A Brief History

To their advantage, Rogers and Hollands have a long history in the jewelry industry. Rogers history dates back to 1945, whereas Hollands goes all the way back to 1910. The two companies joined forces and were operating 30 stores by 1980. The merged company continues to grow and now has 64 stores in different locations.

Even though these 64 stores are spread over 10 states, Rogers and Hollands remain a company run business, which is a great advantage in many customers' opinions.

What Rogers and Hollands Offer

Having some of the stores located in malls, one would not expect much of the shopping experience. However, Rogers and Hollands store do stand out among the retail-chain stores and offer a fairly decent environment and experience.

Rogers and Hollands can boast some really beautiful diamonds, but bring themselves down by holding some diamonds that are not as great, and which have questionable certificates. It is so important to be sure of what you are buying and to compare diamonds when in-store, with online sites.

To cater to different needs, Rogers and Hollands do have a wide range of other jewelry on offer and feature personalized family jewelry, and some nice watches. The company also often has sales online, which could help you save some money when purchasing an engagement ring,  diamonds or jewelry.

What Makes Rogers and Holland Stand Out?

Long history – Many customers tend to gravitate towards a business that has a long, family-run history. This creates more trust between customers and retailers and does offer more comfort during the shopping experience.

Location – With 64 stores in 10 states, Rogers and Holland are easily accessible to many people. There are a number of customers who still feel that buying an engagement ring or diamond in-store offers a much more profound experience than doing so online, and Rogers and Hollands offer exactly that.

Diamond education – While this might not be abundant in-store, online Rogers and Hollands have an extensive diamond education page, helping customers understand more about the 4 C’s, settings and metal, to allow them to make a more informed decision when purchasing a piece of such a large value.


Rogers and Hollands Pricing

There can be no fair comparison made between the prices of diamonds at Rogers and Hollands, compared to James Allen, or even Blue Nile. You can expect a price increase of anywhere between 25% to 50% when shopping at Rogers and Holland, and the experience received overall really does not make up for this much.

Not only will you be assured cheaper prices at one of these online stores, but you can be sure that the diamond will be of good quality, and come with the right certification as well.

Custom Orders

Rogers and Hollands does not allow for custom designs from scratch on their site, but you are able to purchase a diamond and setting separately and match the two together to create your unique ring. This does not allow as much freedom as you might get from other jewelers who let you create your ring from an idea, but it is a bit of room to match your favorite diamond to a setting.

Website Ease of Use

As with the long history of Rogers and Hollands, the website is quite outdated. It is nowhere near as elegant as the leading online sites and is quite overwhelming at first.

Once you make your way through the different banners and adverts, you can start looking at engagement rings. To make the process easier, you are able to choose what you would like to browse through, whether it be by setting style, shape or even  lab-grown diamond rings.

Choosing a ring to view on the site does not give you too much freedom to view the actual setting, with there being only one or a few pictures to view. There is a bit of information offered in the setting, which is all you need without becoming tiresome.

For customer care, there is a pop-up window to chat with an assistant, but this is only during certain hours of the day and is not a 24/7 option.

Customer Service

Rogers and Hollands promise customers a comfortable experience during the shopping experience and do go above and beyond to ensure that the care of the customer does not end once the purchase has been made.

Return Policy – Rogers and Hollands offer a full refund on items within 60-days of purchase. Purchases can also be returned for store credit if returned within 100-days of purchase, as long as the item has the original slip and is in original condition.

Jewelry Protection – There are different jewelry protection plans to choose from, being either a 3-year term, a 5-year term of a lifetime term, to ensure your jewelry stays in the best condition possible.

Trade-in Program – Rogers and Hollands will trade in your jewelry for 100% of the purchasing price, as long as the new item is double that of the original jewelry’s pricing.

Rogers and Hollands Financing Options

Rogers and Hollands offer special financing to customers, which can be easily applied for online. You are also able to manage and pay your account online, and use it as revolving credit to purchase multiple items from the store overtime.

Why You Should Choose Rogers and Hollands

  • Some of the diamonds are of beautiful quality
  • Many stores across the USA for easy access
  • Good trade-in program available in-store

Rogers and Hollands – Take Your Budget Online

Some of the diamonds sold at Rogers and Hollands really are nice, but there is an overwhelming number of disappointing diamonds on offer as well, all which hold a similarly high price tag. If you are not worried about seeking out an in-store experience, it is highly recommended that you take your budget online to James Allen or Blue Nile, where you will find a vast selection of diamonds and engagement rings, all for prices that will make your budget extend more than what it would at Rogers and Hollands.

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