Robbins Brothers Review | Are They Real and Certified?

Robbins Brothers Review | Are They Real and Certified?

Robbins Brothers Review | Are They Real and Certified?

Posted by Rebecca B. on 1st May 2021

Robbins Brothers Review

Robbins Brothers – A Review

Our Rating 3.95 out of 5.

Compare Robbins Brothers with James Allen.

Robbins Brothers give customers a unique experience in-store, with a high-end setting that is often difficult to find at this level. While you can find some stunning diamonds in-store, you need to have a good eye because some are not as great as one would hope.

You will get more value for your money when shopping online. Still, the experience offered to customers at a physical Robbins Brothers store is different and helps make the experience a more memorable one.

James Allen

A Brief History

Robbins Brothers' history saw them grow along the west coast of the USA. The company now has stores in Texas, Seattle and Phoenix.

Initially a fully family-operated business, Robbins Brothers claim to still hold to this. But it has lost its meaning over time with so many stores opening up and with the family giving control to investment firms after filing bankruptcy in 2009.

Through all of this, the stores are still popular in their respective areas, and the presence of an online store has helped the company grow further.

What Robbins Brothers Offer

For many, the experience of walking into a store, viewing engagement rings firsthand, and having the help of a dedicated sales assistant are worth more than saving some money buying online. Robbins Brothers offer this and ensure that they give their customers an unforgettable experience, with a classy setting and sales staff who go the extra mile.

Robbins Diamonds have some beautiful settings in their displays and online, though it is better to look at their loose diamonds before making decisions. Their loose diamonds are generally of better quality and come with GIA and AGS certifications than those already set. The store will allow you to set one of the loose diamonds with a setting of your choice, allowing you to have a better quality diamond in a setting of your choice.

What Makes Robbins Brothers Stand Out?

Settings: The settings available at Robbins Brother are beautiful, and you should easily find a ring that captures you in-store or online. Compared to other retailers, the settings are considerably affordable, giving you more room to purchase a better diamond.

Diamonds: If you have a keen eye, you will be able to find some brilliant diamonds at Robbins Brothers. They keep some diamonds that are more than questionable, but if you ask for the right things, you should be able to settle on a GIA-certified diamond.

Brands: Robbins Brothers hold some of the most sought-after engagement ring designer brands, such as Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, and Gabriel New York.


Robbins Brothers Pricing

When it comes to diamonds at Robbins Brothers, you cannot expect a positive outcome by comparing them with online retailers such as James Allen or Blue Nile. The price difference ranges between 30% - 50% when purchasing at Robbins Brothers. Many people prefer the in-store experience, though this price hike makes it less compelling to seek that experience. 

Custom Orders

Like many online retailers, you can custom build your engagement ring online and even do so in-store. The process is relatively simple; you need to start with a diamond or setting that you love and then pair it with a setting or diamond of your choosing.

Robbins Brothers will be there every step to help you with your decision, giving you sound advice on what is best to build your dream ring.

Website Ease of Use

The Robbins Diamonds website has been kept pleasantly simple. It is easy enough to find what you are looking for, with options broken down plainly to choose from.

Viewing a setting online will give you a fairly clear image of the ring and the relevant information you might need on it. You can schedule a virtual viewing, which helps those shopping online to be more confident about the quality of the ring that they are purchasing.

Further down the setting's page, there is a neat table of all the information to select, such as the side stone information, available metals, center stone information, and other essential details that are worth noting.

Everything on the website is easy to navigate, which is such a pleasure compared to sites that make you search for ages for a simple piece of information.

Customer Service

Robbins Brothers pride themselves on outstanding customer service - those who have visited their stores can attest to this. Not only do the sales assistants help you view items of your choice, but they offer priceless diamonds and setting information, also offered to customers buying online.

Return Policy: Robbins Brothers have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, where items can be returned for a full refund or exchanged if returned in the same manner in which they were purchased.

Trade-In: Robbins Brothers offer a 110% value trade-in on your diamond engagement ring, provided the new item is twice the original price of the ring being traded-in.

Robbins Brothers Financing Options

Robbins Brothers work with multiple lenders such as Synchrony Bank, TD Bank N.A, and have their own in-house Diamond Account for customers to apply for to make a purchase.

The in-house diamond account can be managed and applied for online.

Why You Should Choose Robbins Brothers

  • Ex Exceptional in-store service
  • Affordable and stunning engagement ring settings
  • Various certifications, GIA and AGS, sold with diamonds
  • Multiple financing options available to customers

Robbins Brothers – Not Always Worth the Extra Cost

There is no doubt that shopping at Robbins Brothers will give you a fulfilling experience that you cannot find at most physical jewelers. Be that as it may, the catch is that this experience comes with a significant price hike, and for many, it may not be worth the extra money spent.

The settings and diamonds available at Robbins Brothers are lovely if you have a keen eye for the better ones. However, the price hike does not justify it since you can purchase better quality diamonds online for a more affordable price.